I’ve been writing articles on my web-site for over five years, and write on a variety of subjects, from politics, schools, parenting, philosophy and etc. However there are two subjects I pretty much steer clear of, and may only touch on briefly from time to time, and those are sex and religion.

I grew up with teachings from a very wise mother and one of the things she taught me was this: “Always have a list of things you won’t do.” I view sex as a below the belt issue and religion as above the neck issue, and both very personal. Unless or until an individual goes beyond the sphere of their business in those areas, and crosses the boundaries of another, I pretty much steer clear. Raising children, I think one should be cognizant of predators in this two areas, because there is always a certain element in our society who step outside the boundaries of their Rights and prey on children, sexually and with their brand of religion. It is imperative we be vigilant in these two areas. And I have personally faced the demons in these two areas, while raising my children.

One might be wondering, what is it that sex, religion and insurance have in common. Perhaps more than one might think, because we buy insurance for protection in the event of loss. Unexpected loss or damage to one’s property, one’s body is their property, and extending from that ownership, other areas of ownership can be determined. There are certain criteria to determine ownership of anything. Specifically, a boundary, and the ability and Right to destroy, if one chooses.

I’m not speaking of the wisdom of destruction, but one’s Rights. In the area of that which is inalienable, we are born with. Insurance is a product we purchase to protect that which we own, whether it’s Life or other properties. Some insurance is mandated by political government, like automobile liability insurance and other areas are voluntary. When one buys insurance, it pretty much falls into the category of an intangible. All you have to show that you own it, is a written policy, which is a promise to pay the buyer under certain circumstances specified in the policy.

From time to time throughout my life, I have had experiences dealing with insurance companies. And most recently, dealing with a claim I filed as the result of storm damage to personal property. From the beginning the company vehemently denied me eligibility for coverage.

Back and forth we wrestled, because of a difference in interpretation of the policy. After I contacted the Georgia state insurance office, I received a notice that they would pay. I received a token payment of less than one-hundred dollars. I again contacted the state insurance office, and contacted my attorney. Then early on a Saturday morning, I received a call from the insurance claims officer, to discuss negotiations for a more reasonable claims settlement. A very pleasant man, with quite a different attitude than I had encountered before. In very short order we arrived at an agreed amount, and they sent me a check.

Because so much of the current news centers around insurance and health problems, it’s incumbent upon the individual to understand a few elementary basics. Because the current dispute is a battle between individuals and political government, relative to who’s in charge of one’s personal health. In this connection, it’s important to understand the role of political government is protection. To first protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies, and secondly, to protect the inalienable Rights of individuals as set forth in the US Constitution. And there’s nothing in it that authorizes the government control over one’s body concerning health.

Therefore it’s an assumed position of power to make any determinations relative to one’s health and an attempt to violate one’s inalienable Rights to make decisions relative to their body, which they own. In this connection each state has an established office of insurance commissioner. The question is, what is their purpose, if not to oversee the Rights of the individual, relative to insurance practice? It’s a government established office, paid for by tax-payers, to oversee insurance companies, to see to it that the contractual agreement between companies and insured are handled propertly to “protect” the individual.

Because it is the original purpose of political government to protect, I’m assuming that’s the role of the state insurance offices, coming under the Constitutional clause relative to “States’ Rights.”

And States’ Rights are ostensibly designed as further guards to protect one’s “inalienable Rights.” If this is not their purpose, then what is it? Seeking their intervention in my recent dispute, a state investigator followed through, and was instrumental in an ultimately satisfactory settlement as a result.

In the current battle and onslaught of a centralized government power-grab over one’s very life, body and health, why is it that individuals are fighting a losing battle by fighting with the centralized government in Washington, instead of seeking help from one’s states’ rights insurance office, to intervene, when they are paying taxes to one government office to protect the onslaught of intrusion by another? When each state has employed legal advisors to interpret the Constitution, and investigators to oversee, and protect one’s Constitutional Rights?

Divide to conquer, is a ploy of the current regime of politicians in Washington, to further entrench their lust for power. Wake up, America and use your head to protect your health, body and property.

According to the news, there are thirty Republican governors in the US. Use your state government offices that you’re paying for, to fight fire with fire. It is obvious the people are losing this War of Ideas we have been engaged in for quite sometime, simply because you are using the wrong tactics and strategies. Writing thousands of letters to Congress has gotten you no place aside from further bondage. It is Congress in Washington, who has brought these undesirable conditions about. They passed this Obamacare legislation.

There’s much time, effort and money spent talking about absence of “leadership” in Washington. Which is simply not true. They, the 535 congressmen and one president have led this nation down the road to the totalitarianism of Socialism. It was Einstein who said, “Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is insanity.” Get off this bandwagon notion that there is no “leadership” in Washington. The proof is in the pudding, because there is leadership in Washington who have obviously “transformed America,” as President Obama promised in his first campaign speeches.

That old southern saying “Don’t go to the fox to find out what happened to the chickens,” rings a certain truism. Because the chickens have come home to roost in the henhouse of bondage. To reverse conditions is not rocket science, but a little commonsense approach to the dilemma we’re in. Specifically switching gears in approach to the current problem.

Thomas Jefferson said: “But you must remember, my fellow Citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of Liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the Blessing.”



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