Back in 2009, when my son called and asked me to write articles on my own website and that he would have a team set up, never in my wildest imagination did I foresee that I would have over 900 articles posted four years later and thousands of comments from around the globe. Many asking me to write more.

I never dreamed I had the capacity to write on so many subjects. But he knew I understood the Philosophy of Freedom, and grew up watching me spend hours banging away on an old mechanical Royal typewriter. Therefore he knew I could write, and believed I could express in writing about Freedom.

Whether it’s expressed or not, at the core of everything I write is the philosophy of freedom. And I try to write consistently with that core philosophy in mind, no matter the subject.

It’s my sincere belief the major root cause of the problems we face in this country is because the majority do not understand Freedom, and furthermore the majority have no interest in understanding it. It’s my opinion in order to understand anything, we must first define it.

For this article I went to Blacks Law Dictionary, a book most attorneys and courts refer to. It defines Freedom this way: “The state of being free, liberty, self-determination, absence of restraint, the opposite of slavery. The power of acting, in the character of a moral personality, according to the dictates of the will, without other check, hindrance or such prohibition than such as may be imposed by just and necessary laws, and the duties of social life.”

That definition sounds a bit ambigious, unclear and confusing to me. In other words, what’s a “moral responsibility” and what are the duties of “social life?” Not defined in the definition.

I define Freedom as self-responsibility and self-control, not self-determination.

When those two young men recently bombed the Boston marathon, they were acting on self-determination, absent restraint, therefore I could not accept that as defining Freedom.

So far as morality goes, in my opinion the Ten Commandments are a great moral guide. Seven of them tell us “what we shalt not do.” In addition the Declaration of Independence is a good moral guide, to incorporate in the way we act and live.

Self-responsibility means we accept responsibility for our actions, and control means we are prohibited from crossing the boundary lines of another’s property without permission, which the Ten Commandments prohibit. Killing another means stealing a life in violation of the owner.

Freedom in moral living means respecting the property lines of that which belongs to another. Taxation by definition is the taking of the property (money) of another in violation of the will of the owner, hence stealing.

That’s why I have stated in previous articles, the public school system in this country does not teach children morality, because the system itself is based upon immorality.

The idea the meaning of freedom being self-responsiblity and self control covers a multitude of areas. For example there’s Freedom of the Press, religion, speech, contract, enterprise, choice, association, information, and expression to name some. But all require responsibility and control.

Freedom does not mean as some seem to think, one can do as they darn well please when they want, when they want, to whom they choose to. That’s an irresponsible loose cannon personality.

There’s an element in this country running footloose, thinking it’s okay, and their prerogative to kill, steal, bully, rape, lie, beat-up, and do as they choose anytime they choose. They have no comprehension of the meaning of Freedom and don’t care about knowing. They are definitely not taught the meaning in the public school system, and if their parents are products of that same system, who is going to teach them the meaning of freedom? Where can they learn it?

We are now living in an era when most natural-born citizens came from ancestry that were moral, hard-working, thoughtful, caring, self-responsible, property-respecting people. A people whose word was their bond. They were Freedom loving, with a moral guide handed down to them via family teachings of values and principles. Therefore it’s incumbent upon us to ask why everything changed and is so different today. The answers are readily available, if there’s interest in knowing why.

Living in an era of the nanny state political government, that takes from the haves to give to have nots, and furnish free schooling, free food, free housing, free child support, free Medicaid, and on and on, millions in this country have no interest in the self-responsibility Freedom requires. And have no desire to understand it. And can’t be bothered to know.They have the donkey by the tail in a downhill drag. And downright cocky, living in a world of entitlements.

After receiving much from a political government, expect more and more, and more is promised by the current regime. Now trying to bring eleven million immigrants under this unbrella of entitlements so they can vote and keep those who lust for power, in power.

If you’re not in prison, all of us enjoy some degree of Freedom, so what can one do? Take inventory of what you have, discover the meaning of freedom, place a value on it, and act with more self-responsibility and control, beginning today, by learning more about it. Read Rose Wilder Lane’s book “Discovery of Freedom,” Robert LeFevre’s book “This Bread is Mine,” and the many other books available like “The Law” by Bastiat. The discovery of Freedom is an exciting journey. It was for me.

When I decided to learn about it back in the fifties, I spent a lot of time reading and traveling across this country seeking teachers to teach me about it. One of my mentors was Dr. George Boardman, living in the ghost town of Chloride, Arizona. I would visit him and walked the desert with him as he taught me “Philosophic research” on Freedom. At one time he had been a top-notch cinematographer in Hollywood, but moved to Chloride to experience Freedom and teach and write about it. Sometimes traveling to Colorado to teach at Rampart College, where the Philosophy of Freedom was taught. It was founded by Robert LeFevre, who along with Dr. Boardman became my main mentor, to discover the meaning of Freedom.

At the entrance gate to Rampart was a sign that read, “To anyone desiring Freedom, will find a way to have it.”

Let Freedom Ring



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