Yesterday I listened to the televised Congressional hearings relative to the Benghazi terror attacks on the American Embassy in Libya, where four Americans were killed, including Ambassador Stevens. Members of the diplomatic corp testifying, explaining in detail, how and why it all happened.

Horror stories told by those who were there and involved, when the attacks took place. The stories they tell are quite different from news stories told by our government and reported by the liberal press a few months ago. Hearing these stories, I’m always reminded of the purpose of our government is to protect the citizens from foreign and domestic enemies. The testimony of those there when it happened, reveal a chilling story of the failure of our government to provide protection for American citizens assigned to jobs on Foreign soil.

I have always been fascinated by these types of Congressional hearings, an exposé of the failure of this governmemnt to perform that which it was designed to do.

The first of these types of Congressional hearings I recall, was back in the forties when my husband, an Air Force pilot, was stationed at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi. A young airman who was the son of a well-known news reporter, died while stationed there, which prompted a Congressional hearing. I had the privilege of being in the courtroom to hear. This was the first assignment of my husband in Biloxi. Later on in the fifties he had a second tour of duty at Keesler AFB.

Another famous Congressional hearing was in the fifties, the Whitaker Chambers, Alger Hiss trials. I stayed glued to the radio to hear them. Both worked in the State Department, and according to reports both were Communists. Chambers defected from his role as a card-carrying Communist and wrote the famous book “Witness,” which details the story of his life and the famous “Pumpkin Papers” story. That Congressional hearing was an exposé of Communists working in the State Department at that time. The book “Witness” has over 800 pages, and graphically details his life as a Communist working inside our government and the story of his defection as a card-carrying communist.

There have been many Congressional hearings in the history of this country, but the next really big Congressional hearings story was “Watergate,” exposing the role of President Nixon, which resulted in his resignation as president of the United States.

Accordingly, these Congressional hearings, in the history of this nation, have played an important role exposing those in government jobs, who have participated in acts contrary to the role of government as outlined in the laws of the Constitution of this nation. Specifically, paid employees working inside our government, part of a framework of departments designed to protect the citizenry from foreign and domestic enemies.

It seems as though a common denominator in these hearings is that they usually deal with those in the State Departnment and executive branch of government. A large number of highly-paid government employees in the diplomatic branch of the State Department, I’m sure are well-meaning employees.

I had an experience with a foreign embassy in Japan in the fifties, when I was involved in an automobile accident. With myself and children in the car, my husband was driving, we were struck by a gravel truck in Tokyo that threw the car about 50 feet. I was pregnant, thrown out of the car, taken to a hospital and lost the baby. The accident was caused by the gravel truck driver.

After my recovery I went to the American Embassy for assistance in filing damages against the truck driver. Living in a foreign country, dealing with the laws of a foreign country, I expected the government representative of my government to assist me, but I received no help, and got no place. Not knowing where to turn or what to do, my case was dropped, and nothing was ever done about my injury and loss.

From my personal experience, and reading about current events revealed through Congressional hearings, I’m not surprised at the absence of assistance from the Diplomatic State Department, when American citizens in Foreign countries encounter problems, and need help and none is forthcoming. I can only hope those responsible for an irresponsible inaction, resulting in four deaths are held accountable.

After all the exposure of apparent misconduct by those in government positions, being exposed in these Congressional hearings, and details exposed in the media, it’s my hope that it is not all eventually swept under the rug, with no meaningful action taken to hold those accountable, who failed to take the proper action to protect those representatives our government sends to foreign countries, then abandons in time of need for protection.

Because it is the major role of this government to protect the citizenry from foreign and domestic enemies, this glaring failure to do so in these Congressional hearings, regarding four deaths, brings to light that something is inherently wrong in our current system of government, and the American people ought to demand accountability, to prevent future protection failures.

Because in the three branches of government it is designed for Congress to make laws, the Judicial to interpret the laws and the Executive branch to execute the laws, it appears from the Congressional hearings, there was a failure of the executive branch to properly execute to protect the four citizens murdered in a foreign country, when there was an obvious call for help, and none was forthcoming.

There is a consensus of opinions among many in seats of power, that there was a deliberate decision not to respond to the SOS call for help for political reasons. I don’t know and neither does the average American know, however there are plenty of intelligent elected officials in positions of power in the government, to find the Truth and answers. In this connection, I for one hope the ball is not dropped, and the investigation continues until all is revealed and those responsible held accountable.

As it appears from this stage of the investigation, orders for the action not to send in help when it was called for by the Ambassador, came from the top down. From the intensity of some to get at the bottom of the truth, perhaps we will know for sure what happened sooner or later. At this stage a lot of conjecture.

Again I quote Lincoln in his speech of Feb 22, 1865: “The people are the rightful masters of both Congresses and Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”




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