The Universe is unfolding as it should, with no concern relative to what we as human beings know, like, understand, agree with, or dislike. Universal law is objective.

Conversely, we of the Homo Sapiens species are subjective and frequently changing. We operate on our value system, which constantly changes. Never so glaringly apparent as in the way we view politics, politicians, news, schools, economics, fashion, Freedom and truth.

The story of the monarch butterfly tells us that an ugly worm can evolve into a beautiful butterfly, floating around, seemingly happy and free, no longer restricted by its inability to do anything aside from just crawling around on its belly. Acting according to its nature, to rise up and out of its original form, to something quite different.

We as human beings, endowed with many more options, can lift ourselves out of bondage to greater heights of creativity and freedom than the butterfly. Not only can we fly and float, we are capable of thinking, and making decisions, exceeding any other creation.

However we can boil our everyday decisions, relative to our lives, down to one simple fact. Our decisions are based upon what we think, desire, expect, or they are based upon what “others” think, expect, desire, promote, and demand. Why is that? Are we consciously or subconsciously expecting to transfer our self-responsibility on to another human being? So that results of decisions, when turn out unfavorable, can be blamed others?

I began thinking along these lines, keeping up with all the news dominated by Rand Paul lately.

Here is an elected official that “bends with the wind.” One day he is in opposition to what’s taking place in Washington, then overnight is for it. Like the appointment of Hagel that he was opposed to one day, then next day voted for his appointment. Then without missing a beat, jumps up and filibusters for 12 hours against the appointment of Brennan.

All of a sudden he’s being touted as the next Republican nominee for the Republican party as President, and elevated to be the star of the upcoming CPAC gathering. Even the Democratic attorney general jumped on his sudden popularity, by answering the the position of drones floating around above us in this country.

Then I thought about the last presidential election, and the article I wrote about Democrats being behind the nomination of Romney because he would be the easiest to defeat, because of his stand on socialized health care in Massachusetts. Which causes me to suspect they are going to be in support of Rand Paul, as the next nominee.

All the contining campaigning by Democrats is geared towards the push to elect enough Democrats in the upcoming mid-term elections, to gain control in the Congressional House of representatives, for easy sailing of more President Obama programs, plus sustaining the power of Democrats in the next Presidential election. Democrats have developed a great deal of expertise in timing, to execute their game plan. And the answer the Attorney General announced, relative to drones, which is what Rand Paul wanted, dove-tailed right into my perception that Democrats want Rand Paul elevated to the position as the leading Republican, because he would be the easiest to defeat.

When it comes to news regarding what Democrats and Republicans are for and against, there’s little difference. The big difference is Democrats have become better politicians, relative to their strategy and tactics, to gain and sustain power. They know how to give an inch to gain a mile. Therefore the timing of the Attorney General giving Rand Paul the answer to drones, he wanted to hear, to elevate his popularity was quite astute, and smart politics.

The Democrats have the strategy of “I’m for, then against,” to “I’m against and for,” down to a gnat’s eye, winning tactic. Their intense campaign to render Republicans powerless, then every once in awhile throwing them a crumb of approval, dazzles with foot work.

As a result of the Attorney General’s response to Rand Paul puts him out front and center as being the latest Republican to gear up in support to be the leading spokesman for the Republican party, as evidenced in much of the social media, revealing the latest tempo of Republicans hot to trot, in support of him.

As I see it, the 12 hour babbling ant of filibustering, gave ammunition to the Democrats. While the majority of Republicans view it as a winning coup.

It points up the fact, political government thrives and proliferates on two things, dependency upon and oppositon to. And Democrats have learned how to promote that idea into a winning strategy. While Republicans flail around trying to find a leader, the Democrats are going to help them, starting with giving Rand Paul support, of that which it’s reported, he wanted in the filibustering fiasco.

Overnight he has become the darling of the Republican party. Just by talking, which is mostly what Ron Paul has done, lo those 24 years as Senator. I don’t know of anything he accomplished his 24 years in power as a senator that stopped or slowed down this nation’s direction towards socialism.

There is a truism in the saying political government is never far behind nor very far ahead of the tempo of the American people. Despite the fact I write about my opinions relative to what politicians say and do, the blame for conditions we face, lies in the hearts, minds and desires of the American people. It is the American people who have of their own volition transferred their power over to a select few, without a shot being fired.
Today, about half for and about half against what’s taking place in Washington. And politicians who lust for power and control, have learned how to take advantage of what the American people support and object to. With glaring results of proliferation via dependency upon and opposition to.

It’s the pollsters who keep up with the numbers for and against, not I, and it is they who report the split being approximately even for and against. And history reports the results and cause of the take-over by the few over the majority. That majority that’s split about half and half today. Which may sound contradictory to many. But it’s the winning formula for bondage over Freedom.

The numbers were so close in last election, Republican candidates and their pundits predicted they would win. A delusion of the illusion.

Harry Truman said: “If you cannot convince them, confuse them.”




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