Fox News headliner, Bill O’Reilly, has a nightly program, The Factor, which comes on at 8 p.m. It’s advertised as the top-rated program with millions of followers, and I’m one of them. He usually has very interesting guests he interviews, and vacillates back and forth from an attitude of being placating and agreeing with his guests, to the other extreme of being quite combative, at times yelling in defiant disagreement. Claims he’s an “independent,” a position we have in common.

In my opinion, Bill O’Reilly is a good and decent man, with solid spiritual and American values, quite informed about politics generally, however at times, comes across as being a bit naive, relative to some areas of politics.

He is advertising another planned pre-Super Bowl interview with President Obama. In his last interview with President Obama, he told Fox News anchor MacCallum, he’s gradually getting a better understanding of a president whose true nature remains something of a mystery. Quoted as saying, “He doesn’t see himself as a far-left guy.” Further saying, “He sees himself as a pragmatic politician. Now, I see him as a very Liberal man. But he has a vision of himself and you’re not going to blow him out of his vision. You’re just not going to do that.” This was in 2011.

Fast forward to 2014, after President Obama has pushed, pulled, and punched so many of his far-left, Liberal ideas upon the American people, it seems self-evident he is a Super-Liberal president, as this country veers further away from the Constitution, and the free-enterprise system of capitalism, and sinks further into the depths of Socialism.

After the 2011 interview, O’Reilly said, “He doesn’t see himself as a far-left guy.” Doesn’t matter how the President sees himself, nor how Bill O’Reilly sees him, nor how you or I see him. The facts are self-evident, that he has dismantled the Principles upon which this nation was founded, by doing precisely what he promised to do in his first campaign speeches, and that is to “Transform America.”

Now O’Reilly is inviting his listeners to present questions to him, prior to the interview. In this connection the question I present to ask him is this, “How have you fulfilled your promise to “transform America and why?”

Going back to 2008, there are a number of articles in Newsweek magazine describing the President’s background. His schooling, his religion, his family, his friends, his Muslim father, his work as a community organizer and etc. And on the cover of the March 28, 2008 Newsweek issue, is a picture of the now President, which simply says, “When Barry Became Barack.”

Today, six years later, the question before us is this, “How and Why Did Barack Obama promote and lead this nation, a Land of the Free, so far down the road of Socialism Bondage, transforming this nation, to an entirely different system, from the one Revolutionaries fought and died for?”

Today, we are way past what the President believes and how he sees himself. We are past what the news media and journalists think of him. We are past that now. The only thing that matters is what has been accomplished to dismantle the Principles this nation was founded upon, and replaced by a different system.

Talking the talk is old news. Walking the Walk of Socialism, is current news. Because this nation of 300-plus million Citizenry are now living under the unbrella of Socialism.

There’s one lone politician, Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who has revamped his state to such an extent, millions of excess tax-money now in the treasury he wants returned to the people. Now in the past few days there have been news reports that the Obama administration has targeted Governor Walker. Beyond that the current news is filled with stories about how the Obama administration is targeting “conservatives.”

We are at war, and have been for several years, a “war of Ideas.” Simply put, what’s at stake is whether or not this nation is going to survive and restore this country back to the principles upon which it was founded, freedom for the individual, in a free-enterprising system, or embrace the totalitarianism of Communist-Fascist Socialism. Have we already embraced the tenets of Socialism to a point of “no return?”

The ink-blot test lies in the fact we have been so lulled into a state of Socialism, we are still asking, “What does he think?” while ignoring what he has already done. I reiterate, it does not matter what he thinks, nor what you or I think. The question before us now, not tomorrow but now, Is there anything we can do about it? Is there anything we want to do about it? If so, What? Who among us out there, has any game plan of reversing, the ditch of Socialism we are mired up to our gills in?

As we prepare for the upcoming Super Bowl football game, be sure and listen to the Bill O’Reilley interview of President Obama just prior to the game. Pay attention to the questions and listen carefully to the answers. It’s an important event.

In the meantime, find yourself a copy of Newsweek magazine, July 21st, 2008, with a picture of Barack Obama on its cover and the words, “Faith & Politics – What He Believes.”



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