It makes me cringe to use the term “Ugly Americans,” because I believe the majority are decent, thoughtful, generous and caring people. Because of our generosity to other nations, which has not turned out well for this country, we are very hated around the globe. Conversely there is an element of people in this country who are ugly Americans, out to destroy this nation and the Principles upon which it was founded.

Not a day goes by without my seeing some article or news item with a heading “Do you Trust Obama.” My question is, trust Obama for what? I know what I trust him for. I trust him to act in his best interests, and he stated his best interests when he told us he would transform America.

In the past few weeks we have had a barrage of scandalous bad news. The intense interest of the majority of Americans seems to be gearing down, and nothing has changed our direction for the better.I suspect all these so-called leaks and scandals are a part of the overall plot to bring this nation to its knees, to reign in a full-fledged socialist State.

In my writings I relate some of my personal stories as the wife of a military officer for twenty-four years, mainly because so much that happened made no sense to me at the time, but makes a lot of sense when I relate those happenings to events of today.

I think much taking place comes right out of a child-psychology book. A child will steal a stick of gum, tell a lie, kick another kid and throw a tantrum, and receives all manner of negative attention, which is what he seeks. Winds up having his way and getting attention, then keeps repeating his same game plan and is in control.

So it seems nowadays relative to the ploy of political government. I strongly suspect those in charge are the ones setting up all these leaks crisis, and scandals. It is quite obvious none of it in anyway shape form nor fashion, reduces their power, nor the direction they are taking this nation. No significant loss of jobs or positions or pay cuts, quite the contrary, many promoted with pay increases.

All the adversities reported in the news, seem to be feeding on each other, it’s a circular saw syndrome, mowing down opposition, and out of the path of destruction arises an increased power among those sitting in the seats of power.

My question is, out of all the chaos and crises taking place, on a daily basis, does anyone see morality, truth, and Freedom arising from this pile of rubble? Or are we doomed to the totalitarianism of a socialist system of bondage? Will this nation ever return to the Freedom of Capitalism and the free-enterprising system this nation thrived on in its early years?

Will we ever see a return of increased entrepreneurs, farmers, inventors, and the ingenuity and creativity in the population we once had? That which has been stifled and replaced to a great extent by the nanny state.

One of the most disturbing and disheartening in the news lately is the number calling to have the brave leaker Snowden’s head on the chopping block. Mainly those who have spent their lives in political government jobs living off the sweat of the brow of hard-working Americans. Listen carefully to all those yelling to hang him, by claiming he’s a traitor. They are the liberal Marxists, in the press and politics.

In my opinion he’s a brave soul to spill the beans on those ugly Americans, who have participated in the downfall and destruction of this once great nation. Holding high paying jobs as political department heads, secretaries of this that and the other, and bosses on committee positions in government. They are being ratted out and now yelping for the head of the messenger. As their sins are finding them out, so busy spinning lies, more lies and damned lies.They get all dressed up in their expensive neckties and scramble to appear on the news. When they ought to be hanging their heads in shame as the result of their participation in the dismantling of the Principles upon which this nation was built. Now coming out of the woodwork condemning Snowden, because they are a bunch of cowards.

They have lived their lives siphoning off the blood, sweat and tears of those who have worked, produced and fought for this Country. Those yelping the loudest now are the hoodlums who have been the architects of destruction in this country. Particularly the so-called statesmen politicians. Presenting themselves as the elitist, expecting others to listen to their garbage in-garbage out rhetoric. Hogging the news limelight to condemn Snowden, as if this bestowed respectability upon those ugly American activities.

St. Augustine said, “Though defensive violence will always be a sad necessity, in the eyes of men of principle, it would be still more unfortunate, if wrong-doers should dominate just men.”




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