The national and international intrigue of Edward Snowden is a living ongoing spy case, better than any novel one could read. A story about a spy, spying on spies.

This is the fifth article I’ve written about the 30 year old contractor Snowden, who apparently had access to political government files, and discovered here in America the government had a number of apparatuses in play to spy on the American people.

I don’t personally know Edward Snowden. I have listened to him speak on televised news, and read many reports from a variety of sources, detailing the story of his spying on goverrnment spies.

Snowden left the country and fled to Hong Kong, which is a part of Chinese government, a communist country. It appears China viewed him as a hot potato, and shipped him out to another Communist country, Russia, ostensibly en route to Equador in South America. But for some reason, he was delayed and still in Russia. For about 24 hours, news reports did not know where he was. Until the President of Russia, Putin, reported he was still at the Russian airport.

Prior to the international story about Snowden, news reports were suggesting the relationship between President Obama and President Putin is cool as a cucumber. Photographs showed them sitting together, but seemed to be worlds apart. If I put a caption under the picture, I would say, “My name is Bennet and I ain’t in it.”

News stories about President Obama’s recent trip and speech in Germany did not present him in very favorable light in Germany. The attitudes and relationships with other countries like China, Russia and Germany, seems a far cry from his popularity he enjoyed in his first term.

President Putin ignoring the President’s request to return Snowden to the United States and cracking jokes about it. Telling a news conference in Finland, “I myself would prefer not to deal with these issues. It’s like shearing a piglet; there’s a lot of squealing but there’s little wool.”

President Putin ruled out requests to turn Snowden over to the United States, dismissing criticisms as “ravings and rubbish.” Even the former secretary of state is reported as saying US and China relationships were damaged when Snowden headed for Moscow.

And the new secretary of state John Kerry is not making progress to have him returned from Russia, suggesting the United States is not looking for a confrontation with Russia.

It was back in 2012 when Xavier Lema, a Russian columnist for Pravda, reported this: “President Vladimir Putin could never have imagined anyone so ignorant or so willing to destroy their people like Obama much less seeing millions vote for someone like Obama. They read history in America, don’t they? Alas, the schools in the US were conquered by Communists long time ago and history was revised thus paving the way for their communist presidents.”

Everyday I read reports and comments calling the President of the United States a variety of uncomplimentary names. Now the Communists calling him a communist. I personally do not know what President Obama is, but the programs he rams through, like Obamacare, are Socialistic.

I’m not a fan of any form of socialism, Communist nor Fascist brands. However I don’t underestimate their leaders. Vladimir Putin is obviously a very smart leader of Russia.

I decided to write this article, to dispel any political propaganda the unpopularity of President Obama in relation to other countries, is not caused by the actions of Edward Snowden. Reading the statements by Putin a year ago, clearly present a view of the unpopularity of Obama, dealing with other governments, long before Snowden reported on spying.

His recent newsworthy notoriety, simply emphasizes the unpopularity of the current regime, in relation to other countries, the President in particular, and his handling of international affairs. Revealing his “transformation of America” met with as much criticism from other leaders as it has with the American people.

His charismatic speaking ability seems to have lost its stinger, here and abroad. Other leaders not lifting a finger to help him capture Snowden, to charge him with “theft, conversion and espionage.” This country has no extradiction treaty with Russia. They are just thumbing their nose at President Obama and his regime. Calling it “ravings and rubbish.”

The stated purpose by Snowden, was to inform the American citizenry the violations of their Rights our government is involved in secretly. All the hoopla of propaganda yelping about the damage he has done with our relationships with other countries, does not meet the smell test. Instead it is revealing the actual disenchantment and unpopularity other countries have towards this current political regime. Not caused by Snowden.

And I for one am very glad other countries are not jumping on the Obama bandwagon to hang Snowden out to dry. And instead revealing an ineptness of this regime to handle international diplomacy effectively. As President Obama’s former church pastor said, “The chickens really are coming home to roost.”

I suggest it’s a bad day at Black Rock in one sense; on the other hand, the revelations of the actuality of all that’s taking place currently, can be the wake-up call needed to stir the American people out of their apathy, to wake up, stand up, speak up and act to return this nation back to the Principles of our founding fathers, which made this country so great at one time.

A great book I read a number of years ago titled “While You Slept” by John T. Flynn, gives a lot of insight into what and why we have wound up in the ditch, in a country with a different system of Socialism, instead of a nation of Freedom, for the individual citizenry. A system which is the antithesis of Freedom and private property ownership.

Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance.”

Let Freedom Ring
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