So many stories are coming out of Washington as a result of the so-called government shutdown. While the managed press is busy keeping attention on who’s winning and who’s losing in the game of politics, as if it’s some kind of version of Russian Roulette, the real story is in the backroom deals about money.

No matter what you are hearing coming from the mouth of the politician, keep in mind the priority of values is about getting into office, staying in office and feathering their nests, by emptying yours.

While the Democratic President Obama is busy barricading such things as the War Memorial, and shutting down parks, a lot more gouging of the tax-payer going on in the rear office deal making by both Democrats and Republicans, is now beginning to surface.

Two things worth knowing about are $175,000 going to the estate or widow of Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey. It’s reported he was worth $57 million, and recently died at age 89. It’s reported he became extremely wealthy as leader of Automation Data Processing, then going into politics, elected from New Jersey, making a salary of $174,000 per year.

While broken wounded warriors, concerned about their small checks to survive, and the families of the returning dead soldiers, struggling to obtain the money for the return of their bodies, focus on so-called authorized death benefits to th widow of Lautenburg, in the amount of one month’s pay of $175,000.

Furthermore, while current managed news is on the government shutdown fiasco, the Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, a Republican busy ramming through legislation to fund Army Corps of Engineers to install locks on Olmonstead Dam, at a price tag of $755 for starters. Then reported the leading Republican senator secured funding for $2,918 billion in funding for the corp of engineers to install locks as part of the Olmstead Dam & Lock Authority on Ohio River.
Then there’s reports of $160 million in cancelled contracts.

While the current front page news is about who won, as a result of the congressional government shutdown, asking the question, was it the Republicans, Democrats or Executive branch president, the big news is all the back office wheeling and dealing, by members of congress, to feather their political nests, to the tune of billions of dollars, extracted from hardworking Americans.

While the news media keeps the focus, reporting to the American people, their elected representatives are working around the clock, in the interests of the American people, they are in actuality working around the clock devising ways to loot the tax-payer to feather their nests monetarily and enhance their chances for re-election.

From the stand-point of common decency and morality, one would think an individual who has made millions in the free-enterprise system this nation was founded upon, deciding to run for office, would do so by accepting one-dollar per year, for the privilege of serving the people, in support of the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution. Instead of gouging for more money they do not need to sustain their life-style.

Having plenty of money and in a seat of power, to act to sustain and retain the Principles this nation was founded upon, one would think, would be the most satisfying position one could attain. But no, no, no, all is never enough, and using their elected position of power, to wreck and dismantle the Principles this Nation was founded upon by taking, and raking the wage earner over the coals.

One might think, when a person reaches such a degree of wealth, they have more than they need to to live the good life, the individual, would at least have enough gratitude, to stop participating in the system of thievery, and stop gouging the wage earner. But such is not the case, there is something innately in the mindset of politicians, which promotes the notion of more and more money for more and more power to take, take, take. And we the people march to the polls to elect and re-elect this kind of barbarism and thievery.

The story of Frank Lautenberg’s death benefits and Mitch McConnell’s dam deal, informs us about the game play of centralized political governments, extravagance and immorality pervasive among the 535 elected in Washington. While those who are aware there needs to be changes in the system, place their attention and energy on impeachment of the President, the leader of the pack, I remind it is members of Congress who pass the laws, and are in charge of the money. His job is to execute the laws they pass.

Definitely it is easier and more probable and practicable to get rid of congressmen and senators than ousting a president, because they are elected in districts and states, and replace with one who signs a pledge to govern according to the US Constitution, than trying to impeach a president. Even if successful, it would not significantly change anything. Despite the fact his agenda is Socialist leanings, the power to change direction, lies in changing the make-up of Congress.

It is they who have taken this country down the wrong road, and transformed America from the Land of the Free to the bondage of Socialism. The core problems of crying, spying, and denying, lies squarely on the shoulders of those 535 elected in Congress.

If the news of Congress exempting themselves from Obamacare, and the Lautenberge story and the Mitch McConnell story don’t enlighten the American to the reality of what’s happening and why, I don’t know what will.

Dale Carnegie said: “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain -and most fools do.”

Let Freedom Ring

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