It’s not difficult to understand what’s taking place in this country, politically and among the populace. All you have to do is listen to what flows out of the mouths of politicians, pay attention to what’s going on around you, in your own world and community, and feel the tempo of the people.

Lately I’ve received several comments which seem an attempt to defer attention to others. Comments that say, “You should write more on this, I don’t think others will understand.” “I’m sure others will like reading about this,” “You should write more, for others to understand.”

I write on a variety of subjects. Philosophy, Psychology, Politics, Parenting, Schools, Current Events, Economics, The Past, Present and Future. Life growing up in the South, and my personal history. As I’m writing an article, I consider it a conversation I’m having with the reader, who has chosen to click on my website and read.

In the past five years, I have received a staggering number of comments. And what I have discovered, is there’s a sort of tempo thread, that runs through the variety of comments. The main thrust of my desire when writing is to communicate with the individual reader, and in a nutshell to stir one’s intellectual nettle, to take a closer look at what’s happening to life in these United States, and the Freedom, represented in the Principles of our founding fathers.

Because we are all in this together. And what I mean by that is we are in this ditch of Socialism, which effects all of us. And we did not just trip and fall into this black hole of bondage, individually, to one degree or another, all of us have some responsibility in its cause.

Which brings me to this latest observation, revealed in the tempo of some of the comments. Specifically, a glaring notion of the reader avoiding responding to the subject matter, via an attempt to refer to what unknown “others” might think, misunderstand or misinterpret.

A definite circumventing, of personal connection with that which I describe taking place. It’s as if the reader is saying, like MacBeth, “Out dammed spot,” “My name is Bennet and I ain’t in it,” with reference to the reality of what’s taking place in this country. As if the reader is trying to convey to me, that which I write about excludes them, and trying to help me understand the core of the problem lies in the misunderstanding of “others.”

Dear hearts and gentle people, the problems, cause and remedies do not lie in others, but You and I. As Dr. Phil says, can’t correct that which one refuses to acknowledge. We are past the notion, we can fake it to make it. We are at war, a battle of ideas, between Freedom and bondage, and winning or losing, depends upon each individual in this country, waking up, standing up, speaking up, with an understanding of what’s taking place, currently.

The nature of Freedom is it is individual to each person in this country. One understands it, and desires to have it, or does not. The responsibility for it is nontransferable. And what others know, like, understand, or misunderstands, has little to do with you.

As a reader of my writings, if your understanding of my purpose is about “others” and not you, then you have misunderstood, because it’s all about me and thee, individually.

In my opinion, comments indicating I should write more to clarify for a clearer understanding to the ignorant “others” is a denial of the reader, and an attempt to transfer misunderstandings onto others. And so long as one is on this merry-go-round of denial, attempting to transfer misunderstanding on to others, the door is closed to enlightenment about the reality of all that’s taking place today.

I grew up in the South, in a time and place where a great deal of understanding, beliefs and manner of speaking, quite different from those of other areas here in this country. But Truth is that which is, and universal. And the truth of the matter is, the Freedom we once enjoyed has been squandered, ignored and defied, to such an extent we now live under a different system.

As individuals, one can wake up and face this reality, with a resolve to change things in their individual lives, or one can deny that which has happened, refuse to face it, and medicate one’s bondage by attempts to blame on the ignorance of others. As they say in Texas, that dog won’t hunt.

That which is blurted out to all of us on the nightly news. We are long past due to stop ignoring and denying, the reality of conditions in this country, and the effect it has on each of us individually. The reins and chains of the Socialist system, encompass all of us. Without exception.

The very nature of the system, out-pictured in the history of Socialism, portrays no exceptions to its controls of the citizenry, which it rules. And any notion one can escape one’s responsibility, via verbalizing that the cause is the misunderstanding of others, is a fool’s paradise. And in no way, shape, form nor fashion, does this manner of thinking change the course of events. What it does do is promote the entrenchment and takeover of it.

If you are among those who still think the conditions we face today are caused by the ignorance and misunderstandings of others, because so many have fought and died for Freedom in this country, I suggest you are not entitled to the erroneous belief the cause is the ignorance and misunderstanding of others.

Here’s an example of pervasive thinking presented by one reader: “You actually make it seem really easy together with your presentation, but I to find this topic to be really one thing which I think I would by no means understand. It kind of feels too complex and very wide for me. I’m having a look forward in your next publish. I will attempt to get hold of it.”

Freedom is not complex to understand. It’s the system of socialism, so filled with lies, deceit, and trickery, which entraps.




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