The comment section of my website is designed to only post five at a time. I only post a very limited number. I wish to convey to the reader that I only post those which have some relation to the particular issue number the comment is posted on, usually.

I do not post comments in a foreign language, nor the thousands I have received recently on the entire postings of 969 issues. Which all enter a paragraph on instructions on how to write a blog. Then each one entered on my e-mail to moderate. I thought that campaign had ended, when suddenly it started all over with a repeat comment on each issue again, doing the same thing of commenting on how to write a blog. I simply delete those.

Many comments I receive inquiring about how I go about writing a blog. And how to contact me. My e-mail is on the bottom of each article. And I’m not adept at advising about blog writing. And know nothing about how to create a blog. A professional web designer created my blog, and I have a web manager that handles anything about the web-site. I’m completely illiterate about anything electronic.

With reference to anything concerning web-site blogging, I just write as if I’m conversing with my readers. No subterfuge nor fictional writing on this site. I’m quite honest and up-front relative to my opinions. And try to write consistently. Which is easy for me to do because on any subject, I determine if there’s any thievery involved.

All taxes and political government entitlement programs are based upon a system of thievery, inasmuch as taxation is an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property, hence the immorality of thievery in my opinion. Consequently, all articles about anything on political government stem from that notion. It’s my belief there are two kinds of government, political and a moral system of self-government in freedom.

I welcome all comments so long as they relate to the subject matter, whether in agreement or disagreement. And will consider posting either way. I love writing and it’s very carthartic for me to express my ideas, particularly anything which might constructively motivate the reader to consider Freedom and the conditions this nation is currently experiencing. Because I spent many years understanding the Philosophy of Freedom, I understand it and can take any subject and write about it from the standpoint of freedom, or the absence of it. I have never had so-called writer’s block, and can get up any hour of the day or night and just begin writing.

Next week on August 8, I will be 89 years old, and admittedly and apologetically, make grammatical errors and mis-spell. I have an associate editor who posts all my articles. I have no idea how to do posting.

I began blogging five years ago, and every day I get up and check comments, hoping I have said something to stir one’s intellectual nettle to comment about Freedom or express ideas on their opinions regarding the state of affairs in this country. I really want to know how the reader feels about those two areas. And in this connection, I’m more apt to post a comment, if it’s about something meaningful and not trivia.

I actually seek a dialogue of conversation relating to the subject matter with my readers. So many just say “I like your blog and bookmark to return.” I’m always hoping and expecting something in the way of an opinion from the reader. Therefore, if I could say anything to motivate ones opinion on the subject matter, I welcome that.

There are plenty of other blog sites devoted to such things as cooking, weight loss, fashion and etc. Mine is pretty much devoted to the Philosophy of Freedom, relative to any subject. Despite the fact I sometimes veer off and write about my 8 year old grandson, parenting, gardening, and other subjects. Mine is mostly about politics and freedom.

Quite frankly, I’m not receiving comments that convey interest in learning more about the subject of freedom. Which is discouraging, because it’s my belief one of our major problems in this country is an absence of understanding about it.

A couple of years back I was receiving comments from parents saying their school kids were studying my articles. I was delighted because it’s not taught in the schools, but don’t hear anymore about it lately. As we rapidly march down the road to the bondage of socialism, there seems to be such a disinterest in the subject of freedom and private property ownership. Which go hand in hand.

To the extent Private property Rights have been eroded, so has the concept of individual freedom and vice versa. Both are a total concept.

The Rights we have from our creator and which are guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence and laws of the Constitution, have been eroded and replaced by political government power seekers, including the free-enterprise system, and we are all in this together. No one is exempt from the erosion. The enslaving masters are in as much bondage as their victims, is the reality.

Looking forward to some interesting comments, I am sincerely, Anne Cleveland.



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  1. I’m impressed, I must say. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and entertaining, and let me tell
    you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is something which not enough men and women are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy I found this in my hunt for something concerning this.