Time, tide and politics wait for no one. This New Year’s Day of 2014, when many are partying, drinking, traveling, meeting, eating and retreating, I personally have much to be grateful for. Being vertical tops the list, plus improved health. High on my list of gratitude is the well-being of my children and grandchildren. Starting a new year, nothing to complain about in my personal life. However, the threat of decreased Freedom, more government intervention, food tampering, socialized schooling and health and insurance issues, to name a few things, to be concerned about in 2014, loom before us.

Never in my lifetime, has a greater threat to all those things we hold near and dear, loomed over us, our life, liberty and property, as it does today. I want to say like Macbeth, “Out damned spot.” However that insidious intent of those in charge, out to destroy the American way of life, will not just get up, let go and walk away. Quite the contrary, as personal Freedom, private property ownership and health issues take center stage, control by a few over the many, is glaringly pervasive, and this year the stage is set for conditions to worsen.

The question is, what can we do as individuals, to change the course of events? There is plenty we can and must do. First get out of denial and take your pick, of the area you wish to participate in to improve. What is it you value? Is it Freedom? Is it education of your child? Is it the health of yourself and family? Is it your personal finances? Is it concerns about food supply? Is it politics? You name it and decide where you would like to begin improving conditions in this country, which profoundly affect your Life and family.

A few years back there was a Washington journalist named Jack Anderson, who said, “I dont cover the news, I uncover it.” Great advice for individuals, because the news is so managed by left wing liberals, we cannot accept that which is being reported as truth.
Something revealed in 2013, as news of lies and more lies reported like we have never witnessed before in this country. We simply cannot believe that which is reported in the news media, generally. However enough reported, we can, sift through and unravel, and assume the self-responsibilty of decifering for ourselves, just what is truth and that which is a lie, based upon acts perpetrated by those who are now in charge.

You already know public schools don’t educate but indoctrinate. You already know politicians do not represent you, but themselves. You already know all the billions of your tax money flowing into the support of other countries is not for your benefit, but nation building of other Socialist countries. You already know, public figures, elected and appointed, have no expertise when it comes to your Health issues.

Overall you already know political control to run and operate anything can screw up a one-car parade. And contrary to anything they say, it’s not the nature of political power to act in your best interests, but all acts and promises are designed to further their stranglehold of power over your life, children and property.

If by any chance you are still under the illusion that there is any major difference in Democrats and Republicans, wake up from your slumber, because there’s so little difference in the two parties, it’s insignificant. Today, because the Democrats are in power, Republicans go along to get along, because every politician is dedicated to just two things, getting into power and staying in power over your life.

News of courruption as reported, relative to voting, is such, even the Communist leader Putin asked, “Don’t they read the newspapers in the United States?” Yes we do, but so brainwashed into beliving what politicians tell us, we have abandoned the ability to think and figure things out for ourselves.Therefore we keep doing the same things over and over expecting different results.

I think it was back in the sixties, a great writer, John T. Flynn wrote a book titled “While You Slept.” If you can obtain a copy and read it, it’s very enlightening. And another one I suggest is “Discovery of Freedom” by Rose Wilder Lane. That which is upon us, just around the corner in 2014, requires we read-up on that which has already happened, to soften the blow of that which is in store for all of us in 2014.

What can you do about it? There’s plenty you can do, but not much you will do until ignorance of reality, relative to how, and by whom is addressed, by informing yourself. The power you have lies in correct information because we are in the latter stages of a totalitarian, one world government of Socialism take-over. “While we Slept”.

You can expect the coming news in 2014 to be dominated by the political news of the November mid-term elections. Indoctrination via the news media to lead you to believe, the answers to the problems we face lie in who we elect to rule over us in November. That’s old hat stuff, don’t fall for it. The answer to the problems we face lies in the hearts minds and determination of the American individuals, acting responsibly in their personal lives, and stopping the notion, “others” will do that which we should and must do for ourselves.

And to anyone who has folded their mantle, thinking there’s nothing one can do, I say get over it!! Straighten up your backbone, speak up, act up, and admit a return to a life in freedom is the answer. Which means taking back control of your life, world and affairs. Don’t elect but reject that which the elected have perpetrated upon you. Specifically, a system of Socialistic bondage. A strange phenomenon we have allowed to take place with just words and not a shot being fired.

From my favorite writer, Bastiat, who wrote “The Law,” comes this quote, “There is in all of us a strong disposition to believe anything lawful is legitimate. This belief is so wide-spread that many persons, have erroneously held that things are “just,” because the law makes them so.”


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