Here we go again, the propaganda mill in full swing to keep the attention of the American people below the belt, to disguise the massive system of thievery. Sexualize any issue and it’s a sure fire way of diverting attention, for mind control of the masses.

The latest ploy is bringing the below the belt issues before the Supreme Court, to decide on morality issues. Are you one of those people who desires to understand the issues, or one of those who enjoys the emotional upheaval the controlled news media uses again to confuse and divert one’s attention away from the reality of Truth?

Currently the propaganda machine of the leftist, liberal media, is in full swing to keep the masses thinking and talking about Guns and Sex, in the latest news headlines over same-sex marriage. Away from the real issues which are belt-tightening the reins on more bondage, and away from the self-responsibility of freedom.

Let’s just get off our emotional high for a moment, and take an objective look at what’s happening today, as the Supreme Court convenes to make decisions on marriage. The marriage contract itself is an absurdity.

For any contract to be valid, it must have boundaries. Can’t contract for anything that does not have boundaries. When entering into a marriage, they agree to love, honor, and usually obey, forsaking all others. What are the boundaries of love, honor and obedience? The answer is there are none. Therefore one attempts to contract for a non-contractual, from the outset.

Proof of this absurdity rears its head when one decides to divorce. The two principles, when deciding to divorce, do not apply to the courts, for dissolution of that which they attempted to contract for, i.e., love, honor and obedience. That area is totally ignored and the applicants for a divorce get right down to the nitty gritty of property, and economics. Who is going to get the house, furniture, vehicles, bank account, and custody and support of the children. But these are not things mentioned in the contract of marriage.

Only for those who have pre-nuptial arrangements and agreements, is there any validity to a marriage contract. Which in essence points out the fact, marriage is an economic contract, however absent a pre-nuptial agreement, that’s not what two people contract for. The reality is, most attempt to contract for non-contractuals.

Therefore all this hoopla and legalization of same-sex marriage is hogwash, and does not address the reality of the validity of contractual agreements. Specifically, marriage vows usually are attempts to contract for non-contractuals.

It could be a valid contract if approached from the standpoint of economics. But, why does one need marriage to agree upon the economics of a union between two people?

Two people can decide to spend their lives together, by economic agreements via legal arrangement through powers of attorney and legalized wills. If they so desire to have some sort of civil ceremony, according to their religious beliefs, so be it. Why do they need the legal profession in the mix to make decision on non-contractuals?

The answer is they do not, and exercising contracts of the economics, can be made via legalized wills and powers of attorney. Could be and should be.

To understand what is taking place currently, with all the news media attention of emotional hot buttons over guns and same-sex marriage, all one needs to do is return to the fact political government is a con-game, i.e., keep your eye and attention on their pre-plans, while they have other plans, to tighten their grip on your property (money), to further enhance their lust for power and control. Which can only be accomplished by dismantling your Right to Freedom.

An interesting phenomena taking place currently, while those of same-sex, seeking political government sanction to marry, those of opposite sex, living together avoiding marriage, because it is economically advantageous not to be married.

The female species has discovered they are entitled to all sorts of government hand-out programs, living with a man, having one child after another, unmarried. And the male has discovered he can enjoy all sorts of perks, without responsibility for his actions, by not marrying, and can walk in out of relationships, as he chooses. Paving the way for the female entitlements on any number of government hand-out programs. Each one moving in and out of live-in relationships, knowing government subsidies will provide for the woman and children.

We are living in an era of extremely frazzled focus of what’s Right and what’s wrong in this civilized society.

So here we are, in this year of 2013, where those of same sex seeking government sanction to marry and those of opposite sex, living together, avoiding marriage, in order to qualify for all the nanny state hand-outs. Both still voting for more and more doles and controls of political government, while those in seats of power are living it up, on the system of thievery. The recent news item about VP Biden spending a million dollars for two nights on a trip to Europe, so glaringly points up the facts on current conditions.

It’s not rocket science, for anyone with one eye and half sense to realize something is very wrong in this country, where same-sex seeking government sanction to marry, opposite sex avoiding marriage and elected officials, spending billions of stolen tax monies to live it up, in a life-style of the rich and famous, on monies extracted from hard-working Americans. Still yelping for more and more, because all is never enough, for politicians.

These conditions are existing in violation of the Principles this country was founded upon. And this take-over and change-over from a country of personal Freedom and private property ownership, to a nation of a different system of Socialism, has been accomplished without a shot being fired.

Why is that and how did it happen? The answers will not be found outside of ourselves. The answers can only be found by looking into the hearts and minds and tempo of the American people, because we the people set it up and let it happen, ignoring the fact “Freedom requires eternal vigilance” and self-responsibility. Where along the way did we abandon this self-responsibility, and decide elected politicians were in a better position to make decisions for our well-being than we ourselves?

Why do we sit idly by while the top echelon of political power, the VP of the United States spending a million dollars of tax-paid money for a two night pleasure trip to Europe? Why is he not held accountable for that kind of extravagance? It’s reported in the news and ignored. As if it’s all okay. Costing tax-payers more money for a two-day pleasure jaunt than the average person makes in a lifetime.

A glaring example of our mis-placed values and violation of the Principles of Right and wrong. While the managed news of the “free press” keeps our attention on such absurdies as same-sex marriage, the hierarchy in the political arena, stealing us blind, for their pleasures.

How, where and when, did we the people buy into this con-game of politicians, in violation of the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the laws of the US Constitution? By silent acceptance of all the wrong-doings. Not entirely silent, there is an element of objections as voiced in the social media. But that’s pretty much the extent of it. And the beat goes on, politicians demanding more and more of their siphoning powers to take, take, take. A very select few are in control of the millions of hard-working citizenry, to fund their lifestyles.

We already know the end result of all this inverted pyramid of power. The question is when are we going to stop this kind of onslaught, relative to the violations of the Principles so many fought and died for? That legacy of Freedom, given to us by a Divine Creator,and fought for by our founding fathers. Why have we squandered it? What happened to that “Root, hog, or die!” mentality of our founding fathers, so determined to be free? Replaced by not much more than a whimper, as we have moved from Freedom to bondage.

Again I repeat what Abraham Lincoln said: “The people are the rightful masters of both Congresses and courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”




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