All this week I’m celebrating my birthday, with children, grandchildren and friends.

In this beautiful little northeast Georgia town I live in, another nearby town, Dahlonega, is where gold was discovered, a pretty little college town, that has a small restaurant that specializes in hot dogs. I wanted to go there for lunch, and eat a slaw dog. A friend just called and is taking me there, and I’m excited about that.

Yesterday I went to lunch with my DIL and her mother in Cumming, Georgia. I had a wonderful lunch of barbequed ribs. Saturday, my son and family are taking me to Alpharetta, for a lasagna dinner. My daughter and I going to lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

Fortunately I live in a little town with many surrounding areas of places to eat and things to do and see. Then of course, there’s Atlanta, not too far, about fifty miles, my hometown which I love to re-visit. There’s a notion among some that when they pass, they only want to return to Peachtree Street.

Yesterday at lunch, Bonnie Mantel had given me an absolutely beautiful handbag and a gorgeous necklace .After leaving the restaurant, my DIL drove me to my chiropractor in Dawsonville. I was sitting in the waiting room next to this really cute three year old boy, who kept looking at me, then spoke up and said, “That’s a pretty necklace.” I was so impressed at his quiet manners and astute observation.

I really enjoy children, particularly those pre-eight year olds, most come across with such honesty of thought, and astute observations. Most, after eight years old, having been in school a couple of years at least, have a different perspective on things, and a reticence for speaking out, more reserved than prior years. That’s all the three year old said yesterday. I wanted to hug him, but I had never seen him before and just said thank you.

Tomorrow I’ll be 89 years old and travel a small circle. Spending a lot of time writing, and researching topics inbetween. My eight year old grandchild, Prince William, is now in school, and spending his summer traveling, don’t see him very much. Last summer he was in Alaska and this summer on a cruise in Europe. Yesterday at lunch he described the things and places that impressed him, particularly in the Vatican, and time spent aboard ship, and all the fun things he experienced, and the friends he made. Apparently they have everything from rock climbing to all sorts of sports events aboard ship now-a-days.

A big difference in travel experiences since my last time aboard ship, which seems a long time ago returning from four years in Japan. Back then, there were a lot of military personnel returning from various places of assignment in the Far East, aboard ship. Back then I spent a lot of time during the two week voyage playing bridge and listening to stories military personnel told.

Returning from lunch yesterday, I discovered a film crew filming a movie just four blocks from where I live, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Prince Will wanted to visit the set, but everything was blocked off and we could only see all the tents, buses, trucks and equipment parked around the filming area, late in the afternoon. The setting for the movie is around one of the many southern historic homes in this area. A lot of restored historic homes from the past century.

I live in a restored house in the historic district, overseen by a historic society here in the small town. It’s always interesting to drive through and see all these southern mansions, well maintained, and beautiful houses. Much in the area looks like a movie set from Gone With The Wind.

Despite the fact so much has changed from the southern culture I grew up in, the restored homes are a reminder of a time and lifestyle of the past. A time when “Yes, Sir and Yes, Ma’am,” and “How’s your mama and ‘em” were pervasive in everyday greetings of southern living.



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