Growing up on a farm in northeast Georgia, going to school, with lots of family living in adjoining farms, I felt a lot of Freedom to roam the countryside and visit and play with aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins, however there were family rules to abide by. When I reached the age to vote, I think it was 21, I couldn’t wait to register to vote thinking I had arrived at an age emancipated from family rules. I even voted in a few subsequent elections.

Despite the fact I remain a registered voter, have not participated in the process in many years. In previous articles I tell my story of a number of years studying the Philosophy of Freedom, and how I traveled across this country seeking teachers to teach me about freedom and political governments in general and mine in particular. Eventually arriving at the conclusion that the voting process in politics is “disguised coercion.”

Because of my love for Freedom and this country and deep concerns for our current plight and direction, I keep up with news, read a lot and continually look for something and someone who has solutions for the dilemma relative to the loss of freedom we face. And the only solution forthcoming is to vote one political regime out of office and replace with another of the same set of political ideas.

We are already hearing much talk about the up-coming midterm elections next November, and how replacing control of Democrats with more Republicans is the solution to our current plight. When there’s so little difference in the two parties, in my opinion all are in bed with each other. There is another party, the Libertarian Party, but not hearing that they offer any solutions.

Legal powers to coerce others comes from the method of voting. Right and wrong does not come from numbers, nor majority rule. If one strips away all the fanfare and propaganda over voting, majority rule is a corruptive political method, devious in its dictates, employing coercion and violence by some to rule over others. Yet the “science of the possible” is taught in the tax supported public school system, beginning at an early age, advocating voting.

It’s a long established and cherished belief that voting makes things right and the majority knows what’s best, when in fact it’s a method of coercing others which is in defiance of one’s “Right to life, Liberty and Property.” Instead subjected to the dictates of others. The process interferes or removes one’s self-responsibility and self-control required to be free.

The history of civilization repeatedly reveals that crowds and majorities operate from a sort of madness to coerce others to abide by their peculiar dictates. Political voting is just an assumption that might makes Right.

If I step in a voting booth and place my approval of some act, for a politician to rule over my neighbor, to exercise any power over his property, I have approved of coercion by others over my neighbor’s property. When we vote we arbitrarily make decisions for others without their consent.

Nothing is innately wrong in making choices. We constantly make choices in our daily lives.The immorality of voting comes from the fact we are arbitrarily placing some over others without their knowledge or consent. And boils down to the simple fact political voting is a method of obtaining legal power to coerce others. It’s a process imposed upon all and administered by a few to enforce by some agent who holds monopoly power.

And the big lie of the process is advertised as a Right and a duty we have. If one stops and thinks about it, this binding act by a few imposed upon all, violates common sense of that which is Right and wrong. This process removes individual responsibility, and despite any conclusion to the contrary, leaves no one responsible for the outcome and results.

It seeks a monopoly of power and control over others, without their consent.

Jewish philosopher Maimonides stated, “Truth does not become more true by virtue of the fact that the entire world agrees with it, nor less even if the whole world disagrees with it.

Let Freedom Ring
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