In this great age of information, there’s no excuse for any American not being informed or buying into misinformation. This great nation we live in is under seige, coming from many different directions. All designed to transform, tear down, dismantle, indoctrinate and rule a nation of people who once enjoyed all the wonderful perks of Freedom.

A country that once provided the greatest good for the greatest number, and the envy of the world. Most everyone wanted to come here and many still do. Millions of non-citizens reside here, seeking citizenship in this country. As a result, Congress is struggling with reform of immigration laws to let the gate down to provide an easy route to citizenship.

Living among us are natural-born citizens, some foreign-born from socialized countries who have become citizens, and untold millions living here who are non-citizens. Currently there is around the clock news about two young men, one a teenager, who became a naturalized citizen and his 26 year old brother, living here in the Boston area. Both participated in bombing the Boston marathon, then continued their killing spree, terrorizing law-abiding citizens.

News coverage of these two young nobodies in headline news, reveals a great deal about them.

We are hearing that in 2011 the Russian government inquired of them to our government. It was the 26 year old brother they were suspicious of involvement, being radicalized by Muslim radicals in the country of Chechnya, a part of Russia, where he was born, and returned for 6 months.

According to news reports, our government investigated and found there was no basis for concern with reference to radicalization by Islamic radicals. His name was Tsarnaev.

So what does it mean to be radicalized? It means proceeding from, or pertaining to the fundamental roots of a belief system, and becoming an advocate of that system, referred to as “Radical Islam.” Reportedly a group who hates America, with members willing to perform destructive acts of violence.

Consequently, the radicalized 26 year old Islamic, along with his 19 year old brother this past week, carrying a backpack of bombs, set out to set off the bombs at the finish line of the Bostom Marathon. Afterwards robbing a 7/11 store, and assassinating a police officer, stealing an SUV, then robbing the owner, wound up in a shooting match with police, shot and killed. The teenage brother escaped, which set off a massive manhunt, ultimately found hiding inside a boat at a residence in Watertown, Massachusetts. Rescued and bleeding, was taken to a local hospital in serious condition from bullet wounds.

Reportedly unable to talk, under heavy-duty police guard, all the news centered around what the government plans on doing with him. Where and how to try him, what to charge him with. How he will be labeled in legal action and etc.

Now the big question is – How many other radicalized Islamics are living among us? Just waiting to strike again. A huge wake-up call and a reminder that Freedom requires “eternal vigilance.” A reminder if we hear something, say something, if we see something, do something. And more importantly, climb out of your world of do-nothing apathy, and spend a little time educating yourself about the reality of what has happened to this once free country. That is what is happening in your world, your children and your community and this country. And assume the self-responsibility required to be free.

Born in this country, which emerged from British rule, many fought and died during the American Revolution to leave us the legacy of Freedom. Therefore, none of us are entitled to to sit around and do nothing, to sustain and retain that legacy of Freedom handed down to us by the founding fathers of this great country. It is our responsibility to pass this legacy on to the next generation, to the millions of young children in this country. Freedom is not Free. A price was paid to have it, and there’s a price to sustaining it.

Thomas Jefferson said: “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

Let Freedom Ring

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  1. Julissa says:

    I am fairly new to home-schooling and I alywas enjoy reading why others choose to home-school. I find myself fumbling for the right way to communicate this and typically brush past the question when it comes up. Usually because it is never asked in an approachable manner and I feel as though I am alywas on the defense or that my reasons are never really good enough. I am sure as time goes on I will be more comfortable and as my family is more comfortable with the idea that they will see the benefits that I hope come to light. But your list sums it up for me as well (well honestly, except for number 1, in that I don’t have any religious affiliations but rather I want my children to explore all religions comfortably). I especially like #10.