The origin of political social contracts can be traced back to the Greeks. In the beginning, individuals were willing to surrender their individual Freedom to a group of men. Laws resulted from the combinations of men, who agreed for mutual protection to take action to protect each other. Out of this consensual agreement, government was formed. An idea that rested on consent of the governed.

And so it was in the formation of the government in this country, after the Revolutionary War was fought to break the chains of bondage of high, unfair taxation by the British king, that the Declaration of Independence was written and accepted, plus the US Constitution, a document of laws created and accepted as the law of the land.

From historical writings and documents, we know there were a lot of discussions, agreements and disagreements, before acceptance of these two major documents. From all the writings, documents and history of discussions, we can pretty much boil it all down to the creation of documents to form a new kind of government, which at its core, set forth laws to insure indivifdual freedom. Plus formation of a political system of government designed to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies.

One can discuss and argue over differences in ideas and opinions during the creation of this new government, but in essence it boils down to the formation, for the purpose of insuring individual Freedom, and Protection of the country, to insure the personal freedoms of the people.

Just as the Greeks joined with each other for protection, this Nation formed a system of government designed to protect. To protect individual Rights to live Free and protect the country as a whole from domestic and foreign enemies. This all took place just over 200 years ago.

Fast forward to where we are today. If we take an objective look around to all that has happened and projections for future happenings, it’s as if we are living in some foreign country, whose guards of protection have been broken down and invaded at its gates, with few familiarities as set forth in the two aforementioned documents. They have been so twisted in interpretation and for the most part ignored, as if they no longer existed, replaced by an entirely different system of Socialistic governing.

The power to govern has been ripped from the people, with so many different rules, regulations, policies and edicts, and transferred into the hands of a few rulers, it all seems so surreal, that this has happened right before our eyes. The enemy is within.

Why did we the people allow this switch over from a Nation of free people, living, working and operating under the premise of a free-enterprise, capitalistic system, developing, inventing, and creating a life which was the envy of the world, reduced to a different system of the bondage of Socialism.

How were we seduced to accept it? It was all accomplished with words, not guns. Socialism is a system which begins with promises. A small group of men elected by the people, who lust for power of control, get into a position of operating the government, with promises of all they plan on doing, distributing and giving, gratis to the people.

We the people forget or ignore the fact that no political government has anything until it acquires the power to TAKE. To take from some, the producers, to re-distribute to others who do not produce, looking for a free hand-out. The more who enroll on the free take-out, the more others stop producing and join the free-loaders. It’s the acquisition of something for nothing promise from those in power, who start with nothing, arbitrarily take the reins of power to take, period. Ignoring the Constitution becomes a ploy of the more they take, the more they take without limit.

After creaming off the top to support their extravagant lifestyles, they re-distribute the stolen goods to those standing in line doing nothing, aside from expecting more and more free hand-outs. The working class of producers, resent the gouging process of the system of thievery and by the numbers, and they too curtail or stop producing and join the free-loaders.

Socialism, the antithesis of Freedom and productivity, makes its inroads by promoting the idea that they will provide a free ride to anyone who applies and seeks a something for nothing mentality. The seduction of the system, to take control, is born out of the desire for a free lunch, something for nothing citizenry. And the more they are given, the more they demand, as the number on the take increases by the droves.

Those in power, in charge of the taking to re-distribute, increase as they gloat over their power to take more and more. Specifically, the degree of power to take, expands proportionally to the increased number signing on to the something for nothing programs. And in so doing assume a stance of arrogance, a sight to behold!!!

Producers decrease, as the free-lunch takers increase, as the Robin Hood power mongers act to protect their station in life by borrowing money from other countries and printing more and more paper money in this country, and we sink further and further in debt.

Socialism takes over a former system of the productivity that the citizenry operated under in Freedom. It all comes about as a result of the seduction of political power of those in charge, and the seduction of something for nothing, pervasive among the recipients. And it’s just that simple. Socialism cannot sustain itself in a country of free people.

After the original honeymoon period of seduction and sign-ups for re-distribution, a period more and more restrictive laws are enacted, productivity is so hamstrung, struggling to survive, we wake up to find ourselves enslaved by a system replacing the one this country was founded upon and thrived on, providing the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization, a thing of the past.

The wicked witch of western civilization, ie, the power seekers, in conjunction with the free-loaders, they romanced with words, to control with doles, and are now in charge, without a shot being fired.

Recognition of how it all came about, and an honest appraisal of the role we the people played to set it up and let it happen, is small consolation, as we wake up to a system of bondage which now has the power over our bodies, health and lives. As some struggle to come to grips with this different system, seem to think letter-writing to those placed in power via the polls, is the answer to re-claim freedom, when it is obvious no amount of letter writing is going to reverse the currants, and change things back and away from the system of Socialism. Which today appears to be a mixture of Fascist and Communist brands of Socialism now in force and in charge in this once great Nation.

As some awaken to the reality of what has happened in this country, there is no evidence of any meaningful action being taken, that in any way, shape, form nor fashion, effectively slows down, much less reverses, the direction life in these United States has taken. As one sweet lady said a few days ago, we have followed the path of the downfall of Rome. And that is true, we have fiddled and diddled as it has all taken place, right before our eyes in broad daylight.

One might be asking how it’s all going to end? The reality is it has already ended, in bondage of we the people. The stage now is for survival, as the powers at-be take control of our bodies, health and lives. A full-front assault via the biggest and most brazen action taken thus far in the history of this country, goes into high-gear.

We are into December, ending 2013. In just 30 days, beginning in 2014, we will begin feeling the impact of Obamacare and the affordable health care act, like we never imagined.

The saddest words of tongue or men, are these few words, it might have been.



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