In part one of “What’s In it For Me,” I gave a brief history of my discovery of the meaning of Freedom. Because of the conditions of bondage in which we find ourselves in this country today, and secondly, it’s an enigma to me, trying to figure out how and why we have traded the glories of freedom for the hell of bondage. And the only rational explanation I have come up with to date is, that the average person does not understand the meaning of Freedom.

Which brings on the question – Why is that? Because it is not complicated, it’s simply self-responsibility and self-control. Inherent in the meaning of freedom is the concept of property ownership. It’s imperative we own property to exist. And you can only own that which you control, and have the Right to destroy.

You own a hamburger as you destroy it by consumption. You own a tree you can tear down to build a house, or burn up for heat. You own that can in which you brought the soup home, but discarded after opening. You own the pair of pants you throw in the garbage after outgrowing them. You own the bags you brought your groceries home in, but destroy by throwing in the garbage after emptying.

You don’t “Own” the house you bought and paid for, you only possess it and possession is not necessarily ownership. Political government, which never paid a cent into your house, determines via rules, regulations and edicts, what you can and cannot do. You must get permission from bureaucrats to add a roof, deck, or patio. If you decide to tear down to build another, you must obtain permission from some county, city or federal employee to do so. In other words you can’t own anything that you cannot exercise your right to destroy. Which impedes the self-responsibility of your freedom.

Some view Freedom as doing anything anytime or any place you choose, which is a wrong concept. Inherent in the concept of freedom, are boundaries to the Right to own property. And those boundaries end with the ownership of others. Therefore we can morally say, one’s Right to Freedom ends at the boundaries of ownership of others.

Your Rights to ownership begin with ownership of yourself and extends to other properties you create and purchase. By virtue of the fact we exist, we are born to Own. A good lesson in ownership can be observed watching children play, and seeing one child try to take a toy away from a child who owns it.The owner of the toy innately acts to protect his or her ownership.

But what happens after a child attends public schooling and goes to church? He is not taught the Rights to ownership, but shamed into sharing. Which is the beginning of the state of bondage we are in today, taking from the haves to give to the have-nots.

It’s my position that we are in this appalling state of affairs in this country because we do not understand freedom, and the concept of property ownership. And because of that, we go to the polls and elect others to do the taking and redistribution of property we thought we owned, then do nothing but complain about it.

Little by little, drip by drip over the years, we have failed in the self-responsibility of protecting that which we own. Until today, it has reached such a degree of bondage that political government is now crossing the boundaries of your body ownership, by laws designed to restrict how you handle your health. As that goes into effect of control, that’s the last vestige of Freedom, and we’re now living in a totalitarian state of political government doles and control.

As a result, we must return to WHIFM – what’s in it for me? Freedom has been abandoned and exchanged for bondage. It’s time to ask the question, what is it about bondage that is desirable over Freedom?

We have gone full circle and returned to the baby-stage of expecting others to take care of us. And “they,” those who lust for power, cannot and will not do that, because political government has nothing, zero, until it first takes from someone. And the bottom line is they have no interest in your welfare, only theirs.

They the rulers have so hamstrung productivity in this country, now modifying the food produced. They have so undermined producers of the food supply, it’s now so restricted, prevented from growing nourishing foods, which sustain health.

After take over of everything from your income to your homes, they are now dedicated to take-over of your bodies, via managed food supply, and restrictions on health. Why have we the people tolerated this? Why have we accepted bondage to replace Freedom? It’s time to ask, “What’s in it for me?” Is it food stamps and disability checks? Why did this great country of creative producers fall into this trap of entrapment? Is there any hope of breaking the chains of bondage?
Not unless the 300-plus millions of citizenry return to the self-responsibility of Freedom, by understanding and desiring it.

The bombardment of the last vestige of freedom, i.e., control of your bodies, is in high gear, around the clock propaganda coming from centralized political government in conjunction with managed news media. Make no mistake, “they” are winning. And you the individual, losing.




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