“Life advertises life,” according to the Life magazine motto. I woke up this morning thinking, it’s time I have a little tete-a-tete with my readers. The good, the bad and the indifferent. Like a mosquito at a nudist colony, I wondered where to start. Then decided yesterday was a perfect place to begin.

Yesterday, the title of my article issue 962, was from a quote by Harry Truman. I sent it to my associate editor, who lives out of town and last night she posted the article. When I read it this morning, I recognized the number of times I violated the rules of grammar, I felt a bit embarrased, and thought I must do better than this, in spelling and grammar.

Way back there in high school, I consistently won spelling bees, loved English and history, and the class once a week on current events. However when I’m writing my focus is on the ideas of the subject, and from the outset five years ago, decided I wanted to write in simple, non-complicated language in order to convey my message to my readers, which has the underlying theme of the Philosophy of Freedom, in all my articles.

No apologies for my message, but I do apologize for all the grammatical errors and mis-spellings, which once in a while a reader will comment on and bring to my attention.

Yesterday was a particularly interruptive day. Two Orkin men came to inspect for termites, the mailman delivered two packages. My adoptive 7 year-old granddaughter came to show off her new American Doll she received for her birthday. My daughter brought two slaw-dogs for lunch. Plus bringing a new telephone to install. Insurance man called. Neighbor stopped by. Handyman came to change the air-conditioner filter. My computer keyboard went on the blink and had to replace it. A threatening letter arrived from AT&T about some equipment I had returned over a month ago, and apparently failed to notice. Several phone calls from solicitors, hawking their wares. And during all this I was trying to write article number 963.

In addition the yardman came to trim shrubbery, had concerns about my son being on a cruise, quarantined on a ship from a virus, and on and on my day went. Is it any wonder I made so many errors in my article?

In my defense, I wish to point out, I’ve been writing since publishing a weekly local newspaper column in high school. But I’m not a professional journalist. Shortly on August 8th, I’ll be 89 years old. Unlike most my age, popping pills and taking social security naps, I write every day, trying to do my part to save this country I’m so deeply concerned about.

In the past five years, posting nearly one-thousand articles, I’ve never received any money from my writings. Quite the contrary, there’s a cost to posting on the internet, writing articles that circle the globe.

I’ve received thousands of comments from Switzerland to Morocco. And recently checking Google, discovered more readers in the United Kingdom than in this country.

Because I re-print so many news reports every day, I replace color and black ink in my printer about once a month, which costs between $800 to $900 a year just for that, not to mention all the copy paper and gem clips I run through faster than a chicken picking up corn!

Recently, I received a complaint about mis-spelling and errors in my articles, and when I checked out the sender, discovered he was with the New York Times!!

On the other hand, I have received a few comments stating they would donate if I only had a donate button. I have a paypal account, and will check with my web-manager about adding a Donate button to my web-site.

In the past two days, someone has apparently initiated a campaign to comment on the entirety of all my posted articles, filling my e-mail box with 1067 comments to moderate in a two-day period. When I recover from that shock, I plan on writing an article about it. It’s my desire to motivate readers to send comments on the subject matter of the post. Instead every one of these 1067 comments, wrote on advice relative to how to write a blog!!

When I reach one-thousand and one articles, it’s my tentative plan to stop and focus on a book. Now I have 967 posted, which seems a bit ludicrous to consider a course in blog writing at this juncture. However I realize the purpose of this recent surge of comments which has nothing to do with my subject matter, is designed to advertise their sites.

I don’t mind, periodically, posting comments which might help other bloggers, but my purpose is to advertise the importance and glories of Freedom, and what’s happening in this country to destroy and bury it. In this connection, I think the content of my articles is self-evident.

Interestingly, as I finish this article, I received a phone call to enter a sweepstakes contest for writers. Don’t know what that’s about but look forward to an e-mail explaining it. Most likely an advertisement.

To my readers who might have an interest in doing something to salvage the Rights to Freedom we still have, feel free to express in a comment your thoughts about it.

It was Will Durant who said: “The itch to preach is the itch to rule, scratch one and you will find the other.”

My itch to write is to stir one’s intellectual nettle, to think about our most important commodity, i.e., Freedom, and be moved to take action from wherever you are, to do something about it. Because you can and must, before we wind up in total bondage.


Email: annecleveland@bellsouth.net

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  1. Several times I have published something- either on my blog or elsewhere- only to see a misspelling or other error. It really irritates me.

    I am much harder on myself than on others in that respect.

    So, don’t be too hard on yourself. You are getting the message across, which is what communication is all about.

    (I hope today goes more smoothly for you!)

  2. Freedom Lady says:

    Hi Kent, always a pleasure hearing from you. Aaron Turpen and you my two favorite bloggers, and blessed to call you friend. I define a friend as one who walks in when others walk out. Hope all is well with you and family. Anne Cleveland