It seems just yesterday since I was living in Biloxi, Mississippi, with my children and Air Force pilot husband who was stationed at Keesler AFB.

We had just purchased a new house and I had a job as manager of a local photography studio. I was in the midst of hanging curtains in our pretty little house, when my husband came in with news he had orders to go to Korea. In the orders was an interim training session in Texas, flying helicopter, in preparation for his mission of Air-Sea Rescue in Korea.

Before we could prepare for the trip to Texas, he received news his father had a stroke and his mother quite ill in Florida. He was an only child, and his parents in their sixties, both very ill.

Before he could depart for Texas in preparation for Korea, his commander called him in his office, with an offer from the military of a hardship discharge, to return to Florida to care for his sick parents.

My husband loved flying airplanes and his parents had purchased him a Cub when he was 18 years old in Florida. He loved being in the military, and was very patriotic, and really wanted to go on the assignment to Korea. It was the early sixties and President Truman described the Korean war as a “police action.”

As he agonized between taking care of his sick parents or fighting for his country, I intervened and told him, I would give up my new home, and my job I loved and return to Florida and take care of his parents, so he could proceed with his helicopter training, then go on to Korea. And I did just that.

I loved my father and mother in-laws, and loved my country and freedom, therefore we made preparations for me to return to Florida with the children to take care of his very ill parents, and he proceeded with orders for the Texas helicopter training, then on to Korea for a year there in Air-Sea Rescue, flying behind enemy lines to rescue injured soldiers.

After arriving in Korea, he wrote, the skirmish there was not a police action, because the shots fired at him during rescue missions were live bullets. For the following 12 months he performed hundreds of rescue missions, air and sea, and eventually returned safe and sound.

When he returned, he was re-assigned to Sewart AFB in Tennessee, and his mom and dad went to a nursing home in Deland, Florida, and I joined him in Tennessee.

He remained in Air-Sea rescue, and at one time had more flying time in helicopters than anyone else in the Air force. However, he was a natural born pilot and could fly anything. When I met him he was flying B-29s.

When he eventually retired from the military, he was a test pilot at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. However, in between he spent a year in the Viet Nam war in Air-Sea rescue. And nine months in Burma, training Burmese to fly helicopters, and was made an honorary member of the Burmese Air-Force. But this honor was so secretive, the Air-Force would not allow it to be publicized. I still have this honorary certificate.

Watching the news and seeing President Obama making a speech about the 60th anniversary of the Korean war, I couldn’t help but recall the events relative to it all and the effects it had on my life.

Furthermore, I’m reminded of all the wars this nation has been involved in since the Korean war, and the thousands who have died, in nation-building wars in other countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. Undeclared wars, which have never done anything to enhance the Freedom of this country, and all undeclared wars, inasmuch as Congress has never declared war since the second world war in 1942.

To my many readers of my website articles around the globe, this is just a bit of my history and background information, relative to my love of freedom I write so much about. I now have 960 articles posted on my website, and have received thousands of comments from 80 countries.
Believe me my deep concerns about the state of affairs in this country today and the direction it has taken, is very sincere, because the future of Freedom is so under assault in so many areas of political government in this once Free country.

In my opinion the enemy of destruction of a former way of life in this country does not come from outsources, but the crumbling is from within. The mind-set of the majority of Americans is a far cry from the mentality of our founding fathers, who had a “Root, hog, or die” mentality and determination to be free. There’s a mantle of apathy across this nation, among most, but not all, sitting back and doing nothing, as the march to Socialism overtakes a life of Freedom, in a free-enterprising system this nation once enjoyed.

As I listen daily to stories on the nightly news from individuals who have been victimized by the intrusion of government into their lives and business operations, it’s apparent there’s a cloud of fear beginning to grip this nation of 300 million-plus citizenry. And it is glaringly apparent to me, this latest cloud of fear engulfing the people is being promoted from the top down, via daily propaganda of lies and deceit, designed to control the people. And it is that which must be recognized and addressed if we can expect to have any hopes of survival, to live under the principles handed down to us by our founding fathers and which this nation thrived under in years past.

Physicist professor Albert Einstein said in the sixties, “The ruling class has the schools and the press under its thumb. This enables it to sway the emotions of the masses.” And so it has, if we observe what’s taking place in this year of 2013.

And another, father of Taoism, Lao-Tzu, stated: “In the highest antiquity, the people did not know that there were rulers. In the next age they loved them and praised them. In the next they FEARED them. In the next they despised them.”

This country is now in the third part of that very wise quote, having passed through the second part already, in the recent past. Copy and tack up on your refrigerator!!

Let Freedom Ring

Just me AC


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