Who out there has not fallen in love at least once, and most likely many times? I recall my first time falling “in love” in high school with a handsome young man, my biggest thrill was sitting beside him on the school bus on our way to a local basketball game. When we fall in love, our lives are pretty much ruled by emotions, and commonsense rationale pretty much flies out the window.

As we get older and fall in love again, and consider getting married, we look to one of the opposite sex to be the end all for all things. We look to an outsider to provide all our so-called needs, from hugging to nurturing our unmet desires and needs, for financial support. As we grow out of the notion of looking to our mom to kiss a skinned knee to make it better, we look to someone outside our family circle, to medicate our feelings, and supply our wants and desires.

Only when we reach a state of development and realize, we ourselves are responsible for meeting our unmet needs, and our joy and happiness comes from within and not outside ourselves, do we in fact “grow up.”

As I write, read, and listen to current news, with deep concerns for my freedom, love of country and the future of my children and grandchildren, I seem to be continually concerned over what I perceive as an absence of concern by the majority relative to what’s happening in this nation. I keep trying to figure out the degree of apathy, and absence of comprehending precisely what the problem is, as I read the thousands of comments I receive and listen to the news.

As I listen to the President verbalize Trayvon Martin was him at 16 years old, and we should outlaw guns as a tribute to him. And the Attorney General condemning “stand your ground laws and Chris Mathews apologizing for all whites to all the blacks, I’m wondering where this notion is coming from when the President says that Trayvon could have been his son, and what happened to him could have been him, plus the DOJ complaining about stand your ground laws, when one’s Right to defense is in the Constitution. Plus the absurdity of absurdities by Chris Mathews, assuming it’s his position to apologize for me, all beginning to sound like the immaturity of puppy-love emotionalism. It’s the crazies.

What does any of this have to do with price of rice in China, price of oil in the United States and the conditions of Socialism in this country? It’s the Crazies.

Then it occured to me, this reminds me of teenage puppy love, the majority being so hooked on the nanny state mentality, there is a type of worship of those in charge and controlling the news, hanging on to every word spoken and believing it. Quite similar to one hanging on to every word of a snot-nosed teenager, babbling on about nothings, just meaningless verbiage. However, the majority hanging on to every word coming from the mouths of politicians and pundits as though it’s manna from heaven. And believing what they say.

I realized my problem with difficulty, trying to understand what’s wrong with we the people, not grasping what’s taking place, is because they are in love with the nanny state and all the misrepresentations of the Laws of this country, and the Principles upon which it was founded is because they are in love with the Nanny state, and all the governmental doles and controls it represents. And those in charge know all the buzz words and phrases to sustain this mentality of the people.

They in essence are snot-nosed politicians and pundits mimicking a snot-nosed puppy love mentality. Then there’s Chris Mathews, speaking with such seriousness of delivery, actually believes he can speak with apology for the rest of us. It’s the crazies.

I think it was Einstein who said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” Conversely, this is a situation of those who lust for power, saying the same things over, expecting the same results of increasing their power base of control over the people, because the majority are in love with the modus operandi of those in charge.
The news is that over half the pouplation is on some form of government dole, from food stamps to housing, abandoning the self-responsibility of freedom, to be recipients of free stuff and in love with that system. We are now in a puppy love nanny state.

But this mind set is not all the people, there is still an element of hard-working, self-sustaining, caring and loving individuals. I know because I have children who are hard-working self-sustaining individuals, no criminal records, no drug taking, educating their own children outside public school, paying taxes, and responsible for their lives and decisions. And there are others like mine, but very much in the minority.

On the other hand those I’m describing as being in love with the nanny state, worshiping the regime in charge, is the majority. As conditions worsen in this country, I don’t see any evidence of anything turning around, and turning back to that which this country once had and that’s Freedom. There’s no evidence the lane of Socialism the majority are living and driving in, shows signs of changing lanes, as I see it. Quite the contrary, more and more moving into that one way lane and not exiting. It’s the crazies.

At the entrance to Rampart College, where the Philosophy of Freedom was taught, a sign read, “To one who desires and understands Freedom will find a way to have it.” And so it is.

From Khalil Gibran comes this statement: “Do not be merciful, but be just, for mercy is bestowed upon the guilty criminal, while Justice is all that the innocent man requires.”



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