My deep concerns about my beloved Country of America only deepens as the days pass, and I listen to the news every day about reports relative to all that’s taking place in this country.

As I look back over my life and events and history of this country, I’m struck by just how badly things have turned from living in a nation enjoying Freedom, to an entirely different state of affairs in a different system of Socialism. A system operated out of a centralized government in Washington, enacting rules, regulations and policies which adversely effects almost every phase of our lives. I ask, how did we allow this to happen?

Then I turn on the news and hear around the clock coverage about a picture on Rolling Stone magazine. And wonder why all this hoopla over a magazine cover, when we are faced with so many important issues, relative to the dismantling and unraveling of a way of life in Freedom, replaced by a different system. And I realize we the people have allowed it to happen, because our attention has been placed on trivia, while ignoring important issues, mainly the self-responsibility required to sustain freedom.

We don’t operate our lives in a manner that solves problems, but keep recycling old unresolved problems and adding new ones. For example, lately there has been a revival of the argument over Civil Rights. When the core problem of that was addressed and resolved back in the sixties.

Yesterday I was going through my files and ran across a letter from a member of Congress, Joel Evins, dated January 6th, 1964, in response to a letter I had written to him, stating: “This will acknowledge and respond to your recent letter regarding Civil Rights Legislation pending in Congress. It is my belief that additional legislation at this time is neither desirable nor necessary and that this matter that needs the thoughtful consideration and actions of our local citizens— the mayors of our towns, businessmen, church organizations, and local groups and local individuals– and I am pleased you concur in my views in this regards.” Signed Joel Evins M. C.

I reprint this letter to point out the fact, over 50 years ago, my concerns over the upheaval of the American people over just one particular issue, remains a bone of contention with many to this day, because a lot of rioting was going on back there in the early sixties, and to point out the fact, I thought, back then the solution to problems of national interest, could be resolved by Congress, and we as citizens, should inform and support elected members of Congress, because the solution was in their hands, and they not only had the power to solve, but an obligation to come up with a solution. But I was very wrong.

That seems a long time ago, everything on every front has gone from bad to worse, as members of Congress do nothing regarding solutions, instead making things worse, passing more and more restrictive laws, and spent their time investigating, procrastinating, and passing more laws.

Then I read reports of organized groups like AARP and the Tea Party, promoting drives for the people to write letters to their congressmen, and thousands still do just that, which absolutely, in no way, shape nor fashion, have done anything to change the direction of this country, now so steeped in Socialism. What it does do is bestow a certain respectability upon those 535 elected congressmen, to remain in power doing the same thing, while the majority expect different results. It has not happened and ain’t gonna happen.

I stopped letter writing to Congress in the mid-sixties, when I realized they talk the talk but do not walk the walk. Plus a realization the solutions to our problems in this country, will never be resolved from the top down. Those at the top have a lust for power and they are not voluntarily relinquishing that in favor of anyone.

Each individual has a responsibility for their own lives, and the notion one person is going to act in the best interests of another person, contrary to their own, is just foolish thinking. Every person is going to act according to their highest value at the moment for a gain. Despite the fact an action may result if a loss, the purpose for what ever it is for a gain. Some things are in the category of psychic profit. Perhaps an over-simplification of this might be the man who holds the door open for a lady. He expects the recognition of a thank you. Which is his psychic profit for the action. We like recognition for a kind and courteous act.

In this connection when we go to the polls and elect someone for a position of power over decisions that effect our lives, that person is going to act in their best interests. If it coincides with yours, that’s one thing, but if his decision acting in your best interests is contrary to his, he will side with himself.

Let’s consider for a moment the congressman reportedly paid almost a half million by Monsanto to introduce a bill in favor of genetically modified food supply by Monsanto and it passed in Congress not long ago. Numerous scientific reports say that genetically modified foods are very detrimental to one’s health. I recently read a report on a wheat farmer charged thousands of dollars by the government for buying seeds from a neighbor farmer, instead of genetically modified seeds from Monsanto. Did the act of the elected congressman, act in your best interest, or contrary to it for his personal gain and profit? Which could be detrimental to one’s health.

