In the midst of all the upheaval in this country, nationally and locally, it’s wonderful to get together with family and friends, to listen and share in their ideas of current events. To hear from others firsthand, their ideas, concerns and solutions.

My holiday season began a bit early, with an impressive knockout dinner party at the home of my friends Bonnie and Hank. Twenty-plus family and friends gathered at their lovely home on Sunday for an early start to the holiday season. Bonnie is an exceptional cook, and Hank knows how to carve a turkey.

The table was laden with traditional and exotic dishes, some to accomodate the vegans on the guest list. Bonnie and I share the same grandchildren who were reared vegetarian, and brought up being told they could choose to eat meat if they wanted to at age 16.

Beautiful Isabella will celebrate her 16th next week, with a party of friends in Peckerwood Hills, and has requested her dad barbeque a Boston butt to serve at her party. Not only that, she can already drive like a pro and drove me home in the BMW. Isabella is a concert pianist and teaches music.

Prince Will now eight, couldn’t wait until 16. Standing and watching Hank carve the turkey, he wanted to try it. One slice led to several more, as he took to turkey eating like a fish to water. And speaking of fish, 14 year old Olivia caught a big one in Lake Lanier last week.

Aside from family, a number of friends were invited from surrounding towns in Atlanta area. Some I knew and some I had not met, but all engaged in interesting conversation about politics, schools and health issues. I was impressed at how well informed all were with interesting opinions about current events,

A major topic was health care issues. Because I grew up being taught to “be your own doctor” and rarely went to a doctor until five years ago, I was surprised to hear others there were on regimens for health issues, relative to do-it-yourself. The guests were quite up to date concerning alternative health procedures, with a very cautious mindset and a jaundiced eye viewing the current “train wreck” surrounding all areas of life and health issues in the news today.

Not only did I enjoy the wonderful food, but additionally the conversation among the guests which revealed a greater awareness of the reality of all that’s taking place in this country than I’ve been hearing on the news. It was so wonderful to hear an older generation express their concerns about the politics of health, doctors, medicine and insurance, and interest in their individual methods of alternatives to the “jack hammer” around the clock propaganda relative to those subjects of interest.

In this era of information, as the centralized political government seeks to place the citizenry in a straitjacket of doles and controls, with all their brainwashing tactics and strategies, it’s going over like a lead balloon among ordinary people, doing extraordinary things when it comes to their personal health care. From this small group, I discovered most have caught on to the over-prescribed drugs, and have taken responsibility for their personal health via alternative methods, and sharing with each other. I came away with renewed hope for this country and its future.

Conversely, there are no magic bullets for returning this nation back to the principles upon which it was founded, specifically each individual assuming the self-responsibility for their world and affairs in general and their health problems particularly.

If the self-interest emanating from this small gathering relative to the information I heard, regarding their health and well-being is any kind of barometer of the pulse of the public, there’s every reason to hope this great nation can be turned back around to the principles upon which it was founded. Still a long ways to go to return to that “Root, Hog, or Die” mentality of our founding fathers, but some indication it can happen.

Sunday was my first invitation to the start of the holiday season. On Thursday, I have an invitation for dinner at the home of a medical doctor and his lovely family, I’m looking forward to. As more and more news is coming forth about the politics of the medical field being hamstrung with government rules and regulations, it’s self-evident we are all in this battle for freedom together. To be free, to enjoy good health and to live to enjoy it.

How does one remove alligators from the pond? Very carefully!! One at a time!! So it is if we are to return to a life as we once knew it in this nation, one individual at a time, waking up, standing up, acting up and assuming the self-responsibility for their lives and children, particularly in the area of one’s Health!



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