As a news junkie of sorts, I try to keep up with daily happenings, locally, nationally and abroad. And never cease to be amazed at the disinterest of people I know, in what is actually taking place, locally and abroad, to civilization in general, and individual lives in particular. Perception is not reality in the lives of many. Illusion is the forerunner of disillusion.

We can take an objective look at where we are today, mentally, emotionally, financially and otherwise and start tracing backwards, to see a pattern of how we got to where we are today, or we can pick a date in the past, start any place you like and trace time, dates, places and events, up to today, July 20, 2013, stop, look and listen and arrive at some truths about where we are and how we got here. It’s not rocket science.

I’ve lived longer than most and I’ve lived across this country from Reno to Atlanta and Texas in between. I’ve traveled and lived in a foreign country. And despite the fact we may dress differently, look different, eat different, basic human desires and needs across the board are pretty much the same. What is different is how reality is perceived.

When I turn on the news and hear President Obama speaking, I hear Roosevelt on the radio in the forties. When I listen to the Attorney General speaking, I hear Janet Reno speaking about Waco. Flipping through channels and up pops Reverend Al Sharpton ranting, I hear the same Al Sharpton from a past era. And I’m reminded of what Will Durant said, “The itch to preach is the itch to rule, scratch one and you find the other.”

Listening to news yesterday about Detroit being bankrupt and billions in debt, and seeing news photos of slum areas there, I’m reminded of what the Communist leader Lenin said in the 1920s, that “The United States we shall not have to attack, it will fall into our hands like overripe fruit.” I recall back in the thirties and forties living in the South, Detroit was the place to go for good paying jobs because that’s where they were building cars.

I recall growing up, listening to stories about the creativity and brilliance of men like Henry Ford. Listening to the news every Sunday night on the radio by Walter Winchell, and listening to the humor of Will Rogers, describing politicians.

Flipping around on the internet yesterday, ran across a John Birch Society website. I had no idea they were still organized and spreading the word about what’s taking place here and now. I recall back in the sixties attending meetings, and meeting Robert Welch the founder, and obtaining through a local chapter in Nevada, so many wonderful informative books. I still have a rare copy of “The Politician,” a book Welch wrote about Eisenhower, and the role he played in the history of this country.

Back in the early sixties as the wife of a military officer, I was told it was prohibited for anyone a part of the military to join a radical group like the John Birch society, but I attended meetings anyway, and met the nicest, most informed group of professionals, quite concerned about the direction of this country back in the early sixties. And it was through the JBS I obtained so many great books to discover what was happening to a country I love back in the sixties. In previous articles, I’ve described some of my experiences back then, while I was learning about the Philosophy of Freedom.

Fast forward to today, and listening to the current news about the Zimmerman trial, what the President is saying, what the Attorney General plans on doing, and same song second verse results of the rabble-rousing of Al Sharpton, rekindling raw emotions to riot about the system of justice in the courts today.

All that is taking place today is a staging of dismantling of Freedom and the Principles upon which this nation was founded, i.e., the transformation of America, as promised by the President in his original first campaign. Nothing happenstance about current events, it’s all according to the basic tenets of Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto.

In this connection, I have urged my readers to read three things, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Communist Manifesto, to grasp the meaning of all that’s taking place today. Then obtain a copy of the book “Witness” by a dyed in the wool Communist, Whitaker Chambers, employed in the State Department. One who defected and details the story of how the Communists operate, to take over America. First hand knowledge, from one who attended cell meetings, as a card carrying Communist.

No matter who you are, nor where you live, whether you recognize it or not, your life is impacted by this transformation of America, i.e., the changeover from a Nation of personal Freedom, operating under the free-enterprising, capitalistic system, over to a different system of Communist-Fascist rules, regulations and restrictions, as outlined in the Karl Marx Communist Manifesto.

This latest push of inroads into the Justice system, is the latest nail in the coffin of Freedom. Once the politics of the current government take over the courts and justice systems, and destroys one’s Right to self-defense, that’s the coup de grace. You have no place to turn to.Using this ploy to further disarm one of arms for defense, plus disarming the system of justice in the courts, where do you go from here?

Today, this Saturday, the rabble-rousers are gathering in support of the notion that one arm of political government, the Department of Justice, dismantling one’s Right to self defense in the courts of this country. The boldest and most brazen strike of transformation of America thus far. Nothing happenstance about it, but simply a part of the grand scheme of things to convert this nation from a country of Freedom, to the bondage of Communist-Fascist Socialism.

Like the tempering of steel, which must go through the fires, this country is on the verge of going through the heat, via a political regime, in power, out to conquer the last vestige of Freedom, by undermining the system of justice, destruction of the underpinnings of one’s Right to self-defense.

Self-defense is one’s Right to protect one’s self and protection always works. At the moment it doesn’t it’s no longer protection. Regardless of what political government does, the Right still exists. Political government cannot destroy one’s inalienable Rights, they still exist regardless, however, what the government is doing, is destroying one’s ability to exercise in the system of the courts. Plus an all-out campaign to strip individuals of their guns. It’s all part of a grand scheme to reduce this country to the rubble of a socialized system, to replace the one outlined in the principles this nation was founded upon.

The fact of the matter is that the laws of the Constitution have already been ignored by the current regime in Washington. That happened sometime ago. What is taking place today is simply a manifestation of the bypassing of those laws. Dear hearts and gentle people, stop kidding yourselves.

If you have reached the pleateau of asking yourself, “What can I do?” First and foremost you must inform yourself as to the reality of what has already happened, to understand the ground work already laid, to know it’s all the forerunner of that which is about to happen. Ignorance is not bliss, it’s stupidity, the prelude to bondage.

How did all this happen? Quite clearly, falling in love with the nanny state, believing political government knows more than you do about how to live your life. By majority rule, this nation has arbitrarily relinquished responsibility for their lives over to a small group of 546 individuals in the centralized system. A greedy bunch of power seekers. Now they have the upper hand. And we the people handed it over to them.

How does one remove the alligators from the pond? Very carefully, one at a time.



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