Sprinkled among the thousand-plus articles still posted on my web-site octogenariansblog.com, I relate stories about battles I have fought and won. And winning is no accident nor happenstance. It’s tactics and strategies.

This country and the basic premise of Freedom upon which it was founded, is worth fighting for. The battle we are currently engaged in is a War of Ideas. Not with some external foreign enemy, but one that is within. And the powers at-be are winning in their “transformation of America.” Make no mistake about that.

It was back in the early part of the last century when the father of Communism, Lenin, laid out his plan of conquering the world for Communism. He predicted, “The United States we shall not have to attack, it will fall into our hands like overripe fruit.” And so it has, almost. Why? It’s because of the wrong tactics and strategies used to preserve it.

I was only 21 years old when I found myself in a battle with an insurance company over coverage for a claim I filed. I was losing and decided to study the tactics of the world’s greatest military strategists, to learn how they won battles. From Napolean to Cochise, I read everything I could find about these men.

The current battle this nation is involved in over the implementation of “Obamacare” is the final push for political control, over one’s body, mind and health. At this very moment the boat is rocking, as the battle rages on. Without a shot being fired, those who lust for power to control the masses, are winning.

I’m a sort of news junkie and keep up with the daily news of happenings, and as I view it, despite some organized resistance, namely the Tea Party, the opposition is winning the battle. I’m not a member of the Tea Party, but read their reports, and as I see it, it’s like the cry from a sinking ship, for calls to do more of the same, which ain’t working. Namely just keep writing letters to Congress.

In my opinion, there are many well-intentioned patriotic Americans involved in the Tea Party movement. However, their efforts appear quite in vain, as reported on the nightly news. Which tells me their tactics are not working, to achieve the desired goal of winning. Defeat is not an option.

One of the things I discovered, but did not invent, is that when one is involved in a fight involving political government, there are enough numbers of various departments of political entities that one can effectively win, by using them and pitting one against the other. If you are up against a county law, and wish to change it, use the State. If you are up against an unlawful state law, use the federal, and if you are up against federal intrusion, violating your Constitutional Rights, use the power of the State.

Here’s an example: Back in the seventies, I decided when my young son entered school, I would not allow vaccinations. The state had a mandated rule, first off, compulsory attendance, and secondly, one must furnish a shot record to the school, or present a statement one belonged to an organized religion, for exemption. When I refused these options, my child was kicked out of school, then the truant officer came and told me I would be arrested for non-compliance with state attendance laws, after they kicked him out. Fine with me, to keep him home and home-school. But I was harassed by the truant officer by continuous threats of arrest.

You see, the power of politics cannot permit exceptions. And they will use incarceration to make an example of the non-compliance. In the current flurry of activity to enforce forced political health insurance policies, there is a built in force to deal with non-compliance. It’s reported there are 1200 pages describing the forced implementation of federally mandated health participation.

When I faced the very real possibility of going to jail, I wondered then who would raise and educate my child. I decided to file a lawsuit in federal court against the State of Georgia laws that mandated compulsory vaccinations.

I had a good lawyer, and prepared my case to present to him. He told me right off the bat he did not think I had much of a case, but I knew I did, and felt certain I would win it. He agreed to file the case in federal court. I was totally alone, living in the country with very little money, and no support from anyone. However my priority was the health and well-being of my child.

After filing in federal court, I received a great deal of front page publicity, radio and news reporters telling me I was newsworthy, because I was just one woman, alone in the country fighting the bureaucracy and winning. The federal judges ruled in my favor, my son was reinstated back in school under federal court order, and ordered the Georgia General Assembly to change the law, relative to forced immunizations. Then my son finished high school without ever having any immunizations.

I personally have never been a groupy type person. If I believe something is wrong that adversely affects my life, then I stand up for it, after giving considerable thought about how I will proceed to handle it. I inventory and write it all down on paper, and decide just how far I’m willing to go, before I ever start anything.

In my opinion, we are losing this battle for Freedom, to operate our lives according to our own particular value system, because we are going about it the wrong way to win. When you’re in a hole, stop digging. And this nation is definitely in a hole of the absymal mediocrity of the socialist system, which has replaced and superceded the basic tenets of the US Constitution of laws.
More on this subject in my next article.

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