The more information about the the two Russian born Boston bombers, the clearer the picture is relative to what our government is doing, has done and plans on doing. There is no excuse for anyone to remain misinformed and uninformed about what is happening in this great country. With the massive news coverage of the Boston bombings in newspapers, magazines, social media like Twitter and Facebook, on the radio and television, the opportunity is there for the most ignorant to be well-informed.

Hourly, more information is revealed in the media. Now being reported the two bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar, on American government doles for their support. Apparently only the wife of the 26 year old held a job.

Inasmuch as the 19 year old was a legalized immigrant, and an active terrorist, as a legalized citizen of this country, wouldn’t it appear to be reasonable to shut the door on all immigration, until more time and investigation into the lives of applicants for citizenship? This country is already saturated with 10 million plus immigrants here. While Congress and executive branch chomping at the bit to legalize. Their interest is in votes.

The major role and responsibility of this Constitutional government is to protect this nation and its people from foreign and domestic enemies.The most glaring failure of this current system of government to do that, is in news about these two bombers. Two foreigners who migrated to this country, one a naturalized citizen and the other not.

The news this morning relates to a judge marching in the hospital room where the 19 year old killer terrorist is recuperating, and read the miranda rights. Which means a government employed judge has informed 19 year old Dzhokhar it’s ok to clam up.

It’s reported in one magazine these were just two young men, “far from their war-torn homeland, trying to fit in.” Their fitting in was apparently how many nails they could place in a pressure cooker to blow up innocent people.

As I have expressed in a previous article, I’m vehemently opposed to the deart penalty, because it’s my sincere belief all killing is wrong. This young 19 year old will spend the rest of his life looking up at the ceiling, out at a judge in a courtroom, or through iron bars in jail. What could be worse penalty than that?

It was his choice to go to this from a lifestyle of tax-funded schooling, stylish clothing, cell phones, sunglasses, gym equipment, gym membership, money for beer parties, and bomb-making, without working for any of it. Who funded this imported terrorist, if not the American tax-payer?

I have written many articles detailing how and why socialized public schooling grooms and enables students to act contrary to the self-responsibility of Freedom. Just this morning on Fox news, a news segment about misleading information relative to terrorism in text-books used in public school classrooms. I’ve written articles about my discovery of socialism teachings in text-books from back in the sixties.

Not everyone is ignorant and misinformed. A number of great writers on blog sites, in newspapers and books are available for anyone to read to further understand what is happening in this country.

A couple that come to mind, Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter, a couple of great well-informed writers, I suggest reading to further one’s knowledge about what’s happening in this country.

This article will be issue 899, I have written about the philosophy of Freedom and the threats of its destruction lurking around many corners in every neighborhood in this country.

The notion, so many still believe, a political government is here and now to “protect” us is a fool’s paradise thinking. The protection you have is that which you provide for yourself and begins with being informed about the reality of Truth. Ridding one’s self of the victimization of propaganda, so pervasive coming from a largely liberal press.

Accept the motto: “If you hear something, say something, if you see something do something, and keep your head out of the sand,” by being informed.

If you were apathetic before, the happenings before, during and after the Boston bombings are a huge wake-up call!!




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