So much is in the news lately about a teenage pop singer, Justin Bieber from Canada. A very popular talent, particularly among the youth of this country, whose outrageous, out of control behavior has been headline news lately. From egging his neighbor’s house in California, to Lamborghini street racing in Florida, news reports marijuana drug paraphernalia, empty codeine bottles, allegedly found on the property of this very popular singer.

Personally, my interest is in the youth of this nation, because they are the future of this Country, and secondly, I have teenaged grandchildren, an impressionable age, when they are influenced by other teenagers in the entertainment business. It’s just part of the growing up years, for the youth to be influenced by others of their age, in school, in the community, plus national celebrities of their peer group.

In this connection, here’s a talented young man whom many look to as a role model, listen to his music, attend his concerts, buy his music, and keep up with news reports about him. One can Google him on the internet for reports about his life and behavior.

According to reports by psychologists and psychiatrists, one’s brain is not fully developed until the early twenties.Therefore, a race driving teenager behind the wheel of a high-powered race car, performing on the streets, is a dangerous act. And in the case of Justin Bieber, it’s reported his father was there, overseeing the blocking off of traffic, for him to use the street to race on. If a teenager’s brain is not fully developed and functioning responsibly, neither are his reflexes. Not only is he a danger to himself but also to others. A threat to the lives and property of others. An outrage that his parent was there assisting this behavior.

Bieber was arrested in Florida. I do not know the details of the charges. However, if reports are true, he should be charged with violation of Property Rights of others. Blocking off the street for Bieber to control exclusively, to accomodate his desire to race. The street does not belong to him. Why did he not go to a race track, if he wanted to race?

Secondly, the egg-throwing at his neighbor in California, is another example of the violation of the property rights of another. As I view it, here’s a popular teenaged celebrity gone wild as a March rabbit, when it comes to total disregard for Property Rights of others. And therein lies the big lesson other parents should be pointing out to their adoring fan children. If this teenaged celebrity chooses to act reckless with his life and property, that’s one thing, however when he endangers the life and property of others, of his own volition, deliberately, that’s a different matter, of breaking the laws, and should be dealt with accordingly.

There is talk about deporting him back to Canada. I don’t agree with that, but think he should be viewed as an example to other teenagers with emphasis on behavior which so glaringly violates the property Rights of others. His parent who was there for the drag-racing in Florida, should be held accountable along with Bieber himself.

According to news reports, Justin Bieber has surrounded himself with others involved in various drug paraphernalia, at a developmental stage in his life. According to experts, his brain is not yet fully developed as a teen-ager. The success of his talent is overshadowed by his destructive behavior, disregarding the Rights of others. Because he is so looked-up to by other teenagers, because of his talent and success, his recent behavior is an opportunity for parents to teach their teenagers the importance of respect for the property Rights of others.

A teachable moment to point out, “A Right is not what someone gives you, it’s what no one can take from you.” That inalienable Right spoken of in the founding documents of this country. Justin Bieber, his parent, nor those around him, apparently do not understand that, if they do they ignore it and defy it. There’s a lesson to other teenagers in the story about Justin Bieber, which takes precedent over and beyond his talent, money, and popularity. The Principle of property rights ownership, overshadows all else, which he has glaringly overlooked, and is not addressed in all the news items about him and his escapades.

Humantarian Jean Paul Sartre,1905-1980, said this, “Man is condemned to be free. Condemned because he did not create himself, yet is nevertheless at liberty, and from the moment he is thrown into this world, he is responsible for everything he does.”



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