I keep writing about public schooling and forced immunizations, speaking up for innocent children subjected to the dangers of the system.

News lately is about forced vaccinations in the Texas school system. According to news, children can consent to the shots, and the state does not require parental decision to vaccinate the children.

I lived in Texas a short period, when my Air Force husband attended helicopter training there. From living there, I found Texans to be strong-willed, opinionated, hard-working, upfront, family oriented, good neighbors. I’m surprised they have allowed this law to take place.

Frequent news reports tell stories of the adverse effects of vaccinations. Much research into the disease they cause in some children.

Back when I battled the laws requiring vaccinations, polio shots were required, and reports the vaccine was derived from the pus of a rhesus monkey. Also reports some shots are derived from horse urine. I don’t really know, what I do know they are big money makers for pharmaceutical companies, with powerful lobbyists to promote shots.

Back when I attended school, shots were optional, and I grew up quite healthy without having vaccinations. However, when I planned on joining my husband in a foreign country, I was required to present a shot record and I nearly died from the shots. Practically climbing walls from the adverse effects. My very strong opposition to immunizations were in part due to the adverse effects I personally experienced.

In the past five years since I began posting articles on my web-site, I’ve written many articles about my experiences with public schooling in general, and describing my battles with forced immunizations in particular.

When I began writing on the subject, I expected to hear from parents with concerns about the schooling and forced shots of their children, but to my surprise, thousands of comments, but almost no interest from parents over forced immunizations. Just this week, a request from one reader for information about my case, filing lawsuit in federal court over forced immunizations. First one I received for specifics on my case.

In the past week, I deleted 879 comments, because the writers were on subjects unrelated to my subject matter, some in a foreign language, many selling something, or about some sort of trivia.

It is beyond amazing, but startling and disturbing, the absence of interest parents have in public school indoctrination in general and forced immunizations in particular. My question is why? Why such disinterest and absence of action in opposition, by parents concerning the well-being of their children?

Is it because of fear? Fear of losing their ticket to so-called “free education?” Is it because the majority are so accepting of socialism, over the responsibility Freedom requires? On social media comments there is so much voiced objections over a slew of subjects, on those pages, but very little relative to objections about public schooling and forced immunizations. Why is that?

Based upon the proliferation of private schools and home-schooling, obviously there are objections to the system of public schooling in some. Therefore why is it there’s little to none speaking up and speaking out in opposition to the laws and system?

Is it out of fear of retaliation, in the form of threats, and accusations, parents are afraid of if they voice objections over the treatment, and compulsion so pervasive in the system, that demands over 50 billion annually in 50 states to fund the system of socialism?

There is a reason such silence gives consent to the system, when there appears no problem voicing objections over other areas of political governmental, policies, rules and regulations. And this consent of silence concerns young innocent children being victimized by the system. They are totally helpless to resist any treatment dished out to them. Have we the the parents just hung them out to dry or die at the hands of those in power?

When I was growing up and in school, parents stood up and objected and took action, but not so now-a-days.

I recall one instance when the county school board decided to charge three dollars for each student in school, they called “an incidental fee.” My grandfather had several children and grandchildren in the system during the depression years when 3.00 meant more back then than today. He did not sit idly by and say nothing and do nothing, instead filed an injunction against the proposed fee, which would have closed the school down, and the 3.00 incidental fee was dropped.

But today there’s little to no opposition to anything the powers at-be who operate the schools system do.

They have gotten away with so much for so long, because of the absence of opposition from parents, now reached a point, as evidenced in Texas, where minor children are given the authority to accept vaccinations without parental consent being required. The extent of this degree of irresponsibility is a bad day at Black Rock. If this does not awaken the slumber of parents, with reference to the responsibility of their children, nothing will.

I read a report yesterday which stated there are 32000 pharmaceutical deaths annually in the United States. Vaccinations are pharmaceutial injections.

In my filed federal court case objecting to forced immunizations, I was asked why I objected to the shots and my reply was,”I object to the pus of a rhesus monkey being injected into my clean healthy child’s body, ostensibly to cure something he may never have; that’s insane rationale in my opinion.”

As I stated in a previous article, my child graduated from high-school without ever having any shots and never had any childhood diseases, and lives a healthy happy life today.

Here’s an interesting quote from the brilliant economist, Ludwig Von Mises: “Violent resistance against the power of the State is the last resort of the minority in its effort to break loose from the oppression of the majority. The citizen must not be so narrowly circumscribed in his activities that if he thinks differently from those in power his only choice is either to perish or to destroy the machinery of the State.”

Let Freedom Ring

Just me AC

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