Last night was an all-nighter hootenanny in the hallowed halls of Congress in Washington. As Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz said, “Everything is weirder and weirder.” And the 16-day so-called government shutdown, which was not shutdown, sprang forth with more doles and controls.

An employer stenographer, slap-dab in the center of activity, while voting was taking place, went off script, on a “Sugar High Item Tear,” and started yelling and flailing, and was escorted out of the center of activity. For those who might have never heard the term, “Sugar High Item Tear,” it’s one of those southern sayings I heard frequently growing up, referring to one throwing a hissy fit. I never understood it until after growing up, realized its implication was in the first letter of each word.

Last night’s fiasco all began when Congress passed into law, the socialized medicine legislation called “Obamacare.” Not one of the 300 million-plus citizens of this country voted for it, nor did one Republican of the 535 members vote for it and it’s reported no one read the lengthy complicated legislation. The Republican-dominated House of Representatives tried to slow down its implementation, by defunding threats. But one President and a majority of 100 members of the Senate, won out over the people and the House of Representatives.

Stop and think about it. This government, touted as one “Of the People, by the People and for the people,” wakes up this morning to the realization that the worst piece of restrictive legislation, affecting all the citizens of this country, ever signed into law by such a small number, won again. Then the President comes on the air, in a televised speech, so seriously gloating over his victory, of a slam dunk piece of legislation which obviously violates the tenets of the US Constitution. Something is so wrong in the passage, promotion and proclamation of Obamacare, it defies reason and rationale.

It was during the Korean War, when a letter written by an American soldier was discovered on his body. A letter he had written to God, that began, “Strange I had to reach this hellish state before I ever saw your shining face.” I thought about that letter last night as I watched the goings on in the Senate, and thought about the American people having to face this “hellish state” before we understand the adverse effects it has on Freedom of every citizen of this country.

We the people have done it to ourselves, by voting into power a small number, and allowing them to getaway with this kind of assumed power to destroy the Freedom of millions, who inherited the legacy of freedom handed down by those brave revolutionaries, who fought and died, pledging their lives and fortunes, to break the chains of bondage from a British king. Without a shot being fired, we have voluntarily voted intop ower a few politicians, who so lust for power, they go to such lengths as this latest legislation, to deny the people choices relative to their very health and well being. It’s so far-fetched it’s difficult to fathom.

Not only have we, the people, accepted the chains of bondage regarding our own health, we have encumbered the following generations with a burden not of their making. We have snatched away from them their inalienable Right to make decisions about their health in the future.

Instead of gloating over victory, we should be hanging our heads in shame this morning, after watching the process televised into our living rooms last evening. And waking up this morning listening to news about the full-fledged reinstatement of the full force of a political regime now in control of personal health. The most invasive legislation, since the formation of this nation. A non-transferable blame, because We the People have voluntarily done it to ourselves. We cannot medicate our feelings by trying to shrug it off with excuses about the actions of others, because we abandoned the self-responsibility required to be free, set it all up and allowed it to happen.

Socialized health care is the last nail in the coffin of Freedom, and paves the way to implement a “one payer” system, in total control by a centralized political government. A regime that long ago took over control of the mind, will and emotions of our children via the public school system. A regime which has so previously over taxed the free-enterprise capitalistic system, impeding the voluntary exchange of goods and services, which at one time in our history made this the greatest nation known to civilization, numbers upon numbers folding their mantle, going out of business. Replacing with entitlement programs, more profitable than going to a job everyday, which causes not working.

I remind the reader of the symbolic pyramid. A system whereby the balance of power was in the hands of the people, indicated by the broad base of the pyramid, representing the people, and the small tip at the top representing the limited power of political government. Now it’s an inverted pyramid, teetering on the verge of collapse.

Now those in power are preparing to go back home for the holidays to eat pumpkin pie and turkey, leaving the people to eat crow. Not everyone, not really, because so many will be loading their grocery carts to the hilt before going through the cashier line to pay for with food stamps. Truth always has a strange ring, and reality always triumphs over make-believe and fantasy. We are living in a “fools paradise.” We can wake up, stand up, speak up and act with responsibility for our actions, to re-claim that which we have lost, or we can continue acting as we have in the past, to experience the collapse of a way of life, when we had it all, for our Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness, replaced by the absymal mediocrity of a Socialist State.

I suggest reading “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine.


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