There’s so much going on in the news, relative to what’s happening in this country and around the world, in schools, money, energy, the Pope, The People, the Press and the President, I feel like a mosquito at a nudist colony. So much to do hardly know where to start.

Lately, an increase in comments, particularly on the subjects I write about. Overall it’s remarks about what I say and do. For example, requests to include pictures and videos with articles. Asking to write more on Schools. Requests for information on discussion groups, relative to my subject matter. Request for what to do about Spam and etc.

I have been receiving a lot of comments quite complimentary on the subject matter I write about. Which I very much appreciate, and cherish, because it’s the fuel that keeps me going.

I do a lot of reading and research. Yesterday spent most of the day researching the government funded project, “Headstart,” where the indoctrination into Socialism begins with 3-year olds. The father of German style Socialism, Johann Fichte said: “Education should aim at destroying free will, so that after pupils are thus schooled they will be incapable throughout their lives of acting otherwise than their school masters would have wished.”

First leader of the Soviet Union, Lenin said: “Give me four years to teach children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

The President of the United States flew to the Atlanta area to talk to pre-K children, those under six years old, promising to do more to promote the government program of indoctrination beginning at 3 years old.

This is why I suggest to readers wanting more information, read the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Get the truth from the horse’s mouth from Communist leaders around the world.

Can’t argue with Lenin who headed up the largest Communist country in the world. He definitely knew how to indoctrinate into Communist Socialism. If he is correct, then indoctrination of children beginning at age three, by the time they enter first grade the mold is already set.

Instead of my readers using their time and energy suggesting what I should do, I want to know what you are doing. The question is what are you doing as an individual, about conditions in this country, and indoctrination of your children into the tenets of the Philosophy of Socialism. Because the conditions we face are born and bred in your children, to accept Socialism, Communism and Fascism, from a very early age.

Stop believing all the propaganda about the cause of our problems, such as all the hype about money, energy, and a laundry list of causes for the conditions we face. Because the cause lies in the tax-supported public school system, that’s where the indoctrination starts, and by the time they finish high school, they have bought line, hook and sinker into Socialism, and not Freedom.

Every nine months in this country, millions graduate with full fledged indoctrination into a belief system of Socialism. Paid for with your money, to indoctrinate your children, in a philosophy contrary to the Principles upon which this nation was founded.

Ask yourselves what you are doing about that. Instead of asking me for the names of any groups who meet to dicuss the freedom Philosophy I write about, start your own group to dicuss. Call on a half-dozen neighbors, friends or family, to get together to discuss the root problems as to why we’re on the cliff of collapse in this nation. Face the reality of truth, i.e., it’s taught, promoted and ingrained in the minds of children beginning for many at 3 years old.

If I knew of any groups meeting to dicuss Freedom versus bondage, I would not reveal it. Because they would become the target of the well-organized push, by those in elected positions, hell bent on destroying freedom and the principles of our founding fathers.

In a recent previous article, I listed a number of books one can read, to be informed about that which has taken place in this nation. Order them from Amazon over the net, and read them, if you have any interest in knowing the truth about what’s happening in this country today, relative to those whose lust for power over you, are doing and have done to destroy this country and its founding principles.

What makes you think you’re going to get the truth from them? It is their lies and propaganda which have led the American people down this road of Fascist-Communism Socialism. Their game plan is working for them. It is you the American people who must awaken from your slumber, and inform yourselves to truth and reality. Plenty of information available to understand all thats taking place. All you have to do is have a desire to understand, and a willingness to accept the self-responsibility to change things for yourself and your children. Not for “Others” but for yourself.
I write all these articles, almost 900 on the internet now, to share information, and my experiences, particularly about Freedom. I can’t change anyone but myself. I can’t even stop a 6 month old child from crying if it decides to. Only with the correct information and a desire can anyone change themselves. And only by changing ourselves can we re-direct the direction this country is headed. Specifically from bondage back to Freedom.

I attended Rampart College where the Philosophy of Freedom was taught and a sign at the entrance said “Anyone who desires Freedom will find a way to have it.” Read the book by its founder, Robert LeFevre, titled, “This Bread is Mine.”

Dear hearts and gentle people, we are in a war, and have been for quite sometime. It’s a war of ideas and we the people are losing it. The war is between the bondage of Socialism or the the perks and desirability of Freedom. Each individual must decide for themselves which they want, and take the action of self-responsibility required to be free. Because Freedom is not free, it has specifice requirements of self-control. With doles comes controls via others.

Stop and look around, and ask yourself, if you are getting what you want for your life. Take inventory of where you are and what you want for yourself and your children. And if you are not getting what you want, stop looking to others to get it for you. Believe me, there’s no way we can vote ourselves out of the ditch we are in. Only by recognition of the reality of truth, and taking control of the responsibility for your life, can you expect different results from that which we currently have.

Thousands fought and died to leave us a legacy of Freedom, and we have squandered it. We are not entitled to sit back and do nothing about it, for the next generation. Our children and grandchildren are so hog-tied via indoctrination from public schooling, they can’t do anything, it’s up to us, their parents, to change things. The aim of their schooling has been to destroy their free Will.




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