There are two kinds of government, one is self-government. Controlling and being responsible for one’s self, decisions and actions. And the other is political government, separate persons making decisions relative to one’s life, regarding their life, Liberty, happiness and property, which is what political government does.

Throughout the history of civilization, mankind has gone through five major periods, the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Industrial Revolution, and the current one, which could be called the Internet Age, the Phone Age, the Digital Age, the Age of Information or the Entitlement Age.

Anyway you swing it, we are living in an era where 535 Congressmen, nine Supreme Court justices and one president rule over the lives, liberty and property of 300 million-plus citizens of this Nation.

In the formation of this new Nation, after the Revolutionary war was fought and won, those brave souls left us a legacy of freedom in two documents, the Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution of laws. A declaration, as real as Life, that Liberty is the nature of all men, in defiance of the world’s greatest powers.

So what is political government? It is simply a group of ordinary men and women, put together for the extraordinary task of providing protection. Protection from each other, foreign and domestic enemies. It is simply a tool designed by man, to protect each, one from the other. Because man was created with the ability to create tools, essential for survival and pleasure, therefore tools can be used for good or bad purposes, to create or destroy. One tool is that of organization to organize time, thoughts, plans, pleasures and physical possessions. He can also organize friends and neighbors for political reasons. And it’s in this connection that man organizes for political reasons, to interpret and carry out the edicts outlined in the original Constitution.

Freedom, which is self-responsibility and self-control, given by our creator and guaranteed by the manmade document of laws, the Constitution, in the hands of the three departments of political government, has taken a turn away from and detrimental to the concept of personal freedom, and it’s original purpose in the Constitution of laws for this country to protect.

In today’s climate, there is no significant difference in the two-party system of rulership.They have in common only the desire to rule. And they accomplish rulership via manmade laws, rules, policies and edicts.They develop advertising campaigns to promote support for whatever agenda they choose, and use the controlled news media to advertise.There is a merger of participants and members of each party to win elections. Once elected they do that which those before have done, i.e., pass laws to confiscate property (money), curtail Freedom, for greater control and rulership.

Most voters think when they vote, they participate in policy-making but in essence they are just selecting men to do as they choose once in office. In essence voting is a type of disguised coercion. One selects an individual to take their property and that of their friends, family and neighbors. The purpose is to take and rule. Majority rule is extolling of the virtue might makes Right.

The role of political government today has grown so large and unmanageable it devours all those former rules designed to promote Freedom and private property ownership, and protection. In the current climate of fear gripping the citizenry as a result of the massive laws in Obamacare, those elected are acting as though they were appointed by Divinity to rule. Never has there been such a massive, all-encompassing law enacted like Obamacare. A cloud of fear is hovering over the citizenry of this nation, while a small group of men and women elected by the people promote and place in motion the laws of Obamacare.

Most previous laws enacted relative to property ownership are outside one’s physical body, but this massive law invades one’s very health and physical well being at a staggering monetary cost. We ain’t seen nothing yet to compare to the invasion of Obamacare going into full effect.

Returning to the day it was passed in Congress, it’s reported no one in Congress actually read the hundreds of pages of the bill. The people were informed by one member of Congress that the people would have to read it to know exactly what was in it. Those who voted it into law did not even read it. It’s control, of how one decides upon the health care of one’s health and body, defies the very essence of the US Constitution. A battle is going on in Congress to prevent its implementation via defunding. Because the Senate refuses to support that notion and the President is saying he will veto if it does, it appears it will be enforced, unless the people wake up to reality and decide to stop it.

As I view it, everyone in Congress took an oath to uphold the US Constitution, and because it violates one’s Right to freedom to control and decide upon their health care, in constitutional law which protects that Right, this violation of the Constitution, sworn to uphold by those who voted it into law, should and could be the basis to stop its implementation. Therefore instead of trying to back off by backing in to defeat by de-funding, why not defeat it on the premise it was voted into law, an unlawful act by those taking a sworn oath to uphold the law. The very underpinning of the basis to pass laws, by those sworn to uphold, i.e., to read that which they vote to pass, is elementary, dear Watson. How can anyone adhere to their sworn oath to uphold the law by passing such a massive law, admittedly did not read? How can anyone legally pass a law they never read? How can they know what they voted on?

Those who voted on it for passage violated their oath, to pass a law that violates one’s Rights to decide upon their individual health issues, and this should be the basis for repeal. Two violations, the first an oath to uphold laws of the Constitution, then passing into law a document of laws they admittedly never read, that violates the Constitution. The absurdity of trying to repeal by de-funding defies rationale. When the very essence of the violation of the oath of the perpetrators, lies in their admissions that “no one in Congress read it.” Then upon inquiry about what’s in the bill, being told you have to read it to know its contents, when the perpetrators have not read it. That’s insult to injury.

Where is the thinking process of the American people, to allow such a law to go into effect by those they elected to represent, taking an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, then so blatantly violating it by their own admissions, as reported in the news?

This law compels one to purchase insurance. Two kinds of insurance, voluntary and involuntary. One is moral and the other immoral. A tool of force, devised to compel one to act in opposition to their Constitutionally-stated Rights.




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