I grew up in the South on a farm. Looking back, life was not complicated. When one did encounter an unexpected problem to solve, there was a southern saying: “This is like trying to unravel a roll of barbed wire.”

Lo these many years later, living in this electronic age, it seems the many decisions all of us make on a daily basis may start out simple, but wind up being complex. One can hardly do anything without having to sign a contractual agreement. Whether it’s housing, TV, computers, phone, automobile, schooling, medical or insurance, one is required to sign a contract. And signed contracts are actionable and enforceable. Which brings on another expense, because one needs to have an attorney available when making any changes in these common, everyday living experiences.

I’m not one who switches around, constantly changing things. Until recently. I remained with the same insurance company, same phone company, drove the same car, shopped at the same grocery store and etc. I have discovered in the past couple of years, when one decides to make a change relative to most everything, it can be costly. I try to avoid buying anything on credit, and do not use credit cards. But an area in which I’ve incurred expense and agreed to pay off monthly, is in the area of hospitals and medical. Having had surgery, hospital and dental, I signed agreements to pay monthly. I’m happy to say, just last month, I paid off two monthly hospital bills and my dentist. I had no problems with either one. I simply signed an agreement to make monthly payments, until the obligation was paid.

I recently discovered I had problems on my credit report, caused from buying magazines and paying a year in advance, and not re-subscribing, and learned I was obligated to pay another year and did not pay. Then discovered another problem with a bank account I rarely used. I usually have two bank accounts. When I moved from a former address to my current address a few years back, I had one account I rarely used, with a balance of $15.00. I had stopped using that bank and moved with no forwarding address to that bank. I recently checked with that bank to see if I still had an account there and discovered they had reported to credit rating that I owed them $50.00. I can only surmise that when the 15.00 balance ran out, they kept on charging monthly fees. My regular bank, I’ve had an account with so long that I can’t recall when it began, and have no problems with it. However, my point to this story is the fact that one can wind up with problems without even realizing what’s going on, until suddenly finding you owe something you’re unaware of.

Yesterday, I got involved with negotiating with a company about a monthly service, getting ready to sign on to it, when I informed that they required I sign up for automatic monthly payments from my bank. When I refused to do that, I was informed there would be an additional 10.00 monthly charge for direct monthly payments, not using automatic bank pay. I immediately realized it would cost me $120.00 annually simply by paying monthly via check. In other words I would be penalized by refusal of automatic bank pay. GLaring example of coercion.

I can’t recall just how long ago I first heard that the house of Rothschild said, “Give me control of the money and I care not who makes the laws.” We are living in a time that there are all kinds of schemes for someone outside yourself to be in control of decisions relative to your property (money). Aside from political government heading this manner of doing business, it is pervasive in some private business operations. It’s no happenstance but designed to remove one’s self-responsibility, required to be free. The transference of control over one’s life and property.

The latest upheaval, so many are disturbed over, is the cancellation of millions over medical insurance policies. When I was growing up it was the consensus of farm country folks, that insurance companies were in charge of the money. However, in today’s world, hardly a day goes by without some news report saying it’s the Federal Reserve that controls the money. Who knows? What we do know is that the majority of citizens have fallen into the trap of automatic pay, which relinquishes one’s control over their money.

Throughout the many articles I have posted, I frequently write about my opinion relative to what’s wrong in this country, and maintain it’s because we do not understand the meaning of Freedom, which is self-responsibility and self-control. It is self-evident that the majority of, “we the people” have voluntarily relinquished that self-responsibility to others to manage the affairs of our daily living. And it is self-evident “others” are going to act in their best interests and not yours. Like dripping water, bit by bit, the 535 congressmen and one president, have doodle-bugged the citizenry into believing they are better equipped to handle your affairs, your money, than you, in conjunction with insurance companies. They, the insurance companies, have their representatives in Washington, the lobbyists, seeing to it that laws are passed to protect their interests. They are all in bed together. The out-picturing of this situation is self-evident, as the majority go into panic mode as insurance companies en masse cancel policies.

It’s all a grand scheme to set up a one-payer system with political government in charge in conjunction with insurance companies, to be in total charge and control of decisions relative to your health problems and treatment. Oh what tangled web we weave, when we first deceive ourselves into believing “others” are better equipped to make decisions about our lives than we ourselves. When we abandon that self-responsibility required to be free. All in direct opposition to the principles this nation was founded upon.

We did not fall asleep at the switch, but of our own volition, have voluntarily surrendered our self-control over to someone other than ourselves. Nothing happenstance about it. History of civilization is filled with the same scheme, over and over. And in this age of information, we should know better, but we have just ignored reality, and fallen into the trap of expecting “others” to take care of our responsibilities, from educating our children to taking care of our personal health problems. And it’s not because we believe the propaganda of the “lie,” but chose to ignore it, and stand in line for the handout. And in our panic over the result, still the majority believing political government will solve the problem. Not everyone but the majority.

David Kelly, Director of Objective Studies said: “To say, I have to, is to speak the language of compulsion, duty, authority.—the language of injunctions imposed on us from without. Objectivism is not a duty ethic, but an ethic of values– the ultimate value being one’s own life and happiness. The language of values is, “I want” and, “I Will.” I want this and I will do what it takes to get it.”

Let Freedom Ring


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