The news is filled every day with stories relating to lies and deceit by those in power. So many just sounding like the crazies. Like a news item a few days ago about the top law officer, Attorney General Holder, sending a letter to Communist Russia, telling them if they will return Snowden, he assures the Communists this country won’t kill him. What’s the top legal advisor doing sending such a whining promise to a Communist country? Is he going to stand guard over him 24 hours a day? He does not have the power to guarantee he won’t be killed. Someone could kill him in prison. Does he think he’s God? And when did it ever matter to Communists whether or not an American is killed? It’s just the crazies. If this country did not heed the warning from Russia, the Boston Bombers were on the terrorist list and did nothing to stop their ultimate rampage of killings, why would they believe Snowden would be protected. It makes no rational sense. And what in the Communist philosophy would lead anyone to think they care if Americans are killed.

The bottom line reality, dear gentle folks, there a war going on in this country, and has been for quite sometime. A war of ideas, between Freedom and private property ownership, and the collectivism of socialism. Diametrically opposed philosophies. The basis for all wars is over differences in ideas. The bottom line is all wars have a common denominator, i.e., for power of control. To control the mind, will, emotions, life, liberty and property of the populace. It’s over ideas, an idea of who controls what. And is waged by a few who lust for power, desiring to control the masses. That’s elementary, dear Watson.

Where have you been if you believe otherwise? This idea of control is always accomplished in stages. This action of war here in the United States, has accomplished a takeover without a shot being fired. That’s what makes it so insidious. A war we’re losing because we refuse to recognize the enemy. One can never win any kind of war without recognizing the enemy, and implementing the correct strategies to assure victory.

Sun Tzu, the great military strategist stated: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will suffer defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb to every battle.”

And the second passage of great wisdom, is the description of stages. The first stage is the people did not recognize they were being ruled by rulers. In the second stage they loved and praised them, and in the third stage they feared them, and the next stage they despised them. The fourth stage is when they finally wake up and find themselves in complete bondage, and helpless to extricate themselves.

Consider recent history, when Candidate Obama stated he was going to transform America, no one recognized his intention to rule. And in his first term, he was highly praised by many to a point of near worship by some. In the second term, a cloud of fear began over the people, many calling him every name in the book, as a result of fear spreading over the people, which has become so self-evident just in the last few months. This fear is spreading, and many yelling with all maner of outbursts, individually and in groups. We are now in the third phase of this 4 step progression. Some so despising him, they are already in the fourth and last stage.

Despite these recognizable stages, still the people are not recognizing the enemy, nor admitting to themselves we’re in a war. Still under the false illusion, threatening impeachment of the president and writing en masse letters to Congress will turn the tide. Nope, it’s a losing strategy, and everyone ought to know that, based on the fact conditions worsen daily. If impeachment is your thing, every congressman who made these laws should and could be impeached. Starting with impeachment of the President, is the wrong place to start, it would be so difficult as he’s so entrenched. Anyway his job is to enforce laws, it’s Congress that’s passed all these laws we are subjected to.

For many years I was a duplicate bridge player. Like chess there are tactics and strategies to winning, and one in particular was called “the squeeze play,” a situation when one could play the game in such a way to set opponents up, limiting their choices, and the declarer having the upper hand by setting up the squeeze play. I’m reminded this is the strategy political government has initiated to position themselves in power, with few choices left for the bondage the people are now in. But there is a way out, in that we the people wake up, stand up and face the reality of our predicament with a desire to change things. I do think many out there do have the desire for change, but have not come up with the correct strategy to correct this train wreck we’re in the midst of.

Most in are in the wrong lane, and their solution solving way of thinking obviously is not working. When in a war of any kind and losing, it’s time to fall back, re-group and spearhead with a new strategy.

All institutions of political government appear to me to have one aim, and that is to terrify and enslave mankind, to monopolize power to gain profit, for themselves.

Sally Kempton stated, “It’s hard to fight an enemy who has an outpost in your head.”

Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC


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