As we embark on this New Year of 2014, there are a lot of balls up in the air. What’s going to happen next? The internet is filled with newsletters of predictions for the coming year. Predictions about the economy, here in the states as well as other countries, plus every other facet of our lives, from fashion to food, schooling, travel, health and politics.

As Dr. Phil says, “Past behaviors are predictors of future behavior.” Our past behavior has been more and more dependency upon a political government to fund, and grind out more and more rules, regulations, policies and edicts, of dictations relative to every facet of our lives.

One would think in this era of information, the average person would be more enlightened with reference to the reality of what’s happening in this country. But that’s not true, the expansion of doles and controls from the politicians in charge, seem to enhance the blinders on our eyes, ears and common sense. The bottom line rhetoric from politicians is this, “Don’t worry, we’re gonna take care of you.” It’s a con game, of attempts to keep the eyes of the public on one thing, whlie the agenda is another thing.

I don’t have any crystal ball, and neither does anyone else, only an opinion. However, I know political government operates and expands its powers on two things, dependency upon it and opposition to it. A glaring example of this, in the past few days, the government has stopped checks to the non-workers for being unemployed. Resulting in all the news about the opposition to that, coming from politicians who promote welfare and opposition from the recipients. We’ll be hearing more moaning and groaning, hair pulling and gnashing of teeth, over this latest government plug pulling of non-workers. Which will fuel the fire to reinstate more welfare assistance.

Those sitting home with wide-screen TV in every room, collecting food stamps, and rent paid, will now be crying, hungry children and homelessness, and government will reinstate payments. While the hard working entrepreneurs in this country, struggle to keep their business afloat, to support the non-worker.

As I see it, the first three months of 2014, the news will be about the poor non-worker, more and more about Obamacare, and more news about the politics of the mid-term elections between Democrats and Republicans. An expedited flurry of political rhetoric con-game, Democrats blaming Republicans and Republicans blaming Democrats for conditions.

The same old political con game over doles and controls, trying to convince the people one political party is different from the other, when in essence they are in bed together, pushing the same agenda, and the only difference is degree, with the same aim, more power over the lives of the American people. All designed to destroy a former way of life for more and more incoming Socialism, to accomodate the lust for power.

That former way of life was a free-enterprise, capitalistic system of voluntary exchange of goods and services, and private property ownership. Enjoying the Freedom to create and innovate in an environment with a lot less political government interference than we experience today.

In the past we lived in a world of three classes, the very poor, the middle class, and the upper-class. Now days, the poor no-working class increased, and the upper-class, fewer and fewer but richer and richer, and the so-called middle class almost nonexistent, after all the factories shut down and shipped to other countries. So what happened to the middle class? Most are on entitlement programs. A staggering number are on disability, drawing government doles.The remnants of the middle-class is now comprised of the increased number of government workers.

The year 2014 is arriving in an era of a new World Order. A peculiar time where the government is expecting the youth to sign on to the government mandated health care program, to pay for the sick elderly. A class of people who are products of government schools, graduating with heavy debt and unable to find jobs. How can they pay for their own health care much less care of others? It’s an illusion of delusion.

An era where able-bodied men and women, now drawing disability checks. Then there’s the group of entrepreneurs, struggling and treading water to meet the demands of payments to the government, overloaded with heavy duty taxes, and many going under daily, out-pictured in all the empty buildings of former businesses we see all around us.

The reality is we are now living in a strange world of unexpected reality. A world in defiance of Nature and human nature. It’s human nature to be free to work and create. It’s human nature to desire to take care of ourselves and provide for our children and support their desire to work and create, to own and be in control of lives.

What happened? We flocked to the polls and voted into power politician overseers, who take, rake, tax, control, and dish out doles. We voluntarily gave our power to produce and make decisions for ourselves to greedy power-seekers, hawking false promises of how they are going to take care of us and all our problems. We the people surrendered and capitulated our power to sustain and maintain our lives in the best of all worlds. And now being reduced to the same fate of all other countries who have embraced the tenets of Socialism, in exchange for a life of freedom to work and create and provide for ourselves.

No crystal ball, but I daresay about three months into 2014, we’re apt to see and experience more of the aftereffects of all the changes taking place than we recognize today. However, the politicians will be telling us about a promised land, just around the corner, in the 2014 mid-term elections. As Bette Davis said in a movie, “Get set for a rocky road ahead,” dear hearts and gentle people.



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  1. It’s going to be interesting. Happy New Year, Anne!