As we enter February 2014, preparing to watch the Super Bowl in New Jersey and the Olympics in Russia, thousands will be traveling during this time.

January has been a month which brought about an unusual amount of adverse weather across the US. Arctic blasts have dipped into the deep south, in the Atlanta, Georgia region where I live. And this week a two inch snowfall snarled traffic in all the major expressways in and out of the Atlanta region and all over the state.

On Tuesday, January 28, when the snow fell around mid-afternoon, it appears suddenly that those working in Atlanta and living in outlying towns, decided to leave their work and head home. This sudden rush by so many, clogged the expressways and main arteries leading out of the Atlanta area. Not being accustomed to driving in snow and ice, there were hundreds of accidents, as passenger cars competed with so many semi-trucks in a rush to get out of town. A massive number of stalled vehicles occurred as a result of many, many accidents in the traffic jammed expressways, leading out of Atlanta.

Thousands spent the night in their vehicles, unable to move, as the result of massive traffic jams. School buses with children were stuck throughout the area. It was almost impossible for emergency crews to get through the stalled traffic, as problems mounted into the following day. It was if expressways had become huge parking lots. Thousands were cold, hungry and stuck in traffic jams.

The Governor declared the entire state an emergency and called out the National Guard and Highway Patrol to help where they could. It has taken a couple of days to un-bottleneck the mess caused by a couple of inches of snow and ice.

Weather reports on all the news stations warned of the impending adverse weather a couple of days before it arrived. Sitting in my warm home watching and listening to events as they unfolded, I wondered why so many waited until mid-afternoon to leave work via the expressways, on Tuesday afternoon. And wondered why so many jumped on the expressways instead of using alternate highways leading out of Atlanta to reach home. Dozens of streets and highways lead out of Atlanta that one could have taken to avoid the results of the jammed expressways, instead the majority jumped onto the expressways. Ice formed on exit ramps, preventing many from exiting the expressways. Therefore they were stuck to spend the night in their vehicles, cold and hungry.

I couldn’t help but view the analogy of all the traffic jams, and the absence of non-adherence to the early storm warnings, to think and act ahead, to all the warnings of impending disaster relative to the political storm of alarms, causing jams in so many areas of our lives. Stuck in their vehicles, stranded along the expressways, occupants could listen on their car radios to the President’s SOTU address, telling America about his plans for this nation. I wondered how many heeded his warning, to rule by bypassing Congress and the people of this nation.

Listening to his speech and observing the 75 times he received a standing ovation from those attending, as he told his audience and the nation his plans to bypass Congress and the Constitution, and the people, to implement more laws, policies and edicts, to dismantle and transform America. A televised warning, similar to the adverse weather warnings prior to the storm, which stalled thousands, unable to move and stuck in their vehicles.

The disastrous results of the massive traffic jams were caused by those affected, not heeding all the reported warnings about a storm moving into the area, until the last minute attempt to avoid, which was apparently too late. Now afterwards, many are moaning and groaning about the cost of their impounded vehicles, left stranded on the roadside.

I can’t help but wonder why so many were not paying attention, not acting to stand-up, speak up and not acting to forestall the impending disaster, to a way of life, already changing with more of the same promised down the pike. How many are going to be stranded, as the proposed changes, outspoken by the President, take effect? Because they ignored all the warnings being broadcast nightly on the news. One would think the Trojan horse of Obamacare would awaken the people to what’s coming down the pike. But apparently not.

Anyone of average intelligence would consider the absence of adherence to all the warnings about the impending storm, and the problems it caused, would be a lesson in disguise, to perk up and pay attention, to what the President warned us of in his SOTU address. Specifically, he plans on implementing more of the same policies he has already put in motion, which adversely effect our way of life, contrary to the principles upon which this Nation was formed by our founding fathers with Individual Freedom, in a free-enterprising system.

Are we the people like those who sat in the halls of Congress, applauding the President as he told them he planned on bypassing them, to implement his agenda? Or are we smarter than that mentality of those elected politicians, who support a President who announces he’s going to bypass them. Those who gave him a standing ovation, as he announced his plans to bypass, are the same ones many keep writing letters to, expecting them to stand up for the desires of the people. When the citizenry of this country saw with their own two eyes, those elected stood up and clapped their hands as the President announced his plans to bypass them.

If this is not a forewarning to the people, what will it take to cause the people to listen to the reality of the warning signs of the future of this country?

David Thoreau, on civil disobedience, said: “As for adopting the ways which the State has provided for remedying the evil, I know not of such ways. They take too much time and a man’s Life will be gone.”



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