On this Saturday the last weekend in September, the House of Representatives is in session to discuss whether or not to shut the government down, and more on Defunding Obamacare, whatever that means.

I’m wondering if they are drawing extra hazardous duty pay, working on Saturday.

As the lawmaking body of the three branches of government, Congress holds the key to power and I remind my readers it was Congress who passed Obamacare in the first place. A massive bill so large no one read it. Now they’re wrangling, going on trying to defeat its implementation by elected congressmen. A modern day fox watching the chickens story.

It was the majority of American voters who approved that batch in Congress who voted Obamacare into law, now polling reports the majority of Americans are opposed to it. The Supreme Court has declared it law, and I agree with that interpretation. Congress passed it into law without ever reading it.

That’s the thing which should be declared unlawful, number one, and secondly any law that in any way, states one iota, in any way, shape, form or fashion, political government has any power or say so over one’s individual health should be declared unlawful, because any rules, declarations, edicts or policies dictated by the government are an invasion and intrusion of one’s individual personal Freedom.

Those who fought and died in the revolutionary war, did so for personal freedom to live their lives out from under the oppressive government of British rule. Left the legacy of the Declaration of Independence and the document of laws, the US Constitution, which points out its role is to protect this nation from foreign and domestic enemies. Where is the lawful authority for the federal government to have any say-so over one’s personal health. In my opinion it’s a fabricated assumption of political power, and Congress, who passed such a law, should be impeached and thrown out of office.

Everyone is blaming President Obama, and he definitely shoved it through, but he’s just the tool of an invisible government, hell bent on dragging this nation down to the absymal mediocrity of Socialism. The American people cannot do anything about the invisible government, they don’t know who they are.The seat of power Americans can do something about is Congress.

Several years ago there was a joke which made the rounds, I’m going to change a bit to fit current conditions. “President Roosevelt proved one could be President for Life, Truman proved anyone could be President, Eisenhower proved we don’t really need a President and Obama proves it is dangerous to have one.”

All the energy, money and effort to impeach Obama is a waste of time. The greatest power lies in the halls of Congress; without their passage of laws, all Obama can do is operate on executive order and Congress can curb that. And all the chains of restrictions on one’s Liberty were not perpetrated by the current President, but some before him, and some of the members of Congress have been there at least 25 years grinding out laws restricting and curtailing the individual freedom of 300 million-plus Americans.

The majority of Congressmen are lawyers and know the Constitution, and know how to argue and defend it, but have failed miserably to do so. So much more practical to consider impeachment of Congress because they are elected by district and Senators by state, whereas 50 states are in the mix to elect a president.

Do the American people not understand the pecking order of power in Washington? It’s not rocket science, but common sense. No guts, no glory, when it comes to preservation of Freedom, which was the bedrock and cornerstone of the original formation of this Nation’s government.

I blame the mind-set of the majority on the tax-supported Socialist compulsory school system as the root cause. However in this age of information, in spite of the indoctrination in schools and left wing press reporting, there’s plenty of information available for anyone to comprehend Truth and the reality of what’s happening in this Country.

We’re in the weeds, and I suggest anyone interested in Freedom, to stop, look and listen. Read, stand up, speak up, act up, and take responsibility for your Life, health, and Liberty, plus responsibility for education of your children.



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