As of this morning, June 25, 2013, news reports on the international spy case of Edward Snowden, informs us no one knows where he is today.

Snowden is the 30 year old contractor working for NSA, and discovered the United States Government was spying on the American people, by peeping Tom activities invading privacy, by listening to private phone conversations, and reading private e-mails. Plus snooping into activities of a private nation relative to other governments, around the globe, as reported in the news.

Invasion of privacy into lives of American citizens, without knowledge nor consent of the individual targeted, violates the laws of the Constitution of the United States. The three main branches of government, i.e., the Congress, the Executive, and the Supreme Court, were originally designed to make the laws, enforce laws and interpret the laws. However if the reports are true, the government has become the law-breaker, and exposed by Snowden.

We are living in a period of history in this country, whereby the centralized Federal Government acts as though it is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, ignoring the Rights of the people, except one, and that’s going to the polls to keep putting their stamp of approval on the position of the politicians operating the system of political government.

Because of this power-grab, there’s a notion that government has all the Rights to do as they choose, rendering the individual robbed of the Rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

In this connection, the government has charged Edward Snowden with violations of the Rights the government claims it has, and issued a warrant for his arrest. Charging him with espionage, theft and conversion of government property. But can’t find him.

According to reports, first Snowden went to Hong Kong, departed Chinese territory and flew to Russia, with plans to go to South America via Communist Cuba. However when the plane arrived that he was reported to be on, his seat was empty.

What happened to him? Reports are, Julian Assange group is helping him, to escape to Equador. While Assange himself remains in the protective custody of the Equadorian Embassy in the United Kingdom. If he landed in Russia, the Putin government may have detained him. Some other power may have kidnapped or killed him.

Seems to me the smart move for Snowden would be to go to England and seek refuge in the Embassy of Equador, along with Assange. However, wherever he is, he has been smart enough to outwit the long arm of the United States Government.

The Edward Snowden story is a very big National and International story. Here’s a young man who single-handedly exposed the corruption of government activities in this country, then fled the country. Now exposing the unpopularity of the US government among other nations, who refuse to co-operate in the capture of him.

This government of ours, which made us different from other political regimes, was originally a system whose hallmark was personal Freedom and private property Rights, with underlying privacy, is now exposed for what it is, an entirely different system from the Principles upon which it was founded.

Despite the fact our government has extracted untold billions from hard-working productive Americans, to voluntarily hand over to other countries, the Snowden fiasco has exposed how hated we are throughout other nations around the globe. And despite the fact the majority of American citizenry have trouble coming to grips with the reality of just what our government has done, to rob its people of all those glorious Rights, it appears governments of other countries have a better understanding of all that’s taking place than the people of this country.

Obviously, other countries are non-cooperative with this government, defying the call for help in capturing one individual who blew the whistle on the inner secret workings of this political government.

Instead of the majority of Americans viewing Snowden as a hero for the information he provided, revealing the secret infringements on personal Rights, he has been condemned and labeled a traitor. Instead of the American people expressing gratitude for the exposé of the truth, with a “Root, Hog, or die” decision to act upon this exposé, they have further buried their heads in the sand, and turned on the messenger.

Which in my opinion is a testament to the degree of propagandizing brainwashing, the majority of Americans have fallen prey to. Unwilling to recognize the lies and bondage a centralized system has perpetrated upon this once Free country.

Here’s a young man who has placed his very life in serious jeopardy, to present first-hand information to the American people, exposing activities the government isactively involved in, which undermines those fundamental Rights this nation was founded upon. Prior to his exposé, we the people experiencing the effects of the secret undermining via political government. However, Edward Snowden presented the factual actions of the government, which are the cause of the degree of bondage we now live under.

Whatever happens to Edward Snowden at this juncture will not change the course of history one whit. What he has done to expose the inner secret workings of political government, could be the lynchpin to change the course of history for this Nation, if the American people would turn a deaf ear to the lies and illegal, immoral actions the current political regime promote around the clock. It could and should be the wake-up call to jerk the people out of their apathy and acceptance of the nanny state of Socialism.

It could be the change of the brave new world of a different system, we now live under, back to the system set forth by our founding fathers. A system that provided the greatest good for the greatest number known to civilization. A system of Freedom, free-enterprise and private property ownership we once enjoyed.

Here’s a quote from Ayn Rand, author of “The Virtue of Selfishness.” “Collectivism is a doctrine that holds that the individual has no Rights, and the ultimate standard of value is the group to which it belongs.”




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