I haven’t been on the computer for almost two weeks, because I took time out to have a huge yard-garage-household sale.

I’m a collector of just about everything from A to zizzard. Sometime ago I sold on Ebay and many items I had stored were for re-sale, when I stopped selling on Ebay some time ago. I sold books, clothes, artwork, vintage collectibles and a variety of items. I sold for five years before stopping.

I probably have a thousand books in a storage area back of my garage, still boxed up. My garage is stacked with boxes of stuff, plus a closed-in back porch stacked. Not to mention closets full in my house. Fortunately I only unboxed and displayed a few books.

I have a fenced-in gated back yard with a gazebo covering over my patio. I pulled out hundreds of items and spread them out over the back rear area, plus things in the garage. I ran a newspaper ad and had quite a lot of lookers.

I must have hundreds of pieces of clothing, including beautiful prom dresses, trunks full of vintage beaded dresses, that originally priced five hundred-plus dollars. A lot of the clothing has name brand tags still on them, which I had bought for re-sale.

I displayed in my yard about 30 framed pieces of artwork, plus decorative items, additionally iron vintage cookware, vintage quilts and toys. Too much to itemize. I advertised to run three days and hired two people to help me.

The third day there was a huge rainstorm. I think there were three inches in this area, and the winds blew. I brought some items in, however I was quite tired. I covered everything with plastic tarps and placed bricks around to weight them down. However the stormy weather blew the tarps off and everything got rain-soaked. What a mess!!!

A lot of soaked clothing, quilts, shoes and books, I’m still working to salvage some by washing and drying clothing. The greatest damage was fading on wet items. I hung quilts over my back fence I dried out, but were discolored from other items fading on them. A new fax machine got soaked.

It occured to me my household insurance might cover some of the damage. I called my agent and was informed it did not cover. Then I called the insurance home office to send me the claim forms anyway. The lady assigned me a claim number and referred a claims officer to contact. He called and said I was not eligible but I insisted he come anyway, but he couldn’t come until next Tuesday.

Actually the damage was caused by the wind, which blew the tarps off. My policy gives an eligibility example for coverage by describing the wind blowing holes in a roof, permitting water damage. Therefore I surmised the same principle would be tarps blown off allowing water damage, hence I’m going to file a claim anyway.

A long shot, reminding me of a story I once heard about a man sentenced to die for a crime, but the King presented a proposition to spare his life if he would teach his horse to fly in six months and the man agreed. Telling his wife, she said, You must be crazy. The man said, As I see it I have three chances. In six months the King might die, in six months I might die, and who knows in six months I might teach that horse to fly!

I made pictures of everything and began the clean up, which is still on-going. Trying to wash and dry to salvage some of the items.

Additionally I have a collection of 33 rpm albums, some vintage 78’s plus a box of 45 rpm that were on my back porch. Then someone stole most of my Elvis, Michael Jackson, George Jones records. Still have 150 left but only one Elvis record left.

Fortunately I brought quite a few things inside before the rain, including a trunk full of the beaded dresses and huge box of prom formals and most of the art work. The albums were inside on my back porch and not damaged.

Inasmuch as I had things displayed in my yard under the gazebo, in the garage, on my closed in back porch and inside my house, I could not watch everything when several numbers came at once.

I thought I had secured the tarps sufficiently with bricks to keep dry, but apparently the weather was so stormy with high winds they did not prevent the rain from soaking. As my mother used to say, live and learn then die and forget it all.

The one positive thing the rains did was cause my 8 year-old Prince William’s garden to grow like crazy. Already lots of tomatoes on his heirloom vines and Irish potatoes blooming which means small potatoes in the ground. Now that he’s out of school and baseball season is over, I will see more of him. Came by yesterday to check his garden. I found a rock polishing device in the garage he was excited over. He has a couple hundred miniature cars I bought for him, I never unboxed. He no longer plays with them and wants to have a yard sale to sell his collection of cars.

I’m back writing again, but still have a lot to do to return to normal living. It’s going to be interesting to see if insurance covers anything. Thus far the attitude has been quite negative.


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