Lately, I’ve been reading more news about the regime of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, than usual. Particularly the comparisons between his rule and that of the current president, Obama. This morning, Facebook remarks about FDR plus several interesting web-site articles.

FDR was president from early thirties, on through the Great Depression of the thirties, plus the second world war, when he passed in 1945. He had a home in Warm Springs, Georgia, and was there when he passed. I recall the news, because I was stepping onto a streetcar on Peachtree Street, when the man behind me announced FDR had died.

I grew up on a cotton farm in northeast Georgia during the Great Depression and regime of FDR, in a family very interested in politics, and heard a lot of discussions of current events from parents and grandparents. Particularly from my Grandpa Henry, who seemed to talk constantly about the politics of that era. I wondered who despised FDR the most, my mother or my grandfather.

Back then, cotton was the cash crop and FDR implemented allotment programs and ordered crops ploughed under who exceeded their acreage allotment. Then implemented WPA government programs. Because of difficult economic times, young men left the farm to join WPA in the thirties. And families began breaking apart.

Then on December 7th, 1941, war was declared, and the young men left to join the military to fight for this country. I recall sitting in the auditorium of my high school senior days and listening to his speech declaring war.

Because this is the month of the anniversary of WW2, plus the news President Obama is dismantling the military by getting rid of so many well-trained soldiers, is one reason for the current revival of news about FDR. Plus other events, like the number of unemployed youth.

FDR was a dyed in the wool Socialist, and so many of the programs implemented by current regime are patterned after FDR. For example, current political laws restricting food supply, such as the genetically modified laws passed. FDR used other methods of destroying food supply, like ordering pigs run into the Mississippi river, as reported back then.

There is even current news questioning whether or not he actually started WW2, in order to be installed as a lifetime president. I don’t know if he did or not, however I recall it was very much a consensus of opinion, back then, he did deliberately start the war. Back then the news source was the radio and newspapers, and family kitchen table discussions were all about current news of that time period. Unlike today, parents, grandparents and all the children entered into discussions about current events of the day. Economics of farming, the war, schooling, taxes, and the drastic changes in one’s everyday life, implemented by FDR, were freely discussed. And opinions were not suppressed.

And I might add, I grew up in a family that literally despised FDR. It was during his regime of implementing government mandated programs, the big change of a life in Freedom, was dramatically changed as his Socialist programs were implemented. I lived through that period, in a family that freely discussed and argued about those events during that period of time. There were no computers, television, and few had telephones, but everyone had an interest with opinions relative to daily happenings and kept up with the news via radio and newspapers. As a teenager I read the newspaper every day. In school, we had periods of discussing current events, and at home, everyone gathered around the radio to listen to news.

We were informed and kept abreast of all the drastic changes in a way of life, initiated by the regime of FDR. And I for one am happy to read all the current articles about that period, and comparing with current government intrusive programs in force today. Conditions have definitely gone from bad to worse. There was much more news reported about the role unions played in the changes which took place than reported today. As far back as I remember unions and political government have always been in bed together.

For example, despite all the disenchantment with the tax-supported, government operated public school system, no one can improve it because it’s under the control of the powerful NEA union. A system of indoctrinating from pre-k age into the philosophy of the tenets of socialism.

In my opinion, it is a positive sign, this recent resurgence of articles and news reports of comparing today’s events to the regime of the Socialist presidency of FDR, because it was through his programs, the big push from Freedom to Socialism, took a foothold. And this era of entitlement programs began with FDR. And only via understanding the past political intervention into the daily lives of all of us can we grasp the meaning of that which is happening today.

The conditions we face today did not just happen over night, when President Obama was elected. However it is evident, his rule follows the pattern of FDR. A big difference of then and now, is back then, everyone was concerned about the route Socialism took, and young children were interested and informed, because families discussed it. Today the younger generation is so preoccupied with electronic game playing gadgetry, that’s where their interest lies.

The one bit of good news, is the fact suddenly a few of the younger generation is paying attention, because the cat is out of the bag, regarding the thrust of Obamacare and its intent of having the young and healthy pay for the health ills of the older generation. Last evening I heard a young college student speak so eloquently about it on the Mike Huckabee program.

If we can just encourage the older generation to think about and speak up about the regime of FDR, and encourage the younger generation to stand up and speak out about current events, by putting the two together we can understand what is happening. Only by understanding how, when and by whom, current conditions came into being, can we bring about the change necessary, to return this nation back to the Principles which our forefathers fought and died for.

There is a beginning of an awakening to the reality, we the people cannot depend upon the free press to present the truth, because the liberal, left wing, Marxist main media is in bed with the current political regime. However through all the medium of social media, and a number who understand what is happening, writing daily articles via newsletters, more and more information is forthcoming, available free for any and everyone to be informed. The truth will set us free. And nature eventually has its way, and it’s the natural order of our existence to live free.

US Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas said, “Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us.”



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