This article will be issue number 900. It was January 2009 when my son called and said he would set me up with a team of people if I would just write on a blog. I asked, “What’s a blog?” After explaining that, he further said we will call it “” My second question, “What’s an octogenarian?”

When he called, he knew three things for certain, specifically, I understood the Philosophy of Freedom, I could express my understanding through writing and thirdly I’m mechanically and electronically illiterate, and have trouble operating a can-opener. That’s why he set me up to have an associate editor, to post and edit, a web master, and all I needed to post and publish my writings.

To this day I hardly know a mouse from a modem.

To date, I have received a staggering number of comments from countries around the world. Lately I’ve been receiving an unusual number of comments, seeking information relative to blog writing. For example just today, from Ernie, “Do you have any hints for an aspiring writer?” from another, “Which is better word press or a paid option? Any reccomendations?”

It’s my sincere belief, if one has a strong belief and understanding, philosophically, about any subject, one can write and keep writing on the subject they thouroughly understand. Even if one misspells and makes grammatical errors as I do, one can retain an associate editor to edit.

I once heard a story about an Oriental man who offered a course in motivation for success and charged a fee to attend. He sat on stage with legs crossed and kept repeating, “The thing to do is begin, the thing to do is begin.”

One of the greatest motivational books ever written is Dale Carnegie’s book titled “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” I strongly suggest ordering from Amazon and reading. On pages 229-275, there’s a chapter about “What are the nine ways to change people, without giving offense or arousing resentment.”

Sit down and write an article on something you know. If it’s how to build widgets, write about widgets.

Just begin and start writing, and you will be amazed at the thoughts that follow, simply by beginning. Pick any subject you have an interest in, and you will discover it’s rather boring, or something you have a burning desire about. For me personally I have a burning desire about The Philosophy of Freedom, and can take any subject and write about it from that standpoint.

Personally, if you want to be a blog writer, I think it would be very helpful to begin by writing out an inventory about yourself, where you came from, your likes and dislikes, your ambitions, your family, friends, and pets. Your spiritual beliefs, your political understanding about current events. You may be surprised where that leads you. It’s a methodology of being honest with yourself.

On another subject I receive so many comments and requests for help is on technical areas like Word Press and areas of problems posting comments. I suggest calling a computer technician, because I have no idea, relative to any solution. I depend upon others to help me in those areas.

Writing can be very rewarding. I do a lot of reading, particularly on current events, make a lot of copies on my printer, to have handy to refer back to, for specifics of time, dates, places on any particular subject.

Actually, I usually get up early in the morning, with no idea of my subject matter, just sit down at computer and write about whatever pops into my mind, but may need to check my files for specific times, dates, names and places relative to any given subject.

Writing comes as naturally as breathing for me and I was writing a column in a local newspaper weekly when I was in high-school. I wrote about happenings in my school, sports and etc.

It all boils down to putting on paper, ideas, people, places and events. So many subjects to write about. So many nowadays write about food, health, weight-loss, friends, travel, their pets and etc. Interestingly one can write a blog article about anything they choose.

I grew up with a mother teaching like a mantra, “One must have a list of things they won’t do,” and in this connection, I have a list of a few subjects I avoid writing about. Like controvercial racism. However frequently my writings are quite controversial, particularly in the area of politics. The difference in what each of us believes and likes is what makes horseracing.

My eleventh commandment is “Don’t bore me,” and in this connection try not to write boring stuff.

In a one-line comment by Tester, today stated: “This blog site is extremely educational,” a comment that made my day, because it’s my underlying aim to educate, and entertain the reader. Beyond that it’s very carthartic for me to have this platform to express my ideas.

To all those requesting information about writing a “blog” I encourage you to “just begin.”

The greatest words of tongue or pen are these few words, “It might have been.”




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