It’s been eating my lunch all day, and I’m compelled to get it off my chest. I believe all killing is wrong, including legalized killings. And never justified morally.

I know many are verbally supporting the death penalty for the young teenage bomber. And aware he and his brother committed heinous crimes, killing two women, one man and a snall child. I certainly condemn those acts, and they of their own volition are accountable for them. But I for one do not wish the death penalty on him, and was so glad he was not killed from that barrage of bullets rained on him while he lay in that boat.

It’s just my firm sincere belief that all killing is wrong, the supreme act of stealing, taking the life of another.

I’m not totally certain I would not shoot to kill another person, if it seemed imminent to me I would be killed, or if the life of my child faced such danger, but even so I would be committing the ultimate immoral act, and could not justify the human act and decision.

I believe in the moral guide of the ten commandments, which clearly states, “Thou shalt not kill.”

I have written several articles about the horrendous acts those two young men committed in Boston, and will probably write other articles. I’m saddened when I hear and read about the suffering they perpetrated upon their victims. But I also feel sadness for the two young perpetrators, and pray for them as well as the victims. And hope and pray the 19 year old lives. It’s such a tragedy he chose to ruin his own life, and certainly a senseless tragedy of his own volition ruined the lives of others.

But giving him the death penalty does not change any of the events which took place as a result of his decisions. If he lives and provides some insight into why he committed such acts of horror, may serve to curtail similar acts in the future.

All of us in this great country need more understanding why these killing sprees, committed by the very young are on the increase, particulary in the public school system. If we know and understand the root cause, perhaps we could know a solution to prevent similar acts in the future.
But one thing I know for sure, more killings by giving this young man the death penalty, won’t stop future acts.

Not only did he cause the death of several innocent people, he heaped a lot of grief on their families and loved ones, and no doubt on his own parents and family also.

I know many are very much for the death penalty, but I’m not one of them. Another killing just increases the wrongness of all of it.
It’s reported over twenty shots were fired at this young man, as he lay helpless in that boat, and yet he lived. Perhaps his purpose is to inform all of us, how and why he wound up in such a hellish frame of mind to commit such atrocities. Which may cause a reduction or a cease of future such acts. We don’t know what the Divine plan is for his life.

The cost in lives and injuries has been monumental. Hospital costs mounting every day. The cost of seven thousand policemen to catch him is very high. The cost to the the people and business in Boston is staggering. Legal fees and court costs will be huge. However the price for killing him may mean his taking valuable information as to whatever it is that led him to perform such horrible acts, might be a very high price. As we live on, with the possibility of such future acts, still not knowing the why of all of it.

I have an opinion of the possible cause as many others do, including the government, but we really do not know, and the perpetrator is the only one who can tell us. Apparently we don’t know very much about the life and background of these two individuals, but more information now being revealed. And sparing his life may reveal information useful in preventing similar future acts.

Perhaps if all the anger, resentment, hate and desire to kill him subsided, and replaced by sending him feelings of love through prayer, this nation could heal, and the future will look brighter, once healing takes place.




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