When I wrote the article titled Is Freedom a Commodity? a few days ago it never occured to me that my associate editor would be publishing it on Memorial Day, it just happened that way. However it’s a very appropriate reading on this Memorial Day, leading up to the Fourth of July.

The first thing I saw on televised news this morning, was a program President Nixon arranged, by having the largest black tie gathering at the White House of military servicemen for a luncheon, ever assembled there.

Then I read a current news item about President Obama failing or refusing to salute a Marine. Which is a glaring reminder of how things have changed.

For me personally, this day is quite nostalgic, as I’m reminded of the twenty-four years I spent married to an Air Force military helicopter pilot, who fought in three wars, World War Two, a year in Korea and a year in Viet Nam. Plus too many temporary duty assignments to recall and count.

For example being on every atomic bomb testing assignment from Yucca Flats to Eniwetok. Being a top notch helicopter pilot, at one time having more time in helicopters than any others flying helicopters, he was assigned to fly scientists into the testing blast, immediately after the test blast.

The exposure to the radiation from the testing blast was referred to as “rankings” and I recall his regular testings to determine the number of rankings his body had absorbed from all the exposure to the Atomic bomb testing blast and what the aftereffects would be.

Actually he was away from home on more assignments than at home. One nine month “temporary duty assignment” was nine months in Burma, working with the Burmese government to train their military to fly helicopters. I have the certificate the Burmese presented to him, making him an honorary member of the Burmese military.

Upon his return, I recall the the presentation of this so-called honor was declared a military secret, and no publicity of the event permitted.
I recall so many events during that 24 year period were declared military secrets, and no news publicity was allowed. Frequently being awarded another ribbon “in closed presentations.”

One such occasion, was when we were assigned to a four year tour in Japan, when his aircraft malfunctioned and went down in the Pacific ocean off the coast of Japan. He recounted how the helicopter rolled over and sank in a matter of minutes. As the pilot, he crawled out and successfully pulled all his crew to safety.

They were rescued by Japanese fishermen and taken ashore off the coast of Japan, where they were honored by local Japanese by celebration with a bottle of “old ocean bottle of whiskey.” I have pictures of the crumpled mangled helicoptor, pulled out of the ocean. But no publicity was ever permitted of the event. And no recognition of his bravery rescuing all his crew, aside from the presentation of another ribbon.

Before retiring, his last assignment was as a test pilot at Wright Patterson Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio.

During those years as a military wife, I stayed home, raised the children, and took care of his very ill elderly parents. And did so gladly, because during those times, I viewed it all as my patriotic duty, for Freedom of this country.

The last written orders I received from the military was during the Dayton tour, when I was presented with a descriptive list detailing what the military expected of me, to support a military officer. I was always referred to as a military “dependent.” When in fact, the military made it clear in writing, they depended upon me to do as they instructed, to make sure the military officer was properly taken care of when he was home.

It was the tour in Dayton, and the last letter of instructions, that caused me to throw my hands up and announce I was finished with military life. I had begun my study of the Philosophy of Freedom, and looked upon all that had happened quite differently.

Returning to civilian life in the sixties, continuing my studies of the philosophy of Freedom, which included a discovery of how political governments in general operate, and mine in particular, I realized my support was not for Freedom of this country but support for nation building.

During my years of military support I was never paid one cent, and upon retirement, my husband received retirement pay, but I never received one cent of retirement monies. In a nutshell the government has never paid me one cent for anything. During the tour of duty he received a small amount in his paycheck for me as his “dependent” but zero to me. I never received anything, not even a ribbon.

Today, in retrospect, in view of the orders I received from the military branch of political government, without ever paying me one cent, during or after life in the military, I look upon the experience as nothing less than indentured servitude. That which is clearly stated in the Constitutional laws of this country, as being prohibited.

Today I enjoy the good life living quietly, gardening, enjoying my grandchildren, writing and painting, and living off an annuity. My children are all well and successful.

Once a number of years back I applied for social security, as a result of working and paying into the system. But was denied benefits I was promised because I do draw an annuity from a private company, which has nothing to do with social security payments I paid into the system.

I enjoy and appreciate the amount of Freedom I still have. And enjoy writing articles relative to an understanding of Freedom to pass on to others, who might have an interest in its true meaning. Perhaps it’s in the Divine Plan of my life, to be denied any political government monetary benefits in order to express to others the glories of Freedom.

At any rate, I have posted almost one-thousand articles, written with the idea of Freedom at the very core of all I write. Because the Philosophy of Freedom is definitely not taught in the public school system. And only understood by very few, it’s my contention that the main reason of what’s wrong in the current conditions in this country, as we rapidly slide further and further into the depths of Socialism, is a misunderstanding about the very essence of Freedom.

Accordingly, in this connection with this Memorial Day, and upcoming 4th of July, celebrating those who have fought and died for freedom of this country, it seems so ironic there is so little left, and so much misinderstanding of its true meaning.



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