Two recent news items impacted me. One was a story about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who had several million dollars surplus which, he said, “Belonged to the people,” and considered returning to the people.

The second news item was about President Obama’s secret scheme to “crush Scott Walker.” “The word has gone out to every crazed leftist group and labor union that Barack Obama wants Scott Walker gone,” further descriptive statements reported about how President Obama despises Scott Walker.

Apparently Governor Walker is defiantly fighting to keep Obamacare out of Wisconsin. Plus the fact Governor Walker kept parks open after Obama ordered them closed. Then he stood up against unions, slashed their pensions, and saved Wisconsin’s economy. Apparently, the governor stands up against Obama policies when he disagrees with them and acts in the best interests of the people of Wisconsin. The news item states Obama wants to make him pay, by pulling out all stops to defeat him in the up-coming election.

It’s earth-shaking news when any politician recognizes the money in his treasury is property which belongs to the people, and secondly big news, to hear a sitting governor defies the edicts and orders of the current president.

I’m no expert on the governing philosophy of Scott Walker, however from all I read about him, he considers the best interests of the people in Wisconsin when faced with decisions. And that impresses me. Apparently has the courage of his convictions, and does not back down in the face of life-threatening situations. And governs from the stand-point that his state government is for the people and by the people according to Constitutional law.

I’ve been writing articles on my website for the past seven years, and frequently discuss my disdain for politicians in general, and dis-engaged in the political process. But not always. Back in the sixties I became involved in the political process for a short period, mainly because I wanted first hand knowledge about how it operates in order to write about it. Stories about some of my experiences I relate in previous articles.

I write almost daily and my underlying theme is support of freedom and private property ownership and the free-enterprising system this nation was founded upon. Because I understand the Philosophy of Freedom, love this country and have concerns for my children and grandchildren, about the direction we are headed, I write about it on my website.

As I see it, we have elected so many left-wing, liberal, Communist-Marxist leaning politicians, we have departed from the Principles as set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the laws of the US Constitution, and have embraced a different system of Socialism, contrary to those founding principles which made this country so great and at one time provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization.

As I see it this downfall and transformation has been the result of politics, politicians and the voting which placed them in power. Therefore, I have for a number of years, refused to participate in the process. As I sit back and watch the downward spiral in this country, and keep up with much that goes on daily, on the national, international and local fronts, I do not see or hear anything which in any way, shape, form nor fashion, changes the direction we are headed. Specifically, replacing Individual Freedom and Private property ownership with Communist-Fascist bondage of Socialism.

There is a way to reverse the direction, however there are not enough people who actually understand the real meaning of Freedom, with sufficient desire for the self-responsibility it requires, to stand up for it. Instead most are embracing the entitlement programs of political government, along with all the rules, regulations, and policies incorporated in the current system, and accept all the political directives as if they are set in concrete.

I for one have always stood up and fought for that which I believe in, specifically those God-given Rights we were born with, and guaranteed by the US Constitution. In the past few years, all I’ve been able to do is write about the glories of freedom, in the hopes I might motivate one other person to appreciate as I do, by understanding the meaning of freedom.

Despite the fact I have over one-thousand articles posted on the internet, going to 80 countries and have received thousands of comments, I’m not convinced I’ve motivated a change in the thinking of anyone. As I sit here and listen to the verbal beatings spewed forth from the mouths of those who lust for power, already in charge, to transform America, vilifying anyone who disagrees with them, by charactor assassination tactics of inflammatory slander, I’ve decided perhaps it does take fire to fight fire.

Up to this point, I could never see how one could defeat political power with other political power. Believing that politicians were elected to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies. That was their job. However the facts about political power do not support that notion. The speeches by our current president and other politicians, convey the notion that they will attempt to destroy anyone else who disagrees with their policies of political takeover in this country, to rule.

Never more glaring than the latest news about President Obama’s tactics and strategies to destroy Governor Walker, because the Governor disagreed with him and his policies. When from all accounts I have read, Governor Walker appears to be a very decent, fair-minded person, exercising his role as governor, according to the principle of the laws which govern his state. Personally I’m outraged at this unprovoked attack President Obama is reported as launching against him.

I don’t live in the State of Wisconson, but I’ve decided to support him. And will urge my readers to do the same. Simply because he is an exception to the ordinary politician, based upon his record of decisions relative to his governing of Wisconson, as reported in the news. And I vehemently disagree with the decisions of President Obama. Instead of governing according to the laws as outlined in the Constitution, he’s made no bones he’s going to dictate via executive order and bypass Congress. It’s not conjecture nor hearsay, but that which he gloatingly announces he will do. Vehemently in opposition to his oath of office to uphold the laws of the Constitution.

So dictatorial, makes no bones he’s going to try to destroy a sitting duly elected govennor not in compliance with his dictates. It’s no secret but common everyday news, his policies are for those in his administration, to attack any and all conservatives who disagree with him. If this is not political war, what is?

Obviously we are in the middle of the heat of the battle in “the War of Ideas” in this country and we the people losing.

Now is the time to speak up, America, if you agree with me or disagree, I will print your comments on my website. At the end of each article is a comment section.

Silence gives consent, but speaking up and speaking out about your opinion is an expression of Freedom.



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