Now that Christmas Day 2013 is past and the next few days many are home from work through New Year’s Eve, kids out of school, it’s a good time to take stock, and take an objective look at where we are in this Great Nation. By that I mean, understanding what’s taking place in the lives of all of us, ie, physically and mentally, economically and spiritually, schooling and learning. Parenting and politically. Loving and hating. Working on a job or on entitlements doing nothing. And most importantly, understanding the difference in Freedom and Bondage.

If you desire Freedom over enslavement, this means understanding both. Otherwise you will wind up in bondage, unable to break the chains, wondering how you got there, because the insidious notion of creeping Socialism is now past and we’re in the latter stages of leaping Socialism.

In the past six years, I have written dozens of articles on the Philosophy of Freedom, still posted on my web-site, anyone can read. I have received thousands of comments, some still saying it’s too complicated to comprehend. Frequently receiving comments saying, “write more.” I can only write more of the same, perhaps from a different angle. In this connection I’m going to show the analogy of politics to alcoholism. A condition many can identify with.

Alcoholism is a state of being which is baffling and cunning, and so is the politics of the maneuvering which has reduced this nation from its original aim, to the shambles of Socialism. To understand Alcoholism, we must begin with the main characters, which are the Drinker, the Enabler, the Provoker, the Victim. There are four main characters.The common denominator, or main ingredient is the fact all four are seeking “Control.”

The main charactor, ie, the Drinker, has a Tin God Syndrome. He gets drunk, acts like he’s in charge of the world, and pushes everyone up, around and about. He gives orders, and sometimes is violent in his desire to have his way. Then he gets into trouble because of his behavior and lands behind bars. Sobers up, then switches gears, becomes like a helpless child, crying to others to rescue him. Those others, the provoker, the enabler and the victim come to his rescue, while the drunk makes all sorts of promises of changed future behavior. But it’s just talk that means nothing, except via use of the language he has his way manipulating others for doles and control.

Nothing changes, like a three-act play, the curtain opens and closes of repetitious behavior, because he does not change his behavior, gets drunk again and repeats his stance and attitude, and the enablers do the same thing, provoking and rescuing.

Alcoholism is very expensive, aside from the cost of the bottle, it takes its toll, in many other ways, like mental, emotional and physical problems, sometimes amounting to death. But those caught up in it repetitiously behave the same way over and over, until the drunk dies, or someone on the merry-go-round of denial seeks help via others and groups like AA or Alanon. Becuause alcoholism is a merry-go-round of Denial.

So what is the analogy between an alcoholic, and what is going on politically in this country, you may be asking. First off like the bottle, politics is very very seductive. And one who drinks heavily and likes the taste, also enjoys the experience of control he the drinker has over his enablers. And the enablers also have an emotional stake in the relationship, because they too seek to control the alcoholic. In essence the non-drinker involved has problems similar to the Drinker.

All politicians seek power. Any political office is one of power to one degree or another. And what does that mean? It means they seek power of control over others. It makes them feel good and powerful to be elected to a political office. They pass laws and take property of others, and rule others. Where an Alcoholic may be just running the show over a few family, co-workers or friends, the politician is seduced by the power of his or her elected position over thousands, and it is very seductive.They enjoy the same kicks as the alcoholic does when he turns up the bottle.

If there’s any difference in a politician and an alcoholic it is this – when a drunk sobers up in between his bouts of drinking, he frequently goes through periods of remorse for his actions and the problems he causes others, which compels him to get drunk again. However politicians do not feel remorse, if they do they never show it, their power trip is on-going and continuous. Power-type drunkenness is on-going always seeking to increase, more and more taking and raking from victims.

One characteristic of an alcoholic is his intense desire to be the center of attention and so does the politician. The attention he craves is like the drug of liquor. And he or she has a bag of tricks they exercise over and over to place themselves in a position to grab attention. Similar to the alcoholic, they frequently perform in a manner which motivates negative attention, ie, causing problems, they then act to solve which engenders more attention by blaming others.

In their actions to take property (money) from others, one of the most egregious acts of similarity to the alcoholic, is the fact they deflect responsibility for their actions on to others. They always blame others for the disastrous results of their actions, they never assume responsibility for their actions, which causes hardship on others, and neither does the alcoholic.

Listening to all the news the past few weeks dominated by the worst legislation Obamacare perpetrated upon the American people, and the blame game-playing it has generated by politicians who voted it into being, became so glaringly similar to the actions of an alcoholic, I was prompted to write this article.

Not only that, the actions and re-actions of the majority of the people, comes across as being so baffling to the American people, they are like a ship without a rudder, no place to turn for relief and answers. It’s that same baffling and cunning of alcoholism one experiences unless and until they understand it. An alcoholic can flip in and out, vacillating between arrogance and helplessness with the ease of greased lightening, and so can a politician.

Stop and think about it, on the morning news, there may be political jubilation over the possibilities of all the great and wonderful perks of Obamacare, then on the evening news after the day’s malfunction of their web-site, there are apologies and reassurances that it won’t happen again. The problems caused are promoted as a thing of the past and won’t happen again. Then it repeats itself, the same way an alcoholic operates after blaming others.

As the march to totalitarian Socialism goes into high gear in 2014, how long are we the people going to remain in a state of confusion? By going around saying we can’t figure out what’s going on. A basic tenet of the implementation of Socialism is promotion of confusion. It’s intolerant of the light of truth and understanding. Therefore the general confusion and misunderstanding over that which is taking place is no happenstance among the majority of the people. It’s simply one of the basic tenets of the takeover of a Socialist State.

What can one do about it? Quite simply, wake up and face the reality of what’s happening. It’s not rocket science. It’s the same old game of Socialism which has taken over every other country around the globe. And ruled mankind throughout civilization. The American dream and way of life which broke away from that system for the first time in history, is about to follow and go down the tube with the rest of the Socialists, a system of enslavement and bondage. The inverted pyramid is tipping over with each 24 hours that pass.

We hear so much about how Romans fiddled while Rome burned. In our current state of confusion, no one is fiddling, nearly everyone just diddling, waiting for someone else to “fix” the problem. There is no one else, it’s all up to you and me.

In the past few decades, other countries looked to the United States to bail them out of their fall into Socialism. But I don’t know of any country we have bailed out. And there is definitely no one else, aside from ourselves, to bail us out. Anyway, why should they? We got ourselves into this state and it’s our individual responsibility to save ourselves and return to the Principles upon which this nation was founded. Sober up America, and stop being the enabler, the provoker and the icvtim today!!

Marcel Proust, 1871-1922, said, “You don’t receive wisdom, we must discover it for ourselves, after a journey that no one can take us or spare us.”

Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC


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