As we wind down the year 2013, ring out the old and ring in the new year 2014, news about the mid-term election in November already headlining and front page news.The propaganda mills already revving up to pump and promote the idea in the minds of Americans, that voting is the center and end-all power of the individual to change the course of events here in this great country.

While most are still enjoying holidays with family and celebrating with friends, news items are rife with reminders about this year’s election in November. The shakers, rakers and makers, running the show to tear down American Principles of personal Freedom, and the entrepreneurship of the free-enterprising system, know the big push over the hill will be in 2014. Therefore they are taking a head start leap, of mind conditioning, by starting early at the beginning of the year, to insure the ending of the year, will accomplish their take-over goals.

To the average person, this early insertion of news about voting and an election almost a year away, seems so harmless, but words are power, and thoughts are things, and the take-over of countries via installation of Socialist agenda, has always been drip by drip, until the people are so pre-conditioned to accept, by the time a country reaches a state of martial law, it’s too late to salvage Freedom.

In this connection, I have several upcoming articles of information about voting. Because voting has been the one act the people hang onto, believing it is the one major power tool they have which guarantees the power to govern still resides with the people. When history reveals it’s the one act which reduces a nation to the rubble of Socialism.

That act, promoted as one privilege to exercise as one’s Right, winds up being the tool of destruction as we find ourselves mired down to the gills, in a system of political government entirely different from its original intent here in this country.

I remind the reader of Germany. A country that set Hitler up to be the Lord and Savior, praised him by voting him into power, while he was setting up concentration camps. Then when he was installed with unlimited powers, sent trucks with armed guards out among the people to round up and take to the polls to vote for him at the point of a rifle.

Then there was Castro of Cuba, fighting in the jungles to overthrow the existing government and touted as “the George Washington” of Cuba, when he had been a dyed in the wool Communist since age 17. And once voted into power, his path of destruction is now a historical fact just ninety miles off the coast of Florida. A country groveling in the throes of poverty and destruction of Communist Socialism.

So here we are at the beginning of a new year, with news devoted to the Right, Privilege and glories of voting in the election almost a year away. Why is that, one must ask? Seems like nothing less than a bearer of bad news to inform you, it’s the one sure tool which will take us over the cliff into the world of Socialist rulership. A point of no return, as bits of news seeping through about the appointment of a Czar to oversee proposed martial law..already.

It seems so long ago, when back in the sixties, I began reading the public school text books of my children and recognized the promotion of Socialism. I was so stunned, I began reminding my children of what I called counter brainwashing” when it came to doing their homework. I even formed a “Text-book” committee to do book reviews to report to the State text-book committee. A story I have written about in previous articles. Realizing there was nothing I could do to change that which was being taught in school, I ultimately removed and home-schooled, during a time when home-schooling was unacceptable, and faced arrest back there in the sixties.

Now-a-days, it doesn’t matter if you home school, or bear the brunt of the cost of private schooling, the text-books are filled with teachings of the tenets of Socialism. It is ushered in through every crack and corner, but the final push is accomplished via the people voting it into being.

It’s accomplished via propaganda via the news, that your voting is exercising a choice, when in essence the voting booth offers no choice because both political parties have fallen prey to promotion of the tenets of Socialism, in preference to the principles upon which this nation was founded, which is individual freedom in a capitalistic system.

Realizing this provides insight into the reasons as to why, eleven months ahead of the mid-term election, the leftist, Liberal news media called the “free press” is alreading promoting the idea that you the individual, have a choice as to the the predicted outcome. When the aim is to get you in a poll booth to vote for, that which you believe is exercising a choice. A sure-fire, time worn tactic, to usher in the final straw of turn-over from a “land of the free” to the bondage of Socialism.

Continued in PART TWO

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