It seems much in the news lately is about “trust.” A campaign on urging the people to trust politicians and the government. Even the President of the United States recently made a speech, urging the people to trust their government.

It’s an important subject, and should be brought to the forefront of news. But who is asking, “Trusting for what?” And Why? My question to my readers is, do you trust the decisions of political government over your decisions of self-government?

It’s elementary, dear Watson, that everything we do as individuals is for a profit or a gain. Despite the fact the intended profit or gain may result in a loss, the underlying cause for all our actions is for a profit. Some acts referred to as “psychic profit,” as in the example of a man holding the door open for a lady, expects the gain of a “thank you” recognition.

Requirements to sustain life have needs, specifically food, clothing and shelter. However, most psychologists think there’s a need that supersedes those three things, and that’s the need for recognition. Whether we admit it or not, the need for recognition is in the very young to the very elderly. Displayed in any manner of acts, frequently disguised. Some get sick and die for recognition.

We were all created with a “will,” that decision-making mechanism, which causes us to do this, that and the other. Inherent in that Will, causes us to act in a manner we believe is in our best interests or react to what others project as a ploy to encourage others to do as they say do, frequently disguised as self-serving for their interests and not yours.

Throughout our lives, in every 24-hour period, all of us make many decisions. Of particular interest at this period in time, is this advertised notion, coming out of the mouths of those who make the laws, interpret the laws, and execute the laws, i.e., manmade laws, who keep saying,”trust me.” For me personally it comes across as being quite devious.

Why should you or I trust any of these politicians, operating political government, you and I do not know and they neither know us? It’s a brainwashing game, encouraging others to surrender their will to theirs, for the profit and gain of greater power over our lives. And obviously working, because we have surrendered so much of our personal Freedom and property Rights, to these hoodlum type power seekers.

For some strange reason, when I awakened this morning, the word “hoodlum” popped into my mind and I jumped out of bed and grabbed a dictionary, describing as a thug, a class or totality of those having a certain character. A hoodlum is one whose aim is to conceal or hide, for the purpose of tricking to cheat. Aha, I thought we are living amongst a bunch of hoodlums!! With an increasing degree of thievery and trickery. Pitching the notion they want us to “just trust them.”

We are living in a society that no longer has actual guillotines, as societies did in the past. But a different kind of chopping block. The job of the guillotine operator, without exception always worked. For the past several years, the concept of Freedom and private property ownership has been on the chopping block with an unseen hand operating it around the clock, not cutting off its head in one fell swoop, but pulling a lever to take away and control, a bit at a time.

The Philosophy of Freedom is a total concept. One hundred percent self-responsibility and self control. It is self-government. The opposing system of Socialism, creeps in and operates in degrees until it reaches a state of totalitarianism, whereby everything comes under the control of a centralized political government.

The question is, where are we on the scale today in this year 2013? It appears far down the road of Socialism. And how did we arrive in this different system, contradictory to the principles of our founding fathers, who established a system of political government outlined in the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence, which guaranteed our freedom? How did we arrive in this entirely different system of government? The answer is simple. By “trusting” those in seats of power who lust for more power. Trusting for what? Trusting them to act in our best interests instead of theirs.

We now must face the reality that trusting politicians, and all those in departments under their supervision, have acted contrary to our best interests, but still calling for us to “trust them” and their governing powers. Ignoring the principles of our founding fathers, and the documents they created to sustain Freedom of the people. Dismantling our God-given Rights to be Free and replacing with doles and controls.

A quote from Friedrich Hayek: “The system of private property is the most important guaranty of Freedom, not only for those who own property, but scarcely less for those who do not.”




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