The more I listen to everyday news, the more of a pattern of what is news appears to come into play. Because I’m one quite opinionated about current events, I look for patterns of thought, actions and behaviors as presented in the daily news, via television and the printed word. There is always that which is seen and that which is not seen.

A recent revelation seemed to jump out to me as so much of the local news in the Atlanta area is focused on sports and the two major league teams of football and baseball. Which is this – the more socialistic a country becomes, the greater the shift of attention to organized sports.

If one pays attention to happenings in other countries, European, middle Eastern, South American, Far East and etc., the news is frequently about some particular sport and participants in their countries. Some focus on football, basketball, soccer, boating, swimming, horseracing, bullfighting, gymnastics and running. Regardless of the sport, the news and the people focus on it as well as the news coming from those countries.

Now there’s nothing wrong with sports events, quite the contrary, they are a good thing to participate in. It’s the fact that more time, effort, attention and money is placed on sports events than the importance of one’s Freedom and all that’s happening, to supercede with managed news for attention instead of more important areas of our lives.

It boils down to the ruling class, which seeks absolute unaccountable power over our lives and thoughts. It’s a cultural matter, designed to keep one’s attention on one ball, while the ruling class is manipulating and juggling their agenda of rulership over the masses.

I live in the South, and the past several months the news has been dominated by the proposal to build a new football stadiun the Atlanta area, at a staggering cost of millions. Topping that is all the attention of news on moving the professional baseball game out of Atlanta to Cobb County.

Here we are in the midst of Thanksgiving week and celebration, when families are traveling, cooking, and preparing to celebrate together in family gatherings and those proponents of moving local major baseball facilities to another county. A meeting was held last night, the day before Thanksgiving, to pass on the move. Which dominated the news.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not criticizing the games of sports per se, but bringing attention to the fact that it is one of the major news topics, to deflect one’s attention away from the modus operandi of the tactics and strategies of the ruling class to control their subjects. Divide to conquer is a time-worn tactic to take over an entire country.

So much interest is focused on sports, to engage the general population in spending their time, attention and money on their favorite to win, staying up late to watch, and participate in the excitement of the game, this diminishes one’s attention to what’s taking place, relative to reducing this once great country’s mainstay of individual freedom, to one of the bondage of Socialism.

Even the President made a speech urging the American people to discuss his socialized medicine legislation he so desperately trying to put in effect, while eating turkey at their Thanksgiving dinner.

Mind control is the effective ploy as set forth in the Karl Marx Communist Manifesto. Those in power, so glaringly reducing this nation to the rubble of enslavement of an entirely different system of government, in opposition to our founding fathers, they are well aware that the attention of this 300 million-plus citizenry must be diverted off, and away from, the basic tenets of Freedom, and the Principles upon which this Republic was founded.

In this connection, it is self-evident in the news from other countries, wrapped to the gills in the system of Socialism, so much attention is placed upon organized sports. The managed, controlled liberal press, leads the way to garner one’s time, money and emotional capital to focus on organized sports. The average individual is unaware of the power of this emotional managed tactic, of the liberal, left-wing, Marxist powers at-be.

Not only that, the manner in which the people are manipulated into accepting the rise in taxes to pay for this manipulation, must have the rulers celebrating behind closed doors. The majority who have little interest in organized sports are set up to financially support the minority addiction to the game plan. While owners, coaches, and players are paid staggering salaries, ordinary, low-paid scale workers, forced to contribute via taxes.

Various organized sports games are only one of the various ploys the powers at-be in charge use to accomplish their end game. And an area that the average citizen is aware of, and will most likely reject the premise, the magnitude of its use to manipulate one’s time, mind, emotions and money, to further this nation’s downward spiral into the depths of Socialism.

The bearer of bad news is never popular. And a difficult pill to swallow, to even consider the games of sports are a part of the larger picture in the downfall of this Republic. However if one looks objectively at other countries who have fallen line, hook and sinker into the hands of Socialist rulers, and observe how much support there is for organized sports in those countries by the rulers of those countries, there’s a reason for it. When one observes the degrees of restrictions and rulership in so many areas of Communist-Fascist countries, while their rulers promote sports participation, one should stop and wonder why that is the case. Why rulers support and promote individual emotional capital in their games of various sports. Particularly evident in the years of international olympics.

It boils down to the simple fact, people wind up in bondage via a scheme of those who lust for power, placing individuals’ attention on one area while the machinery of tactics and strategies keeps the attention of the masses elsewhere.

Here we are today at the beginning of the holiday season, with news of so much adverse weather, money problems, school and health problems, genetically modified food problems and etc., the managed press places attention on such things as new sports stadium, and relocation of major organized sports games. And so many falling in line like sheep to slaughter, investing their time, money and energy into this managed ploy of sports games.

And I repeat that my opinion and view is not directed at the games of sports per se, but how the politics in this country manipulate the people, to take their attention away from more important and meaningful matters such as individual freedom, by a stirring stick manipulation to place one’s attention on their goal, of control and takeover of the dominance of Socialism, and control of sports games is only one of the tactical ploys in their game plan. A game plan the average sports lover will most likely reject as having anything to do with the overall plan of the powers at-be to further their boot stance on the necks of the American people.

Lysander Spooner, the political theorist said, “Vices are not crimes.”

Let Freedom Ring
Just Me AC


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