Dear Mr. President,

As the most recognizable, well known, most powerful individual person in the world, when I see your face daily on the news, here’s what I think – I’m looking at a tall, nice looking, healthy, energetic, articulate man. One who is quite wealthy, has a nice family, plays golf, travels constantly, Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful military in the world, talks continually, and in the news every day.

When I see you on television, I’m thinking, here’s a person who has it all, power, looks, money, energy, health, popularity, over and beyond any other individual on the universe. Then I’m reminded of your first campaign speeches, before your first election to President of the United States, and your repeated promise to “transform America.”

Since I first heard that promise, I have wondered why anyone would wish to “transform America.” After all we were living in a country, that was the envy of the world, and most desiring to come here.

We were a country that had productive farms, successful mining, superior technology, an enviable highway system, comfortable homes, productive factories, plenty of jobs for anyone who wanted to work, the best medical facilities, and on and on we had it all at one time. Except for one thing, and that was the worst system of socialized public schooling.

We lived under a system of political government, according to the laws of the UW Constitution, superior to all others. A government of the people, by the people and for the people, which provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization. A free-enterprise capitalistic system.

Why would anyone, desire to change that by transforming America? You never once explained, transferring to what, and no one asked.

Here we are today, well into your second term as President of the United States. You have recklessly ignored the Constitution, created laws by decree, spent millions traveling around to other countries, giving away billions of hard-earned tax paid monies, and your Transformation of America has curtailed Freedom, reduced productivity, increased poverty levels, reduced our standing in the rest of the world, raised taxes, impaired medical facilities, caused extreme unsustainable debt problems, and every nine months turn out millions of students, at a cost of billions, not educated, but indoctrinated in the tenets of socialism. Just to mention a few of the acts which have “Transformed America.”

Your job, first and foremost, was to protect this country from Foreign and Domestic enemies, but the gates are wide open for terrorists to enter this country, and do the damage we hear about nightly on the news.

When you took office you took a sworn oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, not to transform this nation.

Now today you have jumped into the middle of a revival of the Civil Rights movement, which was settled back in 1964, adding to the emotional distress of a population already experiencing raw nerves over their disagreement with a just decision by jury in the Zimmerman trial.

You, Mr. President, as a smart well educated lawyer, in a position of power, could have done so much more to aid and abet the well-being of the citizens of this once great Nation, and sustain and maintain a way of life so many before you have fought and died for. Specifically, to promote one’s “Rights to Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness.”

Traditionally, ours was a country of laws and not of men, but all that has changed. I do not mean to suggest you have destroyed the Principles and Values this mation was founded upon, all by yourself. Much had been destroyed before you took office. And the ground work was ripe to do one of two things, turn things around and return to the Principles upon which this nation was founded, or use the power of your office for further dismantling and destruction, via transformation.

There’s no doubt you have the smarts, intellect, and power as the top leader, to guide this country in one direction according to the Principles of the US Constitution, or to transform in an opposite direction. The office of the Presidency was created for the laws to be faithfully executed and not to be used as a weapon to destroy Constitutional order.

The proof is in the pudding, the tempo of the people is one of outrage and disenchantment, as factories of productivity lie idle, unemployment is at an all time high. Taxes are increasing, drug usage increasing, borders open for entrance of criminals, decreased medical facilities, injured soldiers returning, having to wait months for help. DFACS, supposed to protect innocent children from hunger and abuse, is in shambles. Cities and towns in bankrupcy, crime is at an all time high, and on and on infinitum, one can objectively say has been the result of the “transformation of American” under your watch.

Why, I ask, are you on television talking about stand your ground laws, when the centerpiece of our system of justice has always been to support and uphold one’s Right of self-defense. Your job is to execute the laws, not make and interpret. It’s the job of Congress to make laws and the Supreme court to interpret, not yours.

Why, I ask, Mr President, do you not stay in your lane of executing the laws, instead of ruling by executive orders, and further stirring emotions, by your repetitious claim, Martin could have been you or your son? Why, why, why, I ask, you’re not doing your job of protecting this country from Foreign and Domestic enemies, and executing its laws, instead of further stirring emotions, over the results of a local jury decision?

The cat is now out of the bag, so to speak, relative to what you meant when you said you would transform America. This country has already been transformed from a nation of laws as specified in the Constitution to a country under a different system, ruled by executive order, ignoring the Constitution.

As one lone individual, who loves Freedom and Country and spent 24 years of my life supporting a military officer who fought in three wars for Freedom of this nation, and the government nor the military never paid me one cent, I not only have a Right, but an obligation to speak up and speak out, over grave concerns for my children and grandchildren and their future, living under this changed system of bondage, which you helped implement in the Transformation of America.

Why, I ask, when so many had such high hopes in your ability to turn things around in your first four-year term as President of the United States? Instead you promoted and enhanced the wrong direction we were already going when you took office. To a point, conditions today are far worse than the day you took office. In my opinion, we the people, at the very least, deserve to know why.

The saddest words of tongue or men are these few words, it might have been.

Let Freedom Ring
Just me AC


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