After Christmas shopping, and day with family, then New Year’s party with friends to ring out old and ring in new, it’s time to settle down and get serious about your resolutions for the coming year.

This is just a reminder of a few ideas to get you started. Do you have an old habit to break, a person you’d like to meet? Maybe there’s a place you would like to go or a new business you’d like to start.
Some resolutions deal with negative areas in our lives and some positive. Perhaps you’re in a relationship you should break up, a marriage that’s over you hang onto, or a job you need to consider changing.

If you have children with problem areas, perhaps you should spend more time with them, change schools, take a closer look at their friends. Give more thought to their diet. Spend more time talking to them. Ask them questions about school, friends, sports, and get interested in their interests, to improve relationships with them.

The two most common things people make New Year’s resolutions about are weight and money, plus health issues. All of us face food issues, because the food we buy has been so tampered with and genetically modified, we cannot depend upon food we buy in stores to be what our bodies need nutritionally. Therefore you might consider a resolution to grow something, by starting to plant some seeds in containers shortly for planting in a garden later. Things like tomato and pepper plants. Or growing wheat grass if you have health issues.

I grew up with a mother who repeated certain things like a mantra. She would say I never want to hear the word “diet” nor “retire.” A frequent reminder to always have a list of things you won’t do, something to consider when you’re making your New Year’s resolution. And in this connection, I have a list of things I won’t do. Mostly relative to food and nutrition.

For example, one thing I don’t do is buy anything that says “Fat Free” or “reduced fat.” The reason is one’s brain needs fat. One of the major causes for such diseases as Alzheimer’s is one’s brain cells need fat.

We have been bombarded with so much contradictory information about what to eat and not eat, like cutting out such things as salt and fat, we deny our bodies of essentials necessary to maintain health. The two main items to cut down or cut out are sugar and gluten, not fat. We hear so much negative news about milk. I still drink milk, and contrary to advice otherwise, I drink half and half. It tastes better and has the fat in it and I drink it every day.

Especially growing children going to school to learn, need milk, with the fat content to nourish their brains. So many overweight from being stuffed with sugar, carbs and gluten, and fat free. Even if they are given milk, parents have been conditioned to buy 2 percent fat free, which is misinformation, because contrary to popular news and propaganda, not everything with is fat in it is detrimental to one’s health. One should consider including fatty foods like avocado, to nourish one’s brain. And cook with coconut oil, for example.

Topping my list for the coming year is exercise. That’s the one area I need to do is take more exercise, to oxygenate my brain cells and get my body moving more by at least walking. And cut way down on sweets. I use honey a lot to sweeten, but that’s still sugar, and sugar and gluten products are one area to consider monitoring the intake.

We are bombarded with news about cooking, on TV, Facebook, newsletters, books, and everywhere we turn. Most condemning fat intake. Eating fresh vegetables is still conducive to healthy living. However all the urging to cut out fats is not the route to go if you expect to have a healthy brain, in my opinion.

Because our food supply is so modified and tampered with, we do not get all the vitamins and minerals necessary to sustain health. I personally take a lot of supplements, but no kind of medicine, not even aspirin. Aside from one single pill for thyroid, and I’ll be ninety my next birthday. When it comes to vitamin pills, I don’t know what that hard covering is made from, therefore I crush them to remove the hard covering before taking. Better to take capsules.

The most important thing we have is good health and Freedom, and neither one is rocket science, both require common sense along with a list of things you won’t do, to sustain and maintain.Therefore when you are considering your list of New Year’s resolutions, consider topping your list with Freedom and health, and proceed from those two areas.

Now living in an era where political government has taken over our food supply with rules and regulations, plus taking over health issues with new rules and regulations, it’s more important than ever to take control and assume responsibility for those two areas. Healthy living does not come from a pharmaceutical pill manufactured via the drug cartel.

I’m not a doctor and it’s not my intention to tell others what they should do, only suggestions as to what one can consider doing to feel better and live a healther life. Because the bottom line is, one’s health is not up to others, but the self-responsibility and control of each individual. If you’re wondering what to do and where to start, one thing to remember is your body and brain needs everything that’s in the earth, trace minerals and vitamins.

Best wishes for good health & Freedom in the coming New Year!!!

Let Freedom Ring
just me AC


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