When I awakened this morming and checked my e-mails, facebook and comments, someone in my spam comment section had posted a dozen entries that were lines of question marks. As I stopped to take the time to delete, I’m thinking I must have upset some liberal leftist, Marxist Communist, who expressed his objection to my Blog writings, and dozens of entries of question marks, was his expression of disenchantment.

Then I checked my regular comment section, which has 12,758 comments to moderate. Many of these are spam type comments giving advice on how to write a blog article. I flip through, and see a comment on an article I wrote four years ago in 2009, titled “Health Care, Will it Pass This Year, Many are Asking.” It is issue 260, and today’s number is 1020.

I decided to post that one, in my sidebar comment section, so my readers today can click on that and go back, and read the article I wrote on the impending Obamacare health bill four years ago. In the article I mentioned “40 Czar” appointments.

It occured to me I have seen no mention of the word “czars” in any news reports in quite sometime. No doubt the current political regime is filled with those earlier appointments of Czars. I stopped to remind myself how very adept they are at using the language to their advantage, to further their entrenchment of power, to ring in the goal of a totalitarian state.

With all the hoopla-la over the struggling implementation of the health care program, and all the news focus on the department handling the implementation of their health web-site, Kathleen Sebelius, it occured to me I have not heard her referred to as a “Czar.” However, her attitude portrays one as a ruler, when she comes on the news and flat out states, those criticizing her did not hire her.

A remark that stirs so much ire among pundits and ordinary citizens, who claim it’s the “people” whom she works for. Sadly, the citizenry of this country are having difficulty coming to grips with the reality that they are not in charge. They were at one time, but that’s history. The people did not hire Kathlenn Sebelius, they do not sign and issue her paycheck, nor can they fire her. It appears to me she is correct in her statement, and it’s the people having trouble facing reality.

Truth is that which is, and the reality is, the people have lost their stinger, and are not in charge. There is a small group writing the script, pulling the curtain, and directing the play of course of events, here in these United States. And as Dr. Phil says, “Can’t change that which one does not acknowledge,” plus, “The past is the best indicator of the future.”

Unless the people wake up to the fact President Obama and his regime of Czars and appointees are in charge, we are doomed to live under a totalitarian government of Socialism, which has already transformed America.

Proof in the pudding, so to speak, is in the fact that the thousands upon thousands of letters sent to those in charge, have not in the least slowed down the direction this country has taken, much less stopping it. Even the President told us a few days ago, if you wish to change things, “go and win an election.” I don’t think so because the people are so brainwashed with propaganda, even in an election, they will go to the polls and place the same caliber of rulers in power.

And why is that? Simply because it is obvious the majority do not recognize what the problem is. After the people have arbitrarily handed over their power to rule over their lives to a small group of power seekers, placing them in charge, and now under the illusion “we the people” are in charge, is the glaring evidence of the ignorance of reality. “What fools ye mortals be!”

This nation is in a state of denial. When those in charge turn their nose up and flip their finger at the American public, and tell you that you are not in charge, you are still deluded by an illusion you are; just moaning and groaning, and writing letters to those who have passed the laws, that established the conditions. The people have set up the conditions of hole digging and burying Freedom in it, and keep on digging.

Just a few days ago, I listened to a seven year old who hit another seven year old in school. When questioned the hitter said, “She pushed me.” Even a seven year old knows how to push back when pushed around by a bully. This entire nation is being pushed around by a bunch of bullies, now in charge. Instead of any effective measures of pushing back, sit down and write a letter to the bullies. To the very bullies they voted to be in charge.

I have never read anything in American history which says the American colonies got sick and tired of the British rule bullies,
and sat down and wrote letters to stop the onslaught of taking their property. No, no, no, they adoped a “Root, Hog, or die!” attitude and took effective steps to free themselves of the bondage, by drawing a line in the sand and fought back.

Listen to Kathleen Sebelius, the health Czar, she’s telling you like it is. Get out of denial!


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