When I awakened this morning and began the above named article, number one-thousand and seventy-three, I thought about Eva Peron, Socialist wife of Socialist leader Peron, who said, “Don’t cry for me Argentina.” And I cry for the America we once had. An America we did not lose, but simply voted our way out of it in favor of a different system of political government.

At one time in our brief history we had it all, the best and most desirable way of life known to Civilization. A way of life which provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilized man. So great and wonderful, everyone wanted to come to America. Now despised by many in other countries, a country populated by 300 million-plus, many wandering around in a wilderness of not knowing, not understanding, and not caring about much aside from the next political entitlement hand-out program.

However there are a few, who know and understand what has happened and how it happened, with a desire to turn the pages of history back to that glorious lifestyle, living in freedom, willing to work, to improve their lives, under the umbrella of a system of political government, that respected private property ownership, the free-enterprising system, and individual freedom.

Now living in a different era, of a changing world, where the Principles of Right and wrong remain, however our values and the way we perceive them have changed. Those of us who still value Freedom, wondering what if anything we can do about it.

While we read a lot about various ways and means to cure cancer, no one asks, “What can we replace it with?” By the same token when it comes to our current plight of freedom being taken over by a system of Socialism, no one is asking, what can we replace Socialism with? That’s because we innately know, replacement is not the aim nor desire, but to rid our lives of it, to return to a way of life we already know is most desirable. The self-government of freedom and self-control of our lives and the future of our children and grandchildren.

Similar to our desire to be rid of cancer to return to good health, so it goes with reference to rid ourselves of Socialism, to return to a life of Freedom. Some, hearing they have cancer, flock to others for a cure, when in essence, individually, there’s a cure by assuming the responsibility of a do-it-yourself regimen.

We do not cure cancer by a continuation of the same lifestyle, nor will we rid ourselves of Socialism, by repetition of the same things of dependency upon others, and a political system that takes from the haves to re-distribute to the have nots.

How did we arrive at this hellish state? Quite simply we voted ourselves into it. Now here we are beginning a new year of 2014, with the news beginning domination of promotion of more voting for the mid-term election. What are we doing about it? Promotion of letter-writing campaigns to those voted into power, who are the perpetrators of the installation of the system of Socialism. Doing the same thing expecting different results, when Einstein told us that was insanity.

We are a nation of hard-working, intelligent, caring and generous people, who fell into this syndrome of thinking “others” are in a better position of deciding what’s best for us instead of reliance upon ourselves, and the decisions we make for our lives. We’ve been doodled bugged into believing that we have a Right and duty to vote others in power over ourselves and others. And through that process we have fallen into the trap of Socialism.

The lust for power by those who led us down this path, now in high gear beginning this January to ensure their control in November. Common sense, where art thou? We all know when we’re in a hole, so stop digging. Why do we continue falling for the same tactics which got us in this undesirable state? Why are we wondering what to do, when all that’s necessary is to “stop digging.”

We must stop and realize, we have deluded ourselves into an illusion we vote representatives in power to represent us. They represent their highest value of power over others and represent the best interests of themselves, not you and I, obviously. The only way out is to stop doing the things that got us into this verge of a totalitarian state, and the enslavement it offers, in return for your vote.

George Orwell of 1984 stated, “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

Ruyard Kipling said, “Politicians are little Tin Gods on wheels.”

American author Hornberger stated, “The core issue facing the American people is this: Have the guardians become the terrorists?”

Chief Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes said, “The only prize much cared for by the powerful is power.”



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