Last evening, watching televised news, I flipped around from watching Hannity and Greta on Fox News, interviewing groups and individuals, to Sharpton and Matthews on MSNBC. More attention in the news about President Obama and his series of “phony” current speeches than anything else.

Then there’s news about Stevie boycotting Florida, the San Diego Mayor signing into a facility for some solution to his touchy-touchy feeling syndrome. Then there’s the ongoing news domination about Weiner running for mayor of New York, while he obsesses over his below the belt issues. Why are we fiddling around over trivia while “Rome burns?”

But let me be perfectly clear, in my opinion, all the ranting speeches about “phony” is a time to pay close attention to this ploy of distraction, trying to deflect attention away from all the current so-called scandals about IRS, Benghazi, peeping tom government activities and etc.

I strongly recommend my readers obtain a copy of “The Manchurian President” by AAron Klein, subtitled “Barack Obama’s ties to Communist, Socialist and other Anti-American Extremists.” This is not a novel but a well-documented history of President Obama. One can order it through Amazon.

While millions of Americans innately know something is very wrong in this country, puzzling over current events, I remind the reader, political government is never far ahead of nor very far behind the tempo of the American people. Those who voted him back into power after he repeatedly told us he planned on “transforming America.”

Stop and think for a moment and consider the possibility all these so-called scandals, were implemented by top political government strategists. Imagine they were all designed to set the tone for the American citizenry to be on panic mode. Then, once the entire country is so distressed, upset, angry, disenchanted, looking for someplace to turn for help and answers, running around like a chicken with its head cut off, the Chief Executive goes on a speaking tour, repetitiously telling us, it’s all phony.

Is this not a formula for gripping a nation with “Fear?” And once primed to exist in a state of fear, isn’t it reasonable to assume common sense flies out the window, while struggling with some area of rationale, and answers to the dilemma, wondering Why, and where to turn next.

If political government we looked to for protection from foreign and domestic enemies has failed us, and the courts a place we looked to for justice are under attack, and politicians in therapy for their judgments, and those still running around like loose cannons “investigating” any and everything, while doing nothing to hold anyone accountable, and the Chief Executive telling us it’s all “phony,” is this not a formula for the latter stages of collapse of the Principles upon which this Nation was founded and thrived on in earlier times?

We are all familiar with the many stories reported in the news about bullying tactics in the public school system. What happens is some teenage kid discovers by lying, fabricating, accusing, threatening, and acting like a big shot over another student, he feels empowered by instilling fear. If not intervened by some authority, frequently ends with the victim so instilled with fear, he takes his own life.

Frequently when the bully is caught red-handed and confronted, he goes into a survival mode of denial, trying to deflect his actions on to others, and his own self-preservation instinct kicks in with predictable reactions.

I could be sincerely wrong, however, in my opinion we have been bullied by those who lust for power so long, our senses so dulled by the nanny state, the majority baffled by this latest ploy of continious speeches telling us all the recent scandals are “phony.”

Today, the news media saturated with pundits, politicians and the people, jumping up and down, attention grabbing, desperately wanting someone to listen to their theories about what the “Phony” pitch means. When in fact I have no one to interpret its actual meaning and purpose.

It’s just a ploy right out of the Communist Manifesto, to keep your eye on one ball, to distract from another in the air. That is the final stage of the takeover in the Transformation of America. It’s the dumbing down of the American spirit, to be controlled in the latter stages by fear.

Never in my lifetime have I witnessed so much fear instilled so quickly, as the “cat out of the bag news” political government was spying on phone calls, e-mails, and invasions of privacy in all areas.

Spying by the government is nothing new, and for many the telephone directory which publishes one’s name, address and phone number, gives out more information than the government has on some. But all the hype over spying, accomplished the agenda of further instilling fear in the American people.

If one reads the history of the German takeover by the Fascist leader Hitler, one will discover his tactic of instilling fear in the hearts, minds and souls of the German people, was the ploy he used to accomplish his goal of complete bondage of the German people.

There’s a certain amount of fear instilled in us when we have been lied to or lied about. What do you think is behind all this latest hype, and fiery speeches, behind the push to convince all the recent scandals are “phony,” if not to convince that you’ve been lied to? Isn’t it rather scary to recognize you’ve been lied to by politicians and the press? Doesn’t it make one ponder over what’s true and what’s a lie? Truth is that which is and the absence of a lie.

After all the fear instilled in the American people over the monstrosity called Obamacare, when its implementation began floundering, another tactic of fear was in order to control the thinking processes of the citizenry. When out of the blue came this tour of speech-making about “Phony” relative to all the recent scandals.

It’s all phony baloney, to further instill fear in an already scared citizenry. Get over it America, straighten your backbone, nurture your willpower, calm your nerves, and decide which lane you’re in and which direction you’re going next.

Here comes Lincoln again: “The people are the rightful masters of both Congresses and courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC


